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Inline tubing die series.

The Series 900 inline tubing dies are said to offer improved extrusion performance and capabilities to customize at standard, off-the-shelf prices. The series is applicable to extrusion of hose or pipe ranging from 0.005" (0.127 mm) to 8.0" (635 mm) in diameter for all types of OEM, food service, automotive, industrial, telecom and medical applications in polymer or rubber. Key benefits of the Series 900 technology are said to include the achievement of concentricity of product roundness, which greatly reduces material usage compared with other types of extrusion tooling; spiderless inline designed heads result in no spider lines and allow room for more air, thus eliminating cold legs, which can inhibit product output; the system runs one to five layers simultaneously; and it is engineered for a multitude of applications, including special fluoropolymer applications. The company also manufactures tips, dies and breaker plates using state-of-the-art computerized CNC machining and EPDM equipment. Also offered are engineering services using the latest CAD systems for custom-designing extrusion tooling products such as crossheads, tips, clamps, flanges, forming rolls, spiderless inline dies, dies, swing gates, breaker plates, special equipment and sizing dies. (Guill Tool & Engineering, 10 Pike St., West Warwick, RI 02893)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2003
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