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InnoZen Continues to Establish the Lead in the OTC Oral Thin Film Delivery System Technology: Launch of Suppress(TM) Cough Strips; Oral Strips Provide Fast-Acting Cough Medicine Easily and Conveniently.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- InnoZen Inc., the first company ever to deliver an active ingredient in an oral strip, today introduced Suppress(TM) Cough strips. InnoZen's innovative, proprietary drug delivery technology was first used to create Chloraseptic(R) Relief Strips(TM) in August 2003. With the OTC entry of Suppress(TM) Cough strips, InnoZen is gearing up to further establish its foothold in the medicine strip category in the months by also launching an antacid strip, an allergy strip, an appetite suppressant strip and more.

New Suppress(TM) Cough strips deliver fast, proven cough suppressants in this increasingly popular, melt-on-the-tongue form, allowing for easy and accurate administration of the medicine for adults, and especially, children. The oral strips contain either the active ingredient Dextromethorphan or menthol, and treat all coughs, including those caused by a cold, the flu, or other conditions.

Unlike cough syrups or cough drops, Suppress(TM) Cough strips are compact, easy-to-carry and provide 32 strips for quick relief. Suppress is the only cough strip that goes from dispenser to mouth-no unwrapping, no tearing, no wasted time. With its highly attractive retail price, Suppress(TM) beats the competition as a genuine consumer value.

"This year, as we approach the cold and flu season, just two of the conditions that can induce coughs, consumers will be relieved to have Suppress(TM) Cough strips that work to quickly control coughs and are convenient to carry and administer," said Matt Lipton, vice-president of sales at InnoZen. "With Suppress, relief is literally on the tip of the tongue."

Suppress(TM) Cough strips come in soothing-mint and honey-lemon flavors and are currently available in major retail markets and drug stores. The strips are sold in individual 32-count packs at a suggested retail price of $2.59.

"As the first company to deliver active medicine in an oral strip, InnoZen has revolutionized the cough and cold industry by delivering active ingredients in the most convenient form," Mr. Lipton said. "Suppress is the next step in the evolution of oral strip technology."

The medicated oral strip is structured as a proprietary bi-layer system. This system eliminates the use of irritating solvents and reduces damage due to heat and moisture, maintaining the integrity and efficacy of the active ingredients.

InnoZen used the same proprietary technology to create Chloraseptic(R) Relief Strips(TM), which successfully launched in August 2003. Previous technologies had proven too harsh, exposing the medical compound to extreme heat, moisture, compromising solvents and irritants. With Chloraseptic Relief Strips, InnoZen established a new process which prevented irritants and incorporated additional compounds to make the strips more suitable for various drug delivery needs.

About Suppress(TM) Cough strips

New Suppress Cough strips are fast-acting oral strips that deliver proven cough suppressants. The oral strips contain either the active ingredient Dextromethorphan or menthol. Suppress Cough strips are currently available in major retail markets and drug stores. The strips are sold in individual 32-count packs at a suggested retail price of $2.59.

About Chloraseptic Relief Strips

New Chloraseptic Relief Strips are the first and only product of its kind to provide immediate and convenient relief of sore throat pain in an oral strip. The oral strips contain the active ingredients benzocaine and menthol. Chloraseptic Relief Strips have been available in major retail markets and drug stores since September, 2003. The strips are sold in two 20-count packs at a suggested retail price of $5.29.

About InnoZen, Inc.

InnoZen, Inc. develops and markets, or out-licenses, over-the-counter health products. In June, 2003, InnoZen launched OptiZen lubricating eye drops for instant relief from symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome including eye dryness, burning and irritation. For more information about InnoZen, please visit

CONTACT: Michael Fiedel of InnoZen, Inc., +1-818-887-8688; or Della Burns, +1-847-518-1050, or Edwige Buteau, +1-212-994-7517, both of RFBinder Partners, for InnoZen Inc.

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