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Innovation the theme as Nova welcomes new member at meeting in Israel.

The Nova Paint Club recently held a meeting of its board and marketing directors in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the meeting, hosted by Tambour of Israel, HMG / Little Greene from the UK was elected to full membership of the Nova Paint Club, taking the Group's membership to 12 companies with 73 sites and operations in more than 80 countries. HMG / Little Greene is the UK's leading independent industrial and decorative paint brand and main board director John Fenton said: "Joining Nova is a great honor and a fantastic opportunity. We look forward to playing a full role in the Group's activities in the future."

Michael Dayan, current president of Nova and CEO of Tambour said: "The expansion of the Nova Paint Club with HMG / Little Greene's membership is symbolic of our ambition as we enter our 31st year. From Tambour's perspective, this meeting's theme of innovation is perfectly in tune with the expanded horizons of both our company and the wider Nova Group."

At the meeting, Nova member companies' marketing directors met to discuss current and future cooperation in projects such as color trends and documentation. Under the banner of "innovating to surge ahead," they received expert presentations and were united in optimism for the future as investments in new plant and customer services were revealed.

The board directors focused on "innovation and sustainability" and noted the world first of member company CIN, which has adopted a groundbreaking color language to help colorblind people "see" color. This kind of innovative thinking was addressed by keynote speaker Dave Allen, founder of the world's largest innovative consultancy, What If!

The meeting also gave delegates the opportunity to visit Tambour's impressive new concept store and discuss in more detail some of the significant trends in the global coatings industry in 2014.

The Nova Paint Club is an international organization founded in 1983 to provide a framework for leading global independent paint companies to benefit from exchanges of technical information, technology and expertise in all areas of their operations.

The Nova Paint Club currently has 12 core members with their main operations based in Argentina (Sinteplast SA), Canada (Cloverdale Paint Inc), Colombia (Pintuco), Germany (Votteler Lackfabrik GmbH & Co), Greece (Druckfarben Hellas SA), India (Asian Paints), Israel (Tambour Ltd), The Philippines (Boysen), Portugal (CIN SA), Spain (Barnices Valentine S.A.), the UK (HMG / Little Greene) and the USA (Vogel Paint Inc). These companies also have other operations and/or subsidiaries, which extends their total involvement to around 80 countries throughout the world.

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