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Innovation everywhere: the 2013 Innovator Awards winners.

Innovation is emerging everywhere in healthcare these days. Just look at the diversity of organizations represented in this year's Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards program winning groups. There are teams from every type of healthcare organization imaginable. The first-place winning team is from the NorthShore Medical Group, affiliated with NorthShore University Health System; their initiative to proactively identify patients with undiagnosed high blood pressure represents a remarkable approach to population health (p. 12). Continuing the population health theme, both of the co-winning second-place teams, from the Louisiana Public Health Institute/Crescent City Beacon Community (p. 18) and the Colorado Beacon Consortium (p. 22), are leveraging information technology in highly strategic ways, in order to promote the health of entire populations across a large metropolitan area (New Orleans) and an entire region (west ern Colorado). Meanwhile, when it comes to working to eliminate healthcare-acquired infections, leaders at Shannon Hospital in San Angelo, Texas, our third-place winning team, have found an ingenious way to harness the power of RFID systems to improving outcomes in that critical area (p. 28).

If any area represents a bold frontier for the new healthcare, it is the development of accountable care organizations (AC0s). But developing the information technology platform, and the tools, to support AC0s, remains an enormous challenge. "A Moving Target" (p. 35) looks at the hurdles to be overcome, with perspectives from the CIOs, CMI0s, and other healthcare IT leaders in the trenches in this critical area, and advice from industry experts.


Patrick Gordon arid Marc Lassaux, of the Colorado Beacon Consortium, and Dr. Anium Khurshid and Maria Ludwick, of the Louisiana Public Health Institute, will be presenting on their organizations' accomplishments in data-driven, IT-facilitated population health management, at the Healthcare Informatics Executive Summit, to be held in San Francisco in May. For more information on the Summit, please go to


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Date:Feb 1, 2013
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