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Inscape expands development, production and marketing efforts; 10 CD-ROM titles to be revealed at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 16, 1996--Inscape, a partnership formed by Home Box Office (HBO), the Warner Music Group and Michael Nash in 1994 to produce, publish and market exceptional entertainment on CD-ROM, has increased the size of its operations to support the expansion of its mandate and activities under the newly unfurled Warner Interactive banner.

Warner Interactive is the Warner Music Group division responsible for interactive game publishing within Time Warner.

The senior management team, helmed by Nash, president and CEO, and founding member Antonia Smithson, senior vice president, business affairs, has been expanded to include Patti Bodner, senior vice president, marketing, and W.T. Morgan, senior vice president, product development.

Prior to joining Inscape, Bodner was vice president of marketing at BMG Video and, before that, vice president of marketing at New Line Home Video, a division of New Line Cinema. A new media pioneer, Morgan includes among his credits co-writer for the eight-hour prime-time documentary "500 Nations," as well as producing and directing the CD-ROM based on the documentary.

"Our strong executive team and existing infrastructure enabled us to manage rapid growth in the company while at the same time launch our first two titles to critical acclaim," stated Nash. "Moving forward, we remain committed to working with visionary talent to create products with integrity, originality and innovation. Given this great opportunity to expand our operations, we intend to broaden the scope of the genres we publish."

Following upon the success of its award-winning debut releases, "The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway" and "The Dark Eye," Inscape is positioning itself to introduce 10 games at E3. The '96 release slate features action and adventure genres as well as the role playing games for which Inscape is known and reflects a balanced mix of internally and externally developed properties.

"Although we're introducing a creatively diverse slate of titles, each one reveling in our challenge to defy expectations, they share in common a commitment to outstanding production values, pushing the medium to the limits and featuring the involvement of tremendous talent," noted Nash.

E3 Lineup

Among the titles Inscape will introduce for the first time at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo, to be held May 16-18 in Los Angeles, are:

-- THE EGYPTIAN JUKEBOX: Players explore drawers of a clue-filled jukebox in hopes of unraveling the puzzling disappearance of eccentric millionaire Hamilton Hasp through interpreting the hidden meanings and connotations of the objects, memories, characters and songs revealed in order to solve the mystery. Based on the book THE EGYPTIAN JUKEBOX by renowned author/artist Nick Bantock (Griffin & Sabine series), this richly rendered role-playing adventure game features 3D worlds created by the magical jukebox, navigable movies conveying Hasp's narratives, an innovative artificial intelligence feature, a dense atmosphere of sound and hit tunes from the '50s through the '70s. Scheduled for release, Q4 1996, on CD-ROM for PC (Win 95 and 3.1) and Macintosh platforms.

-- ASSASSIN 2015: Players are dropped into a fast-paced 3D first-person futurist scenario, where their adrenaline levels skyrocket as they assume the role of Jack Butcher, member of an elite group of government controlled assassins. After an attempt to bump off a top CEO goes wrong, Jack finds himself in the cross-hairs of a legion of artificial killing machines. With dozens of floors of winding hallways between himself and an awaiting rescue helicopter on the roof of the towering skyscraper, Jack will need buckets of brawn, a bunkerful of ammo and a keen sense of direction to escape with his life. ASSASSIN 2015 features a stunning combination of first-person combat gameplay and dramatic cinematic cut sequences, high-resolution 3D environments, and a daunting army of realistic motion-captured enemies. With story and character components as psychologically engaging as the combat is viscerally immersive, ASSASSIN 2015 ushers in a new era for the real-time 3D action genre. Scheduled for release, Q3 1996, on PC CD-ROM for Windows 95.

-- DROWNED GOD: In this role-playing adventure game, developed by Epic Multimedia Group, players find themselves in an alien conspiracy that has evolved over 50,000 years. A deliberate distortion of mythological events, advanced by warring extraterrestial factions from the planet Orion, players navigate through four mysterious realms and uncover information about the "true" origins of mankind. Each realm contains a potent and protected relic of ancient knowledge, guarded by a labyrinth of challenging puzzles. Once the player locates tarot cards and fits them in a Cryptowheel, they will unlock the forbidden realms and lead to powerful relics and links to controversial historical events such as the Ark of the Covenant, Roswell's alien autopsy, the JFK assassination and the Philadelphia Experiment, that are in truth part of the secret war that has raged throughout the centuries. DROWNED GOD features an on-line component which links game play to content located on the World Wide Web. The game combines artfully crafted graphics, art effects by award-winning sculptor Greg Bolton (Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" music video) and atmospheric music by Miasma (Collaborators with Jazzy B of Soul II Soul and Maxi Priest). Scheduled for release, Q4 1996, for PC CD-ROM or Windows 95, 3.1 and Mac platforms.

-- SQUEEZILS: Feeling a little "chipper"? Then sharpen your claws, whet your appetite for nuts and glide into the wild forest of Squeezils, undoubtedly the best flying squirrel game of all time! Scamper through a real-time 3D adventure on a frenzied quest to collect and store a wealth of nuts located in the forest's stands. But life for a Squeezil is much more than simply hording nuts: mastering the basics of Squeezilhood unveils empowering magical fruits and berries, opens secret portals that transport you to exotic lands and reveals a quest for sacred and enigmatic relics that will solve the land's ancient secret. Competition is fierce among the Squeezils, and with a host of hopeful thwarters, it will take a thick-furred player to succeed! Featuring a unique 3D game engine based on developer Protozoa's state-of-the-art animation techniques, top-quality storytelling and sound talent (Peter Gabriel's "Steam," the Cartoon Network's "Moxy"). The result is a bustling, engaging, immersive, non-cruel game like no other! Scheduled for release, Q4 1996, on PC CD-ROM for Windows 95.

-- RAVAGE: A science-fiction action adventure game developed by Rainbow America, which pits the player, as the only surviving member of a small rebel force, against the Necron, a nasty dimension traveling vermin. When a top secret government research program breaks the barriers of the dimensions, introducing spectacular new worlds, it also, inadvertently, opens the doors to the Necron, whose dimension converters lock on to our world, creating a super-highway for the powerful race whose only goal is to dominate all they encounter. It is up to the player to travel to the various dimensions enslaved by the Necron and destroy the converters, closing off the Necron from future invasions. RAVAGE features pulse-pounding arcade action in a diversity of levels and environments combined with a non-linear game path that allows players to access any of the action-packed levels in any order. RAVAGE is specifically designed for Windows 95 and features true 32-bit autoplay. Scheduled for release, Q4 1996, on PC CD-ROM for Windows 95.

Inscape will also present two previously announced titles, DEVO PRESENTS ADVENTURES OF THE SMART PATROL, scheduled for release in August 1996, and WHERE'S WALDO? EXPLORING GEOGRAPHY, a May 1996 release.

DEVO PRESENTS ADVENTURES OF THE SMART PATROL is a role-playing adventure game created by Gerald V. Casale with Mark Mothersbaugh, founders and principal songwriters of DEVO, the pioneering thinking man's pop group. Scheduled for release in August 1996, the timely and totally deranged adventure set in the "near-future present" will be supported by the concurrent release of an audio CD soundtrack for DEVO PRESENTS ADVENTURES OF THE SMART PATROL by Discovery Records. The audio CD will feature the first single, "That's What He Said," as well as classic tracks from the visionary "Whip-It" boys.

WHERE'S WALDO? EXPLORING GEOGRAPHY is an educational, interactive CD-ROM game for children ages 5-12. The animated adventure's entertaining exercises incorporate the 1994 National Geography Standards and are designed to teach children the essential elements of world geography. With Waldo's help, children travel the globe and use critical thinking skills to complete challenging geography exercises. Players help Waldo save the Wacky Worldwide Games by solving geography lessons which provide clues to locate missing athletes and the winning team's Champion Cup.

Inscape will be located in the WEA booth (No. 12828) at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Inscape's titles are distributed in the United States and Canada by WEA Visual Entertainment and in international markets by Warner Interactive International.

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