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Innovative Northerners at work: innovation--it's about turning ideas and knowledge into new products, new services, and new ways of doing things. By working with community partners, and investing in a variety of innovative projects, FedNor is strengthening the Government of Canada's innovation agenda in Northern Ontario. Here are just a few examples:.

* Tumour Biology Research Group at the Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre is conducting research into molecular mechanisms involved in the growth, progression and spread of tumours in cancer patients. The Group is observing how tumour cells resist chemotherapy drugs and radiation, and is attempting to identify specific molecules that can predict patient prognosis and/or response to treatment.

* Algoma University College and Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology are working with FedNor to develop state-of-the-art research laboratories, as well as innovative monitoring and approaches to sustainable resource management.

* Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre is implementing a marketing and promotional strategy to further support technology-driven businesses and the growth of an innovative culture in Northwestern Ontario.

* Sudbury Regional Office of the Canadian Hearing Society is providing advanced Internet services to ensure that new and relevant technologies, such as high-speed broadband video and mobile wireless communications, are made available to hearing-impaired individuals.

* Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre is completing a feasibility study of the potential economic, research and educational opportunities in the region and will compare those opportunities to an inventory of existing water-related activities.

* Northern Centre for Advanced Technology is continuing its level of activity in prototype and technology transfer, and helping Northern entrepreneurs through its residency program and business services.


Discover Abitibi

Not only a model framework for industry and community partnerships, Discover Abitibi may well unearth new mineral wealth and mining opportunities in the Timmins and Kirkland Lake regions. A two-year, $12.9-million geoscience initiative, Discover Abitibi is designed to improve the geological databank through the use of the latest exploration technology. This initiative will build upon the strengths that exist in Northern Ontario and assist in designing world-class technologies to stimulate mineral exploration and discovery.

By applying state-of-the-art geological survey techniques across the Abitibi greenstone belt of Northeastern Ontario, Discover Abitibi will make geological information available in a more usable format. This will benefit all levels of the exploration community, ranging from local prospectors to senior exploration and mining companies.


"FedNor has been a driving force behind this initiative since the very beginning," says Dan Gignac, Chair, Discover Abitibi Management Committee. "Their assistance enabled us to garner a great deal of additional support for this project from individuals and private-sector companies of all sizes. Discover Abitibi is an investment in the future of our region. It is designed to generate additional exploration in the area and in turn should increase investment in the region. Everyone will benefit from these investments."

FedNor is proud to partner with other levels of government, as well as many private-sector investors, to bring the Discover Abitibi initiative to reality. Currently, 19 separate projects are being completed as part of this impressive venture.

During the regional consultations and the Citizen Engagement Forum, participants stressed the importance of creating an environment for wealth and job creation. Discover Abitibi was part of a $13.3-million FedNor investment in several innovation projects announced by Secretary of State Mitchell in February 2003.

Northern Ontario communities need to be strong to be able to move forward with a successful innovation agenda. FedNor is committed to being part of the process.
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