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Where are the designers? Sturges, Dan Column Aug 1, 2016 861
Opening up the automobile: Venkatesh Prasad: as the senior technical leader for vehicle design and infotronics, Venkatesh Prasad has led the creation of an open-source platform to blend the digital and automotive worlds. Prasad, Venkatesh Column Sep 1, 2014 663
Safety first for Sheikh Marwan. Oct 12, 2010 806
Streamlining development: BMW's cars feature some of the most advanced technology you'll find anywhere but clay models are still used to develop their aerodynamics. The company is such a believer in wind tunnels that it's built two more. Bickerstaffe, Simon Report Sep 22, 2009 2040
What successful suppliers do. Harbour-Felax, Laurie A. Jun 1, 2009 824
Off-the-shelf hydraulics & the X Prize: Lightning Hybrids: X Prize competitor Lightning Hybrids is using off-the-shelf hydraulics to bust loose at 0-60 mph in six seconds and still get 150 mpg. Jun 1, 2009 665
"Green" glass. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 170
Racing certs: Formula 1 technology is not just about winning the race. Many of its inventions, says Heath Reidy, are being readily adapted by other industries. Reidy, Heath Apr 8, 2009 1249
What designers should know about lasers: no, we're not taking about spot sizes, wavelengths, and lasing mediums. Rather, how lasers can make better-looking vehicles (that are also lighter, stronger and safer). Vasilash, Gary S. Feb 1, 2009 1279
What you need to know about PLM: product life cycle management (PLM) isn't just a piece of technology. It's a product, an infrastructure, and, more important, a strategy. Gould, Lawrence S. Feb 1, 2009 1441
Bloodhound ... on the trail of the land speed record: October 23 saw the launch of the BLOODHOUND Project, a three-year mission, lead by Richard Noble OBE, to create a car capable of breaking the Land Speed Record and achieving speeds of 1000 mph. Cover story Jan 1, 2009 1410
No rest for the weary. Vasilash, Gary S. Dec 1, 2008 847
A designer for all seasons: though he had trouble coping with the cold the first time around, Larry Erickson has made Detroit his home and teaching future designers his vocation. Sawyer, Christopher A. Dec 1, 2008 998
Real wood. A real bargain. Really. Dec 1, 2008 447
Make it happen. Now. Dec 1, 2008 656
The future of steering: when you've been designing, engineering and producing steering systems for more than 100 years, and anticipate doing so for the next century, you get a sense of the future of the technology. Vasilash, Gary S. Sep 1, 2008 1149
It's what's up front that counts. Harbour-Felax, Laurie A. Sep 1, 2008 858
First-rate thinking: in an environment when everyone is trying to get ahead, it is better to get smart. Vasilash, Gary S. Jul 1, 2008 835
What's your "engineering intensity"? Anderson, Melissa Jul 1, 2008 915
Do you know where your tools are? Harbour-Felax, Laurie A. Personal account Jul 1, 2008 893
The next 20 years. Harbour-Felax, Laurie Industry overview Mar 1, 2008 888
Buying time. Mar 1, 2008 502
Engineering innovation. Vasilash, Gary S. Oct 1, 2006 629
High tech on the highway. Masi, C.G. Apr 1, 1997 3378
Flow dynamics models take new turns. Studt, Tim Apr 1, 1997 2291
SAE '94: optimism in Detroit. Wigotsky, V. Apr 1, 1994 788
A new turn for rotary-valve engines. O'Connor, Leo Jan 1, 1993 2655
Concept cars. Wolfe, Alexander Aug 1, 1991 570
Connecting rods that crack by design. Ashley, Steven Feb 1, 1991 1753
Wheeling and dealing in Detroit. Evans, Bill May 1, 1989 591

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