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Innovation Data Processing Announces FDR/Upstream USS Support.

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Innovation Data Processing, a market leader in storage management products, recently released FDR/Upstream's support for Unix System Services (USS).

OS/390 Unix Systems Services (USS), previously known as OpenEdition/MVS is a true UNIX operating environment that is an integral part or OS/390 systems. Many corporations looking to leverage the strengths of the MVS world are also looking to take advantage of USS by using applications that operate under USS, such as using the mainframe as a WEB server, Websphere, or Lotus Domino. The OS/390 UNIX files reside on MVS storage, and as a result the OS390 storage management team is being tasked with the responsibility for backups and restores. Traditional MVS storage management products can backup an entire USS file system, but are unable to offer file level support. In today's corporate environment with a greater emphasis on leaner and fewer operations staff, greater efficiency, 24 x 7 availability, and the growing E-commerce marketspace, that's not good enough. Why restore an entire dataset when you only need a file in the dataset? Thus the best way to offer the best class of service and reliably provide file level backup and restore support is as an USS application, such as FDR/Upstream/USS.

The USS file system HFS offers a number of file system features not found in other UNIX systems including external links (references to true MVS files), auditing flags and HFS extended attributes. For backup and restores, the USS file system HFS includes such UNIX features as long file names, case sensitivity, UNIX type security, symbolic links and more. Again, the best way to back these up is as a true USS application. That's where Upstream/USS support comes in! It supports the UNIX Systems Services features: External Links, Symbolic Links, Auditing flags HFS Extended Attributes, Unix owners and permissions, and Case sensitivity. And because FDR/Upstream is also an OS/390 application, you can save time and money on your OS/390 storage management team for training issues.

FDR/Upstream was designed as a complete storage management solution for corporate data distributed across a heterogeneous network. FDR/Upstream's facilities provide companies with completely automated operations for backup/restores, file transfers and storage management operations. FDR/Upstream offers several unique data reduction techniques to minimize the amount of data to be transmitted, leverages the advanced services and dependability of the MVS server, while offering low resource and system utilization. By using the automation systems of the Upstream MVS server, storage managers can have the highest degree of flexibility and reliability in backup management, while offering unparalleled features! And now with Upstream/USS support, they can improve efficiency and save time and resources.

The Upstream/USS process can be initiated manually or automatically with your existing MVS job scheduler. By submitting MVS &uot;batch jobs&uot;, the Upstream process can wait until the completion of the job. The JCL condition code checking that takes place thus provides automated exception handling. The OS/390 tape management system controls the retention period of the backups and the OS/390 security system controls access to the system. Restores can be performed and controlled from either a TSO ISPF panel or JAVA interface. The JAVA interface provides an easy to use, graphical user interface that fully utilizes Upstream's storage management functions especially for restores, and can be used from a PC or X Terminal.

On INNOVATION Data Processing . . .

With a worldwide customer base and over 28 years experience in enterprise backup, restore, hierarchical storage management, business data protection and disaster recovery, Innovation is internationally recognized for its inventiveness in this market segment. Innovation Data Processing, headquartered in Little Falls, NJ is the premier choice in enterprise storage management with industry leading solutions FDR(R) (Fast Dump Restore), ABR(R), FastCPK, FDRSOS(R), FDR InstantBackup(TM), FDR/UPSTREAM(R), FDR/UPSTREAM(R)/SOS(R), FDR/UPTREAM/USS, FDRCLONE(TM), FDRAPPL(TM), FATS(R)/FATAR(TM), FDRREORG(R), FDREPORT and IAM(R).

Further information about INNOVATION, its products and services, can be obtained from the INNOVATION home page at or by e-mailing us at
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Date:Feb 9, 2000
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