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Appellate court blocks release of mother who killed 4-year-old. Charles Keeshan and Susan Sarkauskas Jun 11, 2021 967
Tragic dad HSE talks; Andrew to raise his mentally-ill wife's diagnosis before she killed their kids EXCLUSIVE. SYLVIA POWNALL Jun 6, 2021 193
Lawyers to assess psychiatric report of mum who killed her three children; Judge gives both sides time to consider findings. ALISON O'RIORDAN Jun 1, 2021 324
andrew overwhelmed by support for his charity; Heartbroken dad's tears for donations. MICHELLE CULLEN May 25, 2021 315
I won't move out from the house... it keeps them alive; HEARTBROKEN DAD TO REMAIN IN HOME WHERE HORROR OCCURRED H >>>>Medium told Andrew his kids wanted him to stay in property >>>>He questions why he wasn't more involved in his wife's care. EXCLUSIVE BY SYLVIA POWNALL May 23, 2021 1235
I won't move out from the house... it keeps them alive; HEARTBROKEN DAD TO REMAIN IN HOME WHERE HORROR OCCURRED H >>>> Medium told Andrew his kids wanted him to stay in property kids >>>> He questions why he wasn't more involved in his wife's care. EXCLUSIVE BY SYLVIA POWNALL May 23, 2021 1239
I'm shocked nobody thought of raising Deirdre's concerns about looking after the kids with me... Heartbroken dad says children could have been saved. EXCLUSIVE BY TREVOR QUINN and FERGHAL BLANEY Political Editor May 22, 2021 499
Brave dad is example to all of us; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, May 21, 2021 208
I'm no closer to understanding why she killed our three kids; IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 21.05.2021 MORLEY MURDER TRIAL: DAD'S A S AGONY Call for probe into wife's mental health care. CLAIRE GORMAN May 21, 2021 768
I've damaged the children..I have to put an end to their suffering; MORLEY MURDER TRIAL: DAY 2 HEARS EXPERT TESTIMONY Psychiatrist reveals mum's thinking before tragedies. ALISON O'RIORDAN May 20, 2021 1028
Woman, 21, killed 'with AK47' in street shooting 'after row over dog poo'; Michael Close, 37, is charged with killing Isabella Thallas on June 10 outside his home in Denver, Colorado, US following a dispute over a defecating dog. By, William Walker Mar 10, 2021 385
Man who killed dad with shears not guilty by reason of insanity. Doug T. Graham Feb 19, 2021 247
JAIL CELL Leigh Gardiner leaves court Suspect found dead after being warned he faced charge over Irish tourist's murder; his Chef, 51, 'killed himself' in prison cell after Costa pub stab attack. GERARD COUZENS Jan 17, 2021 660
Suspect found dead after being warned he faced charge over Irish tourist's murder; Chef, 51, 'killed himself' in prison cell after Costa pub stab attack. GERARD COUZENS Jan 17, 2021 657
Killer not guilty by reason of insanity. Susan Sarkauskas Jan 1, 2021 251
EDITORIAL - Police violence. Editorial Dec 23, 2020 474
Killer cop can't invoke insanity -- Palace. Dec 22, 2020 518
Mum accused of murdering kids likely to plead insanity; Trial expected to begin next year. EOIN REYNOLDS Oct 20, 2020 197
Man who set own house on fire not guilty by reason of insanity. Susan Sarkauskas Jul 8, 2020 378
Son likely to plead insanity. Doug T. Graham Jul 8, 2020 218
The Diminishing Dominion of Expert Opinion: Missouri's Imposition of the Ultimate Issue Rule. Figenshau, Michael S. Jun 22, 2020 7982
THIS WEEK. Jun 21, 2020 246
Officials say man who killed mother unable to be treated for mental illness. Katie Smith Shaw Media Jan 9, 2020 443
Are Criminals Bad or Mad? Premeditated Murder, Mental Illness, and Kahler v. Kansas. Larkin, Paul J., Jr.; Canaparo, GianCarlo Jan 1, 2020 31448
Killer ordered back to hospital. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 24, 2019 208
Killer ordered back to hospital. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 24, 2019 208
Woman who attacked grandson is released from pyschiatric hospital. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 19, 2019 244
Retrial clears dad of baby son's murder; Mentally ill man spent 16yrs in jail. ALISON O'RIORDAN Dec 14, 2019 234
Exit strategy after giving him his due. Dec 13, 2019 771
Too reliant on the psychiatric defence; LETTERS. Dec 13, 2019 262
Killer let out of mental hospital Released: Judge doesn't let killer move to Arizona. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 12, 2019 381
Woman who killed daughter, 4, released. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 12, 2019 381
Capitol guard killer OK'd for outpatient treatment. Associated Press Dec 9, 2019 239
'Girl cried out for dad as she was smothered by her mum' Trial told murder charge denied by reason of insanity. ALISON O'RIORDAN Oct 23, 2019 369
Man killed his wife as part of 'tantrum,' prosecutors say. Aug 22, 2019 214
Sleepwalker cleared of sex assault. Aug 21, 2019 133
Man, 21, not guilty of sex assault because he was sleepwalking; Tears in dock as jury return verdict. Aug 21, 2019 358
Next in sex assault case: guilty plea or trial date. Aug 6, 2019 485
CHOICE. Jul 17, 2019 184
Expert testifies insanity defense valid for shooter. Jul 11, 2019 445
Why was someone so dangerous allowed to live beside our son? Family's concern after seriously mentally ill man kills neighbour. Jul 10, 2019 433
Man Accused of the Capital Gazette Attack Pleads Not Guilty. Jul 1, 2019 138
Court rules against releasing man who killed mother in 2004. Apr 2, 2019 382
Let's Tell the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Berenson, Alex Mar 1, 2019 2978
Annual insanity review statute constitutional. Feb 15, 2019 646
St. Charles Twp. man not guilty by insanity in father's stabbing death. Feb 8, 2019 406
MEMOIR AS WITNESS TO MENTAL ILLNESS. Klein, Dora W. Jan 1, 2019 15817
I slit woman's throat with a knife because the State was supposed to look after people; Accused denies civil servant murder bid by reason of insanity. Oct 17, 2018 452
Wheaton man released from mental health center on 'trial basis' -BYLN- By Justin Kmitch Oct 17, 2018 392
Man released from mental health center on 'trial basis'. Oct 17, 2018 398
What Will Happen On 'HTGAWM' Season 5, Episode 4? Oct 12, 2018 485
No intoxication defense outside of insanity'. Vieth, Peter Sep 18, 2018 922
Schaumburg woman guilty but mentally ill. Jun 15, 2018 370
Woman found guilty but mentally ill in attack on ex. Jun 15, 2018 364
Judge says woman who slashed daughter's throat has regressed. Jun 1, 2018 419
Man who assaulted ex wants out of mental hospital. May 10, 2018 427
Jury convicts ex-NY nanny of murdering two children. Apr 19, 2018 602
HSE sorry for killing of woman in a mental unit Victim knifed by patient who hadn't taken his medication. Apr 11, 2018 343
Celebrity mom helping Taiwanese terrorism suspect get off with insanity defense. Apr 9, 2018 882
What Happens In 'Bull' Season 2, Episode 15? Feb 26, 2018 362
Ian MacPherson Sentenced To Psychiatric Institution After Shooting 2 Police Officers. Feb 9, 2018 316
Mad or Bad: Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain. Book review Nov 1, 2017 105
Autistic man not guilty of attempting to murder his pregnant sis; Insanity verdict for knife attacker who 'didn't want baby born in Dublin'. Oct 13, 2017 434
Accused, 33, searched for 'not guilty by insanity'. Oct 12, 2017 220
Using brain damage as a criminal defence. May 8, 2017 777
Seven Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest: Under What Circumstances is the Defense of Lack of Mental Responsibility Successful? Otto, Kirk W. Apr 1, 2017 8117
Mental competency law and plea bargaining: a neurophenomenological critique. Schehr, Robert; French, Chelsea Mar 22, 2016 35676
Eliminating mental disability as a legal criterion in deprivation of liberty cases: the impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the insanity defense, civil commitment, and competency law. Slobogin, Christopher Jan 1, 2016 10684
Guilty but mentally ill: the ethical dilemma of mental illness as a tool of the prosecution. Johansen, Lauren G. Jun 1, 2015 11425
Gender role incongruence and the adjudication of criminal responsibility. Veysey, Bonita M. Mar 22, 2015 7765
Rationality, insanity, and the insanity defense: reflections on the limits of reason. Blumoff, Theodore Y. Jan 1, 2015 20888
The Victims' Bill of Rights - thirty years under Proposition 8. Mendez, Miguel A. Mar 22, 2014 9912
The Victims' Bill of Rights - thirty years under Proposition 8. Mendez, Miguel A. Mar 22, 2014 16370
This is insane! Vatz, Richard E. Mar 1, 2014 1449
Annual review of developments in instructions. Masterton, R. Peter; Robertson, David; Daknis, Wendy P. Dec 1, 2013 8815
United States Supreme Court to review Florida's bright-line IQ test to determine mental retardation in capital cases. Nov 1, 2013 1711
Fifth Circuit holds capital defendant not entitled to all expert funding requested; was competent-to-be-executed; Edwards decision on state's right to deny self-representation not retroactive. Nov 1, 2013 1792
"Till the detail of surface is in accord with the root in justice": treason, insanity, and the trial of Ezra Pound. Hirsch, Milton Mar 22, 2013 19118
US Supreme Court denies review of Idaho's abolition of insanity defense; three justices dissent. Jan 1, 2013 543
Tenth circuit finds right to counsel in post-conviction proceeding to determine whether mental retardation bars imposition of death penalty; rejects use of Flynn effect in determining IQ. Jan 1, 2013 1596
Iowa Supreme Court finds due process does not require jury instruction on consequences of insanity verdict. Jan 1, 2013 1460
Forensic mental health: criminal justice's second revolving door. Bradstreet, Georgette A.; Hill, Cheryl A. Dec 1, 2011 2447
First Circuit denies habeas relief that counsel was ineffective in failing to request competency evaluation. Dec 1, 2011 1805
'In a kind of mad way': a historical perspective on evidence and proof of mental incapacity. Loughnan, Arlie Dec 1, 2011 12474
Mental disorder and criminal law. Morse, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2011 38963
Portugese model accused of castrating companion to seek insanity defense. Brief article Jun 3, 2011 144
The increasingly blurred line between "mad" and "bad": treating personality disorders in the prison setting. Hall, Donna L.; Miraglia, Richard P.; Lee, Li-Wen G. Mar 22, 2011 8975
Capital punishment, psychiatrists and the potential "bottleneck" of competence. Appel, Jacob M. Mar 22, 2011 17702
Did brain trauma lead to crime? Farrell, Helen M.; Nasrallah, Henry A. Mar 1, 2010 2808
Doing away with the "only one-fourth of one percent" solution. Vatz, Richard E. Mar 1, 2010 2002
'My brain made me do it'--how neuroscience may change the insanity defence. Kaliski, Sean Z. Mar 1, 2009 2249
"And his roommate told me ...": should forensic mental health evaluators be barred from recounting third-party statements when explaining the basis of their opinions? Muller, Amanda Jan 1, 2009 12650
A failure to pursue an insanity defense on behalf of an individual with a mental illness does not necessarily constitute ineffective assistance of counsel. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2009 1282
Virginia courts wrestle with case involving homicide defendant diagnosed as having a dissociative identity disorder. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2009 2854
Federal Court of Appeals reverses state court finding that defendant was not guilty by reason of insanity; expert testimony establishing defendant's insanity unreasonably rejected; ruling not disturbed by Supreme Court. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2009 1631
A mental health expert potentially violates a criminal defendant's constitutional rights by referring during testimony to the defendant's refusal to speak during an evaluation; ruling not disturbed by Supreme Court. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2009 861
Defendant's proposed mental health expert testimony regarding insanity and mens rea deemed unreliable and unhelpful; ruling not disturbed by Supreme Court. Jan 1, 2009 1065
Accomodating the killer. Vatz, Richard E. Sep 1, 2008 1535
The utility of the SASSI-3 in early detection of substance use disorders in not guilty by reason of insanity acquittees: an exploratory study. Wright, Ervin E., II; Piazza, Nick J.; Laux, John M. Report Apr 1, 2008 4027
Virginia Court of Appeals (1) limits application of "settled insanity" defense to instances where substance abuse leads to a permanent or "fixed" state of insanity, (2) places burden of proof for establishing involuntary intoxication on the defendant. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2008 1025
"Settled insanity" defense stemming from abuse of alcohol or drugs recognized but evidence fails to demonstrate requisite long-term, chronic, and habitual abuse; use of lay testimony to establish defense also addressed. Jul 1, 2007 1252
New York's high court rules that testimony by a forensic psychiatrist that recounts third-party statements where the third parties are not available for cross-examination violates the federal Constitution and is not admissible. Jul 1, 2007 1235
The uneasy entente between legal insanity and mens rea: beyond Clark v. Arizona. Morse, Stephen J.; Hoffman, Morris B. Jun 22, 2007 36404
In federal court, a forensic psychologist can disclose information to a jury that constitutes hearsay if its probative value substantially outweighs its prejudicial effect; Fourth Circuit does not address Crawford issue. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2007 711
Gender matters in the insanity defense. Breheney, Christian; Groscup, Jennifer; Galietta, Michele Jan 1, 2007 13638
The judicial response to psychopathic criminals: utilitarianism over retribution. Lee, Christina Jan 1, 2007 4711
Criminal insanity and mens rea: a discussion of Alabama insanity law and the role of psychiatrists in determining criminal insanity. Pickett, Kandice Jan 1, 2007 8791
Executing the insane: a look at death penalty schemes in Arkansas, Georgia and Texas. Zywien, Stephanie Jan 1, 2007 12272
Those crazy insanity pleas. Vatz, Richard E. Sep 1, 2006 1008
Newfound religion: mothers, God, and infanticide. Ayres, Susan Jan 1, 2006 9874
A new approach to insanity acquittee recidivism: redefining the class of truly responsible recidivists. Caffrey, Maura Dec 1, 2005 15421
Will justice be served on Andrea Yates? Vatz, Richard E. Mar 1, 2005 1186
The conviction of Andrea Yates: a narrative of denial. Colb, Sherry F. Jun 22, 2003 3616
Terry Ex Rel. Terry v. Hill. Brief Article May 1, 2003 158
Villain or victim? Myths, gender, and the insanity defense. Commerson, Scott Feb 1, 2003 10200
Beyond accommodation: reconstructing the insanity defense to provide an adequate remedy for postpartum psychotic women. Manchester, Jessie Jan 1, 2003 16513
Murderous mothers: a challenge for the insanity defense: Andrea Yates' killing of her five children is the most-recent case triggering a clash between psychiatrists and prosecutors. (Psychology). Vatz, Richard E.; Weinberg, Lee S. Nov 1, 2002 2087
The craziest reform of them all: a critical analysis of the constitutional implications of "abolishing" the insanity defense. Nusbaum, Daniel J. Sep 1, 2002 34064
Is the shrink's role shrinking? The ambiguity of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 12.2 concerning government psychiatric testimony in negativing cases. Cochran, R. Gregory Jun 1, 1999 16083
The unabomber's twisted saga. Vatz, Richard E.; Weinberg, Lee S. Biography Jul 1, 1998 2966
The insanity defense: unconscionable impact on victims of violence. Vatz, Richard E.; Weinberg, Lee S. May 1, 1998 2741
Interviewing erratic subjects. Deshazor, George D. Nov 1, 1997 2210
Decision-making in criminal defense: an empirical study of insanity pleas and the impact of doubted client competence. Bonnie, Richard J.; Poythress, Norman G.; Hoge, Steven K.; Monahan, John; Eisenberg, Marlene Sep 22, 1996 6232
Black rage and the criminal law: a principled approach to a polarized debate. Sneirson, Judd F. Jun 1, 1995 18207
Should courts instruct juries as to the consequences to a defendant of a "not guilty by reason of insanity" verdict? Ellias, Randi Case Note Mar 22, 1995 9058
Judges, behavioral scientists, and the demands of humanity. Burt, Robert A. Nov 1, 1994 7686
High court lets states bar insanity plea. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jun 1, 1994 456
Lorena Bobbitt, "moral mistakes" and the price of justice. Bonnie, Richard J. Jan 1, 1994 2263
Post-traumatic stress and insanity. Brief Article Feb 13, 1993 220
Insanity test revisions miss the mark. Jun 15, 1991 278
Should competence be coerced? Reamer, Frederic G.; Kelly, Michael J. Jul 1, 1990 1922
Profile of NGRI patients in Virginia. Petrella, Russell C.; Six, Tamson L. Jan 1, 1989 2511
Criminal insanity and the right to silence. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jul 1, 1986 687
Virginia's new forensic evaluation laws. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jan 1, 1986 5247
Virginia legislative proposals concerning forensic psychiatry. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jul 1, 1985 4065
Clarifies insanity defenses. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jan 1, 1985 398
1983 forensic proposals. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jan 1, 1983 619

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