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Innovation showcase highlights global entrepreneurship.

This year marked a new phase in the Innovation Showcase, which launched in 2007. The competition, which highlights hardware-led social innovations that improve the quality of life in communities around the world, held finals in India and Kenya as well as in the United States.

Ten finalists faced off at each of the 2015 ASME Innovation Showcase competitions, where they pitched and demonstrated their products in front of a panel of experts. The three winners at each site received an extensive design and engineering review from a team of industry experts in addition to a share of a $150,000 cash prize.

At the inaugural IShow India event, which took place April 20 in Pune, the winners were:

Akash Agarwal for an off-grid refrigeration system that uses renewable energy sources to cool milk, fruit, and vegetables before they are transported to market.

Syauqy Aziz for a system that enables farmers to monitor the water condition of shrimp embankments and ponds and to access data in real time via text and the Internet.

Rajeev Kumar for a robotic system designed to conduct medical tele Winners and judges from IShow Kenya examination of patients from remote locations.

At IShow Kenya, held June 24 in Nairobi, the winners were:

Brian Bosire for an electronic device that works with mobile phones to help rural farmers measure soil characteristics and relay that information by text to an analysis center.

Henri Nyakarundi for a portable solar-powered kiosk that can be used to charge up to 30 mobile phones or small devices at a time.

Emily Woods for a sanitation service that offers in-home toilets for families in poor urban areas and converts the waste collected from the units into fuel.

The three winning innovators at the U.S. IShow, held May 14 in Washington, D.C., were:

Lou Auguste for a low-cost diagnostic system that uses a smart phone to transmit digital images to pathologists.

Kamila Demkova for a carpet that harvests power from ocean waves.

Malvi Hemani for a device for midwives to monitor uterine contractions.

For more information on ASME IShow and these winners, visit www. ME

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