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Inner Healing for Broken Vessels: Seven Steps to a Woman's Way of Healing.

Inner Healing for Broken Vessels. Seven Steps to a Woman's Way of Healing (Upper Room Books, 109 pages, $8.95 paperback) is Linda H. Hollies' consideration of inner lines and scratches that tell a different story from exterior beauty. But wounds, she asserts, give value because God can use the wounded in the healing service of others.

Hollies writes as the victim of childhood incest who came to grips with her experience after entering the seminary at age 40. She charts the healing steps from recognition to reconciliation. Those who share the pain, but can or would see themselves as vessels of honor, will be grateful for the gathered insights.
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Author:Graham, William C.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 26, 1993
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