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Innovation profile: Simergent.

Byline: Katelyn Howard

Each year around the world, about 2.3 million kidney failure patients die due to the inability to access or afford dialysis treatment. To put this into perspective, that is equivalent to the entire population of Houston.

In an effort to make dialysis more readily available, Oklahoma City-based Simergent developed an affordable home dialysis device that administers therapy to a sleeping patient each night.

"Simergent's Archimedes system provides a solution to both the affordability problem and the accessibility issue by allowing dialysis to occur within the comfort of a patient's home, without any blood or needles involved, at a price patients and payers in emerging markets can afford," said Richard Rainey, venture adviser for i2e.

Current home dialysis devices cost up to $20,000; the Archimedes device is slated to cost up to 85 percent less and provide similar or improved dialysis treatment as existing devices. The device will also reduce therapy time by an hour compared to other devices, from nine hours to eight hours. This allows the entire therapy to be performed while patients are asleep. Rather than waiting for therapy to finish, patents wake up and immediately disconnect each morning.

"The Archimedes system features novel technology to reduce infections, which is the most serious complication with peritoneal dialysis therapy today," said Rick Pendergraft, chief technology officer of Simergent.

Since 2014, the company has been developing the Archimedes system. It is expected to launch in Mexico in 2020, and then in India and China.

"Its usability is second to none, supporting illiterate patients, non-medical users, diabetic patients, et cetera," Rainey said. "It will significantly reduce training time via self-guided pictorial screens."

Steve Lindo, CEO of Simergent, has 18 years of experience in systems engineering and business development and 13 years of peritoneal dialysis experience. He is the former lead system designer for Baxter Healthcare's HomeChoice dialysis system and has been running businesses since 2008.

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Publication:Journal Record (Oklahoma City, OK)
Date:Aug 22, 2018
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