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InnoMedia Announces InfoBlazer for Improved Internet Access and Telephony Applications; ISDN Terminal Adapter Provides High Speed Data Access and Mini-PABX Features.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 1997--InnoMedia Inc. today announced the availability of the InfoBlazer(TM) ISDN terminal adapter, to provide improved access for Internet, remote access, and PC-to-PC communication services. The InfoBlazer family offers ISDN modem functionality for improved data access and mini-PABX features for voice management over standard telephone lines.

"Our customers can now receive the best of both worlds with InfoBlazer," said Mr. Kai-Wa Ng, president and CEO of InnoMedia, Inc. "This ISDN terminal adapter provides high-speed communications up to 128Kbps supporting multiple analog functionality. InfoBlazer's mini-PABX voice features give users the voice management needed to take full advantage of both analog device ports over ISDN."

ISDN Features: Multilink PPP, SVD, Dynamic Voice Override

InfoBlazer supports Multilink Point-to-Point-Protocol (PPP) providing digital high-speed Internet access up to 128 Kbps by combining two B channels (2 x 64 Kbps).

While using both B-channels for data communications with Multilink PPP, InfoBlazer's Dynamic Voice Override feature (e.g. PPP/MP for Internet access) will assign one B-channel automatically to an outgoing voice call and transparently return the channel to the data application when the voice call is completed.

InfoBlazer also provides a very high-speed data connection into the ISDN network that can operate simultaneously with calls to or from the telephone network. Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVD) utilizes three user ports -- one for connecting to a personal computer and two for use with standard phones, fax machines or other analog modems. InfoBlazer is ideal for remote users who require high speed access to the Internet or corporate LAN with simultaneous use of either their phone, fax machine or modem over the same phone line.

Analog Communications: Mini-PABX Features, Two Analog Device Ports

InfoBlazer ships with Mini-PABX, two analog device ports and Distinctive Ring features that allow users to take full advantage of analog technology over ISDN.

Mini PABX functions provide users with features such as internal call, internal call transfer, call waiting, simulated call waiting, call screening, caller ID and distinctive ring. Simulated call waiting can take place between two POTS phones and the telephone service provider's call waiting.

InfoBlazer's integrated analog ports are equipped with full ringing support allowing telephones, fax and answering machines, and modems to be attached to the ports directly. With two analog device ports, users can connect any two analog devices to InfoBlazer -- transmit or receive data on their computer, talk on the phone, send and receive faxes simultaneously -- all on a single ISDN line.

Additionally, InfoBlazer has a distinctive ring feature which allows users to set ringing patterns so they can differentiate between the two devices connected to analog device ports. This enables users to identify which device is being activated prior to a connection being made.

Support Features

The InfoBlazer family utilizes an extended, user friendly AT command set to configure the terminal adapter/PC setting. Supports V.120 and V.110 protocols, and has a DTE speed of 300-230,400 bps. The InfoBlazer External currently supports NTT and OCN for Japan, NI1, DMS100 and AT&T 5ESS for USA.


Both the InfoBlazer External and Internal InfoBlazer versions will be shipping in November. InfoBlazer is available in both U interface (does not require an additional network termination device) and S/T interface versions.

With an estimated street price of $249.00, InfoBlazer is available through retailers and resellers nationwide. For more InnoMedia product information, visit their company Web site at -0-

Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately-held company with operations in Singapore, Santa Clara, California, and Hsinchu, Taiwan. InnoMedia is the leading supplier of Internet Telephony and wireless data communication products for the home and office. The company employs its patent pending technology in the development of intelligent communications devices that are design to save cost and enrich the user's experience.

InfoBlazer is a trademark of InnoMedia, Inc.

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Date:Nov 4, 1997
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