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Outcomes of patients with blunt chest trauma encountered at emergency department and possible risk factors affecting mortality. Tsai, Yuan-Ming; Lin, Kuan-Hsun; Huang, Tsai-Wang; Chen, Chun-Ying; Hong, Zhi-Jie; Hsu, Sheng-Der Report May 1, 2017 2670
Pattern of fatal chest injury due to road traffic accidents in Bihar State. Deepmala; Bhushan, Vibhuti; Kumar, Sanjeev; Kumar, Binay; Singh, Arbind Kumar; Singh, Mukti Nath; Ra Report May 23, 2016 2365
Epidemeology of chest injury in long bone fractures in road traffic accident. Madhukar, K.T.; Satheesh, G.S.; Debnath, Rajib; Mitra, Debasubhra Report Aug 6, 2015 1574
Blunt thoracic trauma in children and adults. Editorial Jan 1, 2015 176
The role of transesophageal echocardiography in endovascular repair of traumatic aortic transection. B, Swathy; Maddali, Madan Mohan; Al-Shamsi, Sulaiman Saif; Sabek, Said Abdelrahman; AlHajri, Mahmood Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 1943
Rink-side management of ice hockey related injuries to the face, neck, and chest. Cohn, Randy M.; Alaia, Michael J.; Strauss, Eric J.; Feldman, Andrew F. Report Oct 1, 2013 3271
Chest wall radionecrosis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Cihan, Yasemin Benderli; Yildiz, Senol; Yilmaz, Mehmet Sina Clinical report Dec 31, 2012 1529
Misdiagnosis of diaphragmatic rupture in a trauma setting. Jones, A.L.C.; Thirsk, I. Clinical report Aug 1, 2012 1215
Fatal aortic rupture from nonpenetrating chest trauma. Benjamin, Mina Mecheal; Roberts, William Clifford Apr 1, 2012 1503
Ischemic stroke secondary to aortic dissection following rifle butt recoil chest injury: a case report. Rao, Mamatha; Panduranga, Prashanth; Al-Mukhaini, Mohammed; Al-Jufaili, Mahmood; Valiath, John Case study Nov 1, 2011 1696
Transection of the thoracic aorta: current treatment obstacles. Caranasos, Thomas; Bardes, James; Kusti, Mohannad; Martin, Luke; Wilson, Alison Case study Sep 1, 2011 911
Thoracic trauma: the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital Experience. Fabra, M.L.; Dhaffala, A.; Ntasa, S.M.; Nondela, B.B.; Zongo, U. Report Apr 1, 2011 283
One hundred and eight emergency operations for penetrating thoracic trauma. Reddy, K.; Quazi, M.; Clarke, D.; Thomson, S. Report Apr 1, 2011 375
Analysis of epidemiology, lesions, treatment and outcome of 354 consecutive cases of blunt and penetrating trauma to the chest in an African setting. Mefire, Alain Chichom; Pagbe, Jean Jacques; Fokou, Marcus; Nguimbous, Jean Francois; Guifo, Marc Ler Report Aug 1, 2010 2787
The effect of penetrating trunk trauma and mechanical ventilation on the recovery of adult survivors after hospital discharge. van Aswegen, H.; Eales, C.; Richards, G.A.; Goosen, J.; Becker, P. Clinical report Jul 1, 2010 4379
Complications of tube thoracostomy for chest trauma. Maritz, David; Wallis, Lee; Hardcastle, Timothy Report Feb 1, 2009 2283
Chest compressions: biomechanics and injury. Wininger, Kevin L. Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 4049
Protecting athletes from deadly blows. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 177
Endoscopic removal of a bullet from the cranial thoracic air sac of a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). Jekl, Vladimir; Tukac, Viktor; Hauptman, Karel; Knotkova, Zora; Knotek, Zdenek Case study Dec 1, 2006 2242
Chest and abdominal injuries caused by seat belt wearing. Lazarus, S. May 1, 2006 1139
Flail chest in a neonate resulting from nonaccidental trauma. Tobias, Joseph D. May 1, 2006 2330
Combatting commotio cordis. Gorse, Keith M. Jul 1, 2005 1004
Delayed hemopericardium after penetrating chest trauma: thoracoscopic pericardial window as a therapeutic option. Liu, Donald Oct 1, 2004 3064
Thoracic packing for uncontrolled bleeding in penetrating thoracic injuries. Steeb, Glenn Jul 1, 2004 3640
Isolated ventricular septal defect caused by nonpenetrating trauma to the chest. Mason, Dean T.; Roberts, William C. Clinical report Oct 1, 2002 2164
Lethal factor checklist aids pediatric chest trauma assessment. (Airway Breathing, Hemothorax). Brunk, Doug Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 532
Light blow to chest can be fatal. (Biomedicine). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 259
Complex cardiac stab wound. Hamman, Baron L.; Lovitt, Matthew A.; Matter, Greg J.; Glamann, Brent; High, Shyla T.; Bruce, Susan Clinical report Jul 1, 2001 917
Cardiac transplantation 40 years after a stab wound to the heart. Roberts, William C.; Phillips, Sabrina D.; Escobar, Juan M.; Capehart, John E. Clinical report Jul 1, 2001 813

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