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Innovations for opening and closing.

A stream of new developments has been coming from the new Tetra Pak packaging and processing organisation.

A series of innovations for opening and closing the carton have been introduced. The Tetra Top carton has a plastics ring-pull on the top of the carton which makes for easy opening, easy pouring, and can be resealed after use. An advanced Tetra Top filling machine, the TT/3, with the ability to pack two different sizes simultaneously on twin lines at a combined rate of 10,000 packs per hour is being installed at a number of UK dairies at the present time to package product in Tetra Top cartons in both the 1 litre and 1 pint size. In June Marks and Spencer became the first UK retailer to market milk in the new one pint Tetra Top cartons.

Another new development for pasteurised milk is the Tetra Plastic Spout, which will be seen this autumn in the market. The tamper-evident spout is easy to open and is resealable; it is designed for use on the Tetra Rex Gable Top carton. With this technique a conventional carton is prepunched with a hole into which the Tetra Spout is inserted by an applicator sited prior to the filling machine. The use of this applicator has no adverse effect on the filling speed of the TR/7 filling machine. Spout applicators can be retrofitted to existing TR/7 models.

For aseptic products Tetra Pak has introduced alternative arrangements for improved opening and recloseability. The new 1000ml Slim carton, which gives 13% more shelf display area can be fitted with a pull-tab opening device. The new litre Slim carton has better pouring geometry and, because it is slightly oversized, there is 28ml headspace which makes for improved opening and pouring with the pull-tab.

The second innovation for aseptic packs is the Tetra Spout Strip. This is a thin strip of plastics embedded inside on half of the top seam of the pack. When it is pulled it opens the seam into a drip-free pouring spout. It is not a resealable carton but the two sides of the spout can be folded back together to effectively reclose the carton. This is a minimal on-cost operation as the carton is manufactured with the strip embedded in the transverse seal so no additional production equipment is required.

The third introduction will be seen for the first time in the UK this autumn. This is the Tetra Re-Cap, which combines pull-tab technology with a separate pull-tab applicator. It consists of a recloseable plastics cap placed over a folded pull-tab closure. When the foil tear strip is pulled back it reveals an oval-shaped opening designed to act both as a vent and an easy-pour, drip-free lip. As the pack can be reclosed, it means that products like milk shakes and juice with pulp can easily be shaken even after it has been opened.

Tetra Pak moved its headquarters offices from Kingston to Stockley Park, near Heathrow Airport on August the 1st. The new offices also house the liquid foods processing division which moved from Alfa Laval, Brentford, at the same time. The new address is Tetra Pak Ltd, 1 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park, Uxbridge (UB11 1DL. tel:0895 868000. This move only affects the head office of the company.

Turning to dairy processing equipment, Tetra Pak has modernised and extended its range of process equipment for the dairy. A new homogeniser, the ALH, was introduced earlier this year, providing better performance, quieter operation, easier serviceability. Another recent introduction was the ClipLine series of plate heat exchangers that have been designed specifically for dairy operations. In order to minimise downtime, the plate pack of the ClipLine can be opened, individual plates examined while they are still hanging in the frame and laborious regasketting operations have become a thing of the past due to snap-in gaskets. A new range of pasteurisers has been introduced to meet EC standards and great accuracy can now be obtained from the Alfast range of standardisation equipment.

"We can give our customers full support across the whole spectrum of processing, filling, packaging, distribution and automation," said Steve Wyatt, commercial director of Tetra Pak Ltd. "In order to help our goal to reduce downtime, give assured quality and improve profitability for our customers."
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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