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Innovision 3D ultrasonic holography.

Innovision GmbH, a not-for-profit company based in Edelsfeld, Germany, has created a new and innovative, non-invasive technology--3D ultrasonic holography. The technique has applications in many different areas of medicine, industry and emerging technologies.

Ultrasonography (or ultrasound) is one of most widely used imaging methods used in medicine. Nearly every field uses this non-hazardous and cost effective method for examinations.

However, it also has several drawbacks: the fine detail of the generated images are low, the images lack reproducibility, no 3D images are possible and often the results are also dependent on the experience of the examiner.

The development of 3D ultrasonic holography eliminates these disadvantages over traditional ultrasound. For example, using this technique:

* 100% of the information from scattered or reflected sound waves can be evaluated as there is no phase noise with holographic ultrasound and only one barrier--sound wave diffraction. Holographic ultrasound thereby achieves a significant increase in resolution;

* 3D images can be directly generated, many images per second in real time, and reproduced as required;

* The method only has to be applied to one position to gather and generate information in a shorter time frame and at higher resolution than traditional ultrasound. The latter method requires the measuring head to be moved several times to capture information from different angles;

* Portable devices are possible, and the method is fast, efficient and easy to use for staff;

* No dangerous radiation is used.


The applications for this technology are enormous and Innovision has been busy innovating. Applications include:

* Use in breast scan examination stations. Both preventative and postoperative breast examinations can be conducted as often as required. The holographic ultrasound images provide a much higher resolution than can be achieved using classic ultrasound, and can also significantly reduce the number of false-positive and false-negative findings.

3D ultrasound pictures can be instantly evaluated, sent to ultrasound specialists or can be automatically compared by the software with pictures of previous examinations. For patients, the 3D ultrasonic holography is fast, safe, inexpensive, gentle and painless without radiation exposure;

* Use in autonomous driving, for reliable object detection (3D) and also for the detection of potholes in roads and street. The system also works in fog and darkness;

* Use as a precise measurement technique for small objects;

* Monitoring items on production lines or to monitor rooms and open spaces;

* For use in conjunction with 3D printers, where a holographic 3D ultrasound camera could be used;

* For incorporation into a forgery proof finger scanner to authenticate individuals.

This new technique has enormous applications and Holography News[R] looks forward to reporting on these new areas for holography as they emerge and develop.

Caption: Innovision's planned breast scanner.


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Publication:Holography News
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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