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Innovative Inventions and Time-Tested Tactics.

June was jam-packed for me this year, with just a week and a half separating NeoCon and the annual BOMA International Conference & Expo. Luckily, I love having a full schedule, and I made the most of it at these two shows. My team also covered AIA's Conference on Architecture right before NeoCon, bringing back even more interesting insights. I could spend hours talking about all of the cool things we saw, but these were some of the highlights:

* J+J Flooring Group's Network, a textile composite flooring product that combines the attributes of both soft and hard surfaces. This product was a finalist in our Product Innovations competition. When I visited the company at NeoCon to judge the product in person for the awards, I asked them to explain the context of the product withstanding 5 million foot traffics in testing. They explained that 5 million foot traffics in a facility with an average amount of foot traffic works out to about 40 years' worth of steps! Turn to page 22 to see all the other Product Innovations winners.

* Some of the corridors at NeoCon were lined with Snowsound acoustic panels and fabrics. There's no better way to test acoustic products than to hear them in action, and that was certainly the case with the quiet corridors. Anyone who has been to NeoCon (or any trade show, for that matter) knows how noisy they can be, but stepping into the panel-lined hallways dulled the show floor roar noticeably.

* At the BOMA International show, I learned that active shooter insurance exists. It's depressing that this product has to exist, but it can be invaluable if you need it. It turns out that most insurance companies won't step in after an active shooter event until the victims of the incident sue the facility or building owner--a process that's painful for the victims (who have to relive the event over and over again as their lawsuit works its way through the legal system) and potentially very expensive for building owners. Active shooter insurance focuses on funding recovery, including survivors' trauma counseling and medical bills, funeral expenses for people who died because of the incident, increased security that the building may need afterward, and even refurbishing spaces so that when the building reopens, people returning don't have to see the scene where violence occurred.

As much fun as it is to look at the newest products on the market, there's also something to be said for reliable, time-tested building management strategies like a good floor maintenance program. Floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries every year, so it's vital that you're maintaining your flooring to minimize the number of injury opportunities in your building. That's true whether you're putting in the latest flooring product or maintaining the one you've had for a few years.

Know what you're putting in your facility, maintain it with vigilance and make sure you're using trustworthy tactics that are backed up by real-world testing. You can elevate your facility's performance by thoroughly vetting what goes into it.

Janelle Penny


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Author:Penny, Janelle
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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