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Innotech Announces ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod.

Tell your iPod Media Player what to do... without lifting a finger!

Revolutionary Device Adds Hands-Free Voice Operation to most popular iPod Models

PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. -- Innotech Systems, a leading developer of voice interactive and remote control products, today announced the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod. The revolutionary device adds hands-free voice operation to the popular Apple iPod family of products.

With the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod, owners of iPod media players can adjust the volume, play a song, stop play, go to the next track, go to the previous track, or replay a song... all without lifting a finger!

In short, all the things you'd want to do while working, exercising, or just sitting in an easy chair.

Users merely plug their existing earbuds or headphones into the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod, plug its cable into the iPod dock connector, and the unit is ready for immediate use. No set up is required. The tiny (12") ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod may be hung around the user's neck or clipped to a lapel, and is powered by the iPod media player itself.

"The iPod click wheel is a brilliant design, but is not convenient if you are wearing gloves, your iPod player is in a pocket, you don't have a free hand, or you can't see the display," said Len Novara, president of Innotech Systems. "By providing hands-free operation, the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod makes a great product even greater. We expect it to be one of the most useful iPod accessories ever introduced."

Once connected to the iPod media player, the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod is always on, listening for the user to say the prompting word "iPod." It then listens for the voice command and performs the desired operation. An "auto-mute" function allows the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod to be used with external speakers (or automobile audio systems that use the iPod headphone port) by muting the audio so the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod can hear the command. The well-thought-out product even includes a bass-boost function for improved listening with lower-cost ear buds.

While usable out-of-the-box by nearly all English-speaking users, the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod may also be "trained" to recognize commands in other languages or to better understand iPod owners with strong accents.

The patent-pending device has been designed specifically to work with iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. The ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod is made for iPod nano (1st generation), iPod nano (2nd generation), iPod nano (3rd generation), iPod touch, iPod with color display, iPod mini, iPod with Click Wheel, iPod with video, and iPod classic.

The ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod has an MSRP of $99.95 and is expected to be available from most leading consumer electronic retailers. Samples are currently available, with full production in September. The package includes lapel clip and neck strap.

The ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod is the fifth generation of voice-operated and voice-interactive product from Innotech Systems. Other products include voice operated remote controls, alarm clocks, timers, and even a voice-operated thermostat for visually impaired consumers. For more information visit

Innotech Systems Inc. designs and builds remote controls and remote control systems for leading OEMs worldwide and licenses its remote control technology to some of the world's most prestigious electronic manufacturers. The industry's leading developer of voice-operated and voice-interactive remote controls, Innotech Systems has also developed specialty remote controls that are among the most popular remote control models of all time; a unique one-button remote for cognitively disabled users; and conventional remote controls and receivers used in households around the world. The acclaimed Innotech infrared remote control code library is used by leading manufacturers throughout the world for reliable operation of virtually all home entertainment systems. Innotech Systems can be visited at

Accenda and Innotech Systems are registered trademarks of Innotech Systems Inc. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Editors: Photo available upon request.
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Date:Jun 24, 2008
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