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Aberdeen social housing to benefit from [pounds sterling]5.2 million green retrofit scheme; Around 100 social housing properties in the north-east of Scotland are set to be upgraded with energy-saving measures and green innovations as part of a pioneering [pounds sterling]5.2 million project. Ilona Amos May 13, 2021 756
Power of work is put into quest for energy solutions. JEREMY CRESSWELL Jan 4, 2021 1714
ADFD-Funded Renewable Energy Project in Maldives Receives Global Recognition for Innovation. Baset Asaba Oct 11, 2020 587
Energy Efficiency and the Swedish Catalog House. Denzer, Anthony Jul 1, 2020 5120
Smart and Efficient Building Envelopes: Thermal Switches and Thermal Storage for Energy Savings and Load Flexibility. Mumme, Sven; Shrestha, Som; James, Nelson; Hun, Diana; Salonvaara, Mikael Jul 1, 2020 3966
Green Scheduling of Jobs and Flexible Periods of Maintenance in a Two-Machine Flowshop to Minimize Makespan, a Measure of Service Level and Total Energy Consumption. Assia, Sadiqi; Abbassi, Ikram El; Barkany, Abdellah El; Darcherif, Moumen; Biyaali, Ahmed El Apr 30, 2020 5052
Tiny turbine saves small fortune on energy; INNOVATION. JAMES WYLLIE Dec 26, 2019 133
Innovations in Solar Cell, Battery Energy Storage, Wind Turbines, Air Conditioning, and Hydrogen Storage, 2019 Research Report. Report Dec 18, 2019 603
Innovations in Wastewater Treatment, Biofertilizers, and Waste-to-energy, 2019 Report. Report Nov 7, 2019 505
2019 Innovations in Energy Storage, Solar Cells, Energy Management, and Fuel Cells. Nov 7, 2019 379
2019 Innovations in Food Pathogen Detection, Biomaterials & Waste-to-Energy (WtE). Nov 6, 2019 399
Battery innovation roadmap points to energy storage revolution. Baset Asaba Oct 9, 2019 631
SMi Presents - New Technologies Driving the Energy from Waste Industry. Sep 23, 2019 331
Natural Power awarded innovation grant to improve wind farm efficiency. Sep 23, 2019 636
Schneider Electric's new Altivar Process 6000 (ATV6000) medium voltage service-oriented drive for improving energy management. Sep 9, 2019 537
2019 Innovations in Renewable Energy, Fuel Cells, Electricity Distribution, and Energy Storage. Sep 6, 2019 407
Schneider Electric Pumps $565 Million into Energy Management and E-Mobility Industry. Aug 29, 2019 845
Grid Scale Energy Storage: 2019 Innovations & Emerging Opportunities. Jul 31, 2019 562
Aerospace Energy Storage Market Rising Trends and New Technologies with Meggitt PLC, Kokam Co, Eaton Corporation, Siemens AG. Jul 26, 2019 1363
How LED Lighting Design Innovation is Reducing Global Pollution: LEDs ALREADY SAVE POWER, BUT CAN ALSO BE OPTIMIZED EVEN FURTHER FOR EVEN GREATER SUSTAINABILITY. Ramirez, Luis May 1, 2019 1525
Shrinking the Grocery Footprint: New technology allows retailers to take a holistic, full-store approach to reducing energy use and waste. Marcarelli, Rebekah May 1, 2019 1269
What's Driving Innovation in Power Management ICs: A look at the three main considerations pushing advancement in PMICs. Ahmad, Majeed Mar 1, 2019 600
We're Committed To Concept Of Innovations, Energy Efficiency a Dangote. Jan 29, 2019 620
Energy Efficiency Council Presents 2018 "Best Innovation in Energy Efficiency" Award to Melbourne-Based MAC Energy Efficiency Group. Dec 8, 2018 670
Energy efficiency innovations drive UAE's $72 billion energy market. Nov 1, 2018 477
Schneider innovation to simplify power systems. Nov 1, 2018 539
Sault advancing energy storage innovation: Project will result in cost savings for customers. Kelly, Lindsay Nov 1, 2018 781
Using Sun's Heat for Cheap Renewable Electricity. Oct 22, 2018 641
Innovation in energy storage wins NLNG's $100,000 science prize. Oct 9, 2018 1025
ABB boosts power with microgrid and battery energy storage innovations. Sep 14, 2018 482
The Kuwait Energy Efficiency Project: A team from the Logistics Innovation Agency and Area Support Group--Kuwait studied energy consumption at a Kuwait base camp and found a way to improve operational energy efficiency. Yates, John J. Sep 1, 2018 1815
Compressor downsizing saves energy: Salmon producer Marine Harvest VAP (UK) has achieved annual energy savings of [pounds sterling]21,000 after Atlas Copco updated its compressed air system with new technology. Sep 1, 2018 1126
Shrinking the Grocery Footprint: New technology allows retailers to take a holistic, full-store approach to reducing energy use and waste. Marcarelli, Rebekah Aug 1, 2018 1269
British energy saving technology unveiled. Apr 12, 2018 318
What You Should Know About Powering Implantable Medical Devices: Innovation in power electronics and energy storage is changing the way implantable medical devices are powered. Here is an in-depth look at how integrated circuit (IC) designers and energy storage manufacturers are powering implantable medical devices now and in the future. Guerra, Maria Apr 1, 2018 1339
Empower puts spotlight on 'smart' district cooling. Jan 16, 2018 429
Cooling System with Nearly Zero Cooling Power for Server Rooms. Aizawa, Naoki Report Jan 1, 2018 2319
LG's Technology Ushers in Conservation Benefits Aligned with Region's Sustainability Goals. Dec 3, 2017 785
Renewable efficiency will lead to greater uptake. Oct 24, 2017 443
'Thermal Metamaterial' Innovation Could Help Bring Waste-Heat Harvesting Technology to Power Plants, Factories. Nov 1, 2016 126
Energy management systems vs carbon footprints: Rob Morris, country manager for Powervar UK explains how innovations in facilities management can help businesses strive for a more energy efficient way of working. Sep 1, 2016 870
Purdue students' innovation creates sustainable energy from nuclear waste. May 15, 2015 340
Innovation impacts of the energy transition/Innovationswirkungen der energiewende. Rennings, Klaus; Rexhauser, Sascha Dec 1, 2014 1037
Zero energy homes--with help from plastics: trillions of BTU can be saved with advanced insulation and other plastics-aided innovations. Sep 1, 2014 1161
George Washington University and Kazakh Student Association Launch a $50,000 "Expo Village 2017: Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Saving" Competition. Dec 5, 2013 751
New technology provides 50% energy savings. Aug 1, 2013 504
Smart grid--building energy management system: an ontology multi-agent approach to optimize comfort demand and energy supply. Zeiler, Wim; Boxem, Gert Report Jul 1, 2013 4614
Architecture, cartography and energy: mapping the way we share information to build better buildings. Grinberg, Matt; Rendek, Adam Report Jul 1, 2013 3570
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory: 35 years of innovation. Anderson, Sharon Jul 1, 2013 1323
Nothing wasted; An industrial innovation meaning energy can be generated safely from sewage is now being celebrated in one of the region's big museums. Northumbrian Water's Power from Poo looks like a winner SCIENCE. Jun 25, 2013 557
Smart Grid - Building Energy Management System: An Ontology Multi-agent Approach to Optimize Comfort Demand and Energy Supply. Zeiler, Wim; Boxem, Gert Jun 22, 2013 4603
The heat is on! Improvements and innovation in heating technology are enabling factory and warehouse operators to maintain comfortable conditions while also reducing energy consumption. Brompton, Phil Jun 1, 2013 1195
Insulation manufacturer puts innovation at heart of UK energy efficiency drive. May 1, 2013 208
Functions of technological innovation system in the application of biomass resources (animal waste) in rural areas of Iran, case study: Tehran. Ansari, Bahareh; Mirdamadi, Seyed Mehdi; Hosseini, Seyed Jamal Farajollah; Noorollahi, Younes Report Mar 1, 2013 4633
A darker shade of green: equipment manufacturers and retailers are kicking their sustainability efforts up a notch by focusing on new technologies and comprehensive energy-saving strategies. Zimmermann, Kim Ann Jan 1, 2013 2231
Why we've got to embrace energy-efficient construction; Energy saving innovation in the non-domestic building sector could be the key to achieving a major competitive advantage in Wales and the UK, Here, the general manager at Carbon Trust Wales, says public sector support will be crucial to unlock the value of energy saving. Dec 29, 2012 607
New technology drives energy management. Probst, Dan Interview Oct 1, 2012 532
The intersection of power, trust and supplier network size: implications for supplier performance. Terpend, Regis; Ashenbaum, Bryan Report Jul 1, 2012 17067
Monforts offer energy saving solution with environmental friendly processes. Apr 30, 2012 417
How new technologies will help us turn waste into energy; Waste. Jan 25, 2012 553
Indoor air quality, ventilation and energy conservation in buildings: innovation and integration (Part 2). Zhang, Jianshun "Jensen" Jan 1, 2012 1119
The greater Philadelphia innovation cluster for energy-efficient buildings: a new model for public-private partnerships: the energy-efficient buildings innovation hub based at the Philadelphia Navy Yard offers a demonstration of how public-private partnerships can work to focus innovation and coordinate efforts among government agencies, academia, and industry. Foley, Henry C.; Freihaut, James; Hallacher, Paul; Knapp, Christine Nov 1, 2011 4537
New technology being used to produce energy efficient appliances. May 5, 2011 277
Firm to use treadle power for computer; New device to save energy and boost fitness. Apr 1, 2011 450
Nanotechnology leading innovation in power generation. Rowe, Mark Dec 1, 2010 1630
New technology could boost light consumption, quality of life. Aug 20, 2010 183
United Arab Emirates : Empower adopts new technology in sustainable multi use of water in district cooling. Jul 27, 2010 330
Start-up hits on hot idea for business; New technology to recycle waste energy. Jun 2, 2010 552
New innovation will reduce carbon footprint and fuel consumption as well as accident risk in airports. Apr 19, 2010 475
New innovation will reduce carbon footprint and fuel consumption as well as accident risk in airports. Apr 18, 2010 475
Nanotech powers up paper battery: new technology would offer easy, light energy storage. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jan 2, 2010 352
Semiconductor Association Sponsoring Roundtable on Industry's Energy-Saving Innovations. Discussion Mar 4, 2009 185
Energy-saving machines power up for better future; INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY. Nov 19, 2008 322
Waste energy to bring jobs; Planners back new process. Oct 16, 2008 283
Energy saving innovation earns firm pounds 40,000 prize; IN ASSOCIATION WITH Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management. Feb 27, 2008 151
New technologies for a greener industry: soaring crude prices and escalating environmental concerns are having a marked impact on our industry. For raw materials producers, renewable resources present solutions to dwindling oil stocks and ecological responsibilities. So just how is the plastics industry 'greening up'? Mapleston, Peter Cover story Jan 1, 2008 2425
Technological advances: increase the importance of lighting control: with growing significance being placed on designing buildings for increased energy efficiency and reduced costs, lighting control has become increasingly important for commercial building owners and facilities managers. Jordan, Scott Feb 1, 2007 613
New directions for vehicles: better fuel economy will be fueled by new technologies. Fischer, James R.; Lavoie, Brian D.; Finnell, Janine A. Dec 1, 2006 1196
World-class technologies for R&D and beyond: the 44th Annual R&D 100 Awards honor the world's best innovators and their innovations. Cover story Sep 1, 2006 18645
Leading the new industrial revolution. (View from the Top). Feb 1, 2003 738
NASA Glenn applies Hybrid Power Management. (Energy). Dec 1, 2002 475
High tech comes to Alaska. Reid, Sean Sep 1, 1993 1275

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