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Innovation in barcode scanners.

Innovation in Barcode Scanners

Roxburgh Identification Systems have introduced a new approach to barcode scanning with the introduction of two barcode-reading products.

The frontrunner is their Laser-Wand. Self contained and easy to use, it is said to be the first non contact fully programmable microcomputer to be combined with a barcode scanner. It has a RAM memory capacity of up to 640K, yet there are no separate light pens, cords or power packs to complicate use.

This unit is completely portable and has a scanning range of between 150 and 500mm (6 to 20in.), dependent on the size and density of the barcode. It has the capacity to scan circular items such as cans and each Laser-Wand weighs just 482g (17oz).

The scanner is available in infra-red or visible light source options. This latter option brings a significant advance in non contact scanning, especially of coloured barcodes.

The Laser-Wand has the facility to provide automatic discrimination of the most commonly used symbols. It is programmed in Universal Data language, which can be written on any IBM or compatible personal computer. It also has the capacity to 'talk with' any RS 232 device, such as pcs, printers, modems or mainframes.

This scanner operates for at least eight hours on one charge from it integral Ni-Cad battery. The speed and accuracy of this unit, couple with its remarkable flexibility, ensure that its performance improves on every application.

A pocket-size alternative to this unit is their Micro-Wand III. Said to be the world's smallest microcomputer with barcode reading capacity, this unit is totally self contained with no cords, separate battery or additional light pens.

PHOTO : Roxburgh's laser-wand unit
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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