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Inmates and Their Wives: Incarceration and Family Life.

Inmates and Their Wives examines the difficulties inmates and their families have in coping with incarceration. The book serves as an excellent introduction for those interested in prison family studies.

After a concise review of correctional history and philosophy and an overview of incarceration's effect on inmates, spouses and children, the bulk of the book is devoted to a study of one prison's Family Reunion Program. The authors examine the program's policies, its benefits to inmates and families, and the coping strategies inmates use. The book also includes a chapter of recommendations about the most effective clinical strategies for inmates and their families.

As always with good research, more questions arise than are laid to rest. What about inmates who will never leave prison--do conjugal visits work against them? Do conjugal visits make prison more attractive? What are the effects of long-term imprisonment on mental health? Do conjugal visits and other marital programs reduce recidivism? These and other questions require a great deal more research before any conclusions can be drawn.

This book should help policymakers carefully consider the relationship between the mission of corrections and inmates' families. It should certainly be read by anyone interested in inmates' families.
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Author:Edwards, K. Anthony
Publication:Corrections Today
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 1, 1993
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