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Inorganic: the other mercury.

Chemical Exposure and Toxic Responses

Edited by Stephen K. Hall, Joana Chakraborty and Randall J. Ruch (1997)

This book presents the myriad health implications of hazardous chemicals in a single source. It is organized so that readers can proceed from a general perspective on the problem of chemical exposure and toxic responses to an understanding of toxicology and a method of inquiry. This book is organized to proceed logically from general fundamentals to specific hazards and effects, covers the basics of exposure and response, evaluates toxic responses of different systems, and considers different types of exposure in the work environment.

288 pages, hardcover. Member: $105. Nonmember: $115. Catalog #860.

Health Effects of Toxic Substances--Second Edition

M.J. Malachowski, Ph.D. (1999)

The second edition of Health Effects of Toxic Substances is a significantly expanded exploration of hazardous chemicals and their effects on human health, as well as the principles of hazardous materials toxicology and industrial hygiene. Updated and revised for increased clarity, this inclusive book retains the objective of the first edition--to provide clear and concise explanations of topics and concepts in the field. It achieves this objective through a carefully planned and orderly presentation of concepts, numerous figures and tables, sample problems, and review questions for each chapter. Important terminology is set off in boldface type and carefully explained. An extensive glossary makes for easy recall of terminology.

292 pages, softcover. Member: $94. Nonmember: $103. Catalog #620.

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Title Annotation:Library Corner
Publication:Journal of Environmental Health
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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Inorganic: the other mercury.
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