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Insect Pests of Tropical Food Legumes.


Edited by S R Singh. (UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd).

This book sets out what is known about insect damage, and indeed insect management, for a group of crops that look to be very valuable for feeding the populations of developing countries. Dr Singh and colleagues from other scientific centres have created this text with the aid of nearly twenty other contributors. As readers will know, legumes contain important proteins that can complement those found in cereals in creating a more balanced diet. Growing legumes also has an important side effect - the fixation of nitrogen in the soil.

Compared with cereal crops, little work has been done on legumes as far as crop improvement is concerned and thus their yields have remained relatively low, although there has been more activity recently through the efforts to promote sustainable systems. In this book information on advances made in the control of insect pests of tropical food legumes - cowpeas, soybeans, beans, pigeon peas and groundnuts - is set out.

To ensure a complete understanding of the subject area, the first part of the text carries the title Introduction to food legumes, and this forty page section is followed by six further chapters. These are entitled: Insect pest of cowpeas; Insect pests of soybean in the tropics; Key insects and other invertebrate pests of beans; Insect pests on pigeon pea; Pests of groundnut in semi arid tropics; and Vectors of virus and mycoplasma diseases - an overview.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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