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High Heels And Ankle Sprains. Sep 3, 2022 229
World Cup shock for Mexico winger Corona after cruel injury blow. Qatar Tribune Aug 19, 2022 216
Comparison of Modified Broström Procedure with or without Suture Tape Augmentation Technique for the Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability. Li, Ji; Qi, Wei; Yun, Xing; Wei, Yu; Liu, Yang; Wei, Min Report Jul 27, 2022 3975
Devon are dumped out of Counties Cup by Dorset. Jul 18, 2022 412
Amorphous Alloys and Ferroelectric Nanomaterials and the Repair of Athletic Ligament Injuries in Soccer. Ma, Chao Jun 14, 2022 6351
Rehabilitation Treatment and Monitoring of Ankle Achilles Tendon Ligament Injury in Athletes Repaired by Nanomaterials. Li, Fanghui; Liu, Ping; Lou, Yijun; Yi, Shumei Jun 3, 2022 8059
Comparison of Dance-Related Foot and Ankle Injuries Among Pre-Professional Ballet, Contemporary, and Chinese Dancers. Lai, Jojo H. C.; Fung, Naomi P. Y.; Yeung, Stacey T. W.; Siu, Ronald W. H.; Pak, Nigel Keith; Surgen Report Jun 1, 2022 4942
The Effect of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Nursing on the Rehabilitation of Sports-Induced Ankle Joint Injuries. Qiao, Yu; Zhang, Bin; Zhang, Lei May 24, 2022 8039
Athletes' Ankle Injury Features and Rehabilitation Methods Based on Internet Big Data. Li, Xinke; Kang, Meisheng May 10, 2022 6633
David Moyes admits Declan Rice could be the answer to West Ham's defensive injury crisis; The England star could be moved into defence with three of four centre backs sidelined by injury. By, Alan Smith Apr 22, 2022 555
Black & Blues! Big trouble for battered City; INJURIES AND FATIGUE MOUNTING AHEAD OF CUP SEMI-FINAL. STUART BRENNAN Apr 15, 2022 759
Two set to return for Burton trip. Apr 8, 2022 494
Escape from Ankle Pain: Conservative treatments and advanced surgical interventions can provide relief from an aching ankle. Apr 1, 2022 1010
Is Scoliosis Associated with Dance Injury in Young Recreational Dancers? A Large-Scale Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Study. Wong, Arnold Y.L.; Chan, Cliffton; Hiller, Claire; Yung, Patrick S.H.; Lau, Kenney K.L.; Samartzis, Report Mar 1, 2022 7119
Clinical application of retrograde sural neurofasciocutaneous flap repair combined with jingulian capsules to treat foot and ankle soft tissue defects. Zhiwei Hao, Shan Tian, Changqing Hu and Yan Jia Feb 28, 2022 2546
Study finds long-term impact of ankle sprains in youths. Foot, American Orthopaedic; Society, Ankle Report Dec 20, 2021 380
Study finds long-term impact of ankle sprains in youth sports. Foot, American Orthopaedic; Society, Ankle Report Dec 18, 2021 380
Calcaneonavicular coalition: a case study of non-operative management in an adult patient. Kurman, Kathleen; Romanelli, Andrew Case study Dec 1, 2021 3490
Help! The Back of My Ankle Hurts: Understanding posterior ankle impingement. Henderson, Garnet Nov 1, 2021 681
Application of X-ray image measurement in the early diagnosis of sports injury of ankle ligament. Shuqiao Meng, Wenxia Tong and Shanshan Han Sep 30, 2021 2481
THEORETICAL ASPECTS REGARDING THE ANKLE SPRAIN. Rodica-Georgeta, Culea; Gheorghe, Simion Sep 1, 2021 5271
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ASPECTS IN MARATHON RUNNERS TRAINING. Paula, Ivan; Elena, Sabau; Daniel, Gheorghe Sep 1, 2021 3132
Blow for the Bluebirds as defensive duo are sidelined. GLEN WILLIAMS Football writer Aug 12, 2021 382
Blow for the Bluebirds as defensive duo are sidelined. GLEN WILLIAMS Football writer Aug 12, 2021 395
Effects of Two Rehabilitation Programs on Dynamic Balance in Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability. Kruatiwa, Naphat; Yimlamai, Tossaporn Aug 1, 2021 4401
BLACK FOR MORE; History maker is on mend after surgery on her hip and ankle. GAVIN QUINN Jul 18, 2021 269
Application Experience and Patient Feedback Analysis of 3D Printed AFO with Different Materials: A Random Crossover Study. Meng, Xianzhong; Ren, Min; Zhuang, Yan; Qu, Yu; Jiang, Linling; Li, Zhenjing Report Jun 14, 2021 2997
Portable 3D Gait Analysis Assessment in MTT Treat Chronic Ankle Instability: A Retrospective Study. Song, Yujuan; Xu, Sibai; Dai, Yanqiu; Jia, Jun; Liu, Hebin; Li, Zhenjing Report Jun 7, 2021 3158
Podiatrist or orthopedist: Which is best for foot injury? Advertiser generated content Submitted by Fox Valley Ortho Jun 5, 2021 515
Factors Associated With Lower Limb Injuries in Recreational Runners: A Cross-Sectional Survey Including Mental Aspects and Sleep Quality. Mousavi, Seyed Hamed; Hijmans, Juha M.; Minoonejad, Hooman; Rajabi, Reza; Zwerver, Johannes Report Jun 1, 2021 9448
Ankle Instability Patients Exhibit Altered Muscle Activation of Lower Extremity and Ground Reaction Force during Landing: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Jeon, Hyung Gyu; Lee, Sae Yong; Park, Sung Eun; Ha, Sunghe Report Jun 1, 2021 10804
Effects and Anti-rotation Stabilization of the Non-bridging External Fixation for Pronation-Abduction Stage III Ankle Fracture: A Cadaveric Study. Chen, Yili; Huang, Xiaoyu; Cheng, Yongzhong; Xu, Jingjing; Chen, Yang; Zhang, Qi; Wen, Jianmin Report May 10, 2021 7061
Accident near Slough leaves moped rider seriously injured; The teen has suffered 'potentially life-changing injuries,' police say. By, Robert Rowlands May 5, 2021 180
MRI of lateral hindfoot impingement. Sanghvi, Darshana Report May 1, 2021 2567
Effects of TRX Suspension Training on Proprioception and Muscle Strength in Female Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability. Khorjahani, Ali; Mirmoezzi, Masoud; Bagheri, Mina; Kalantariyan, Mohammad Apr 23, 2021 5542
Hartley laments 'freak' injuries with pair out until the summer. Apr 14, 2021 327
Injured pair out until pre-season. JAMIE DURENT Apr 14, 2021 348
Do Single-Leg Balance Control and Lower Extremity Muscle Strength Correlate with Ankle Instability and Leg Injuries in Young Ballet Dancers? Hung, You-jou; Boehm, Jenna; Reynolds, Morgan; Whitehead, Kallee; Leland, Kaylyn Apr 1, 2021 4682
The Location of the Fibular Tunnel for Anatomically Accurate Reconstruction of the Lateral Ankle Ligament: A Cadaveric Study. Park, Jeong-Hyun; Kwon, Hyung-Wook; Kim, Digud; Park, Kwang-Rak; Lee, Mijeong; Choi, Yu-Jin; Cho, Ja Report Mar 19, 2021 5684
Ultrasound Changes of Peri-Ankle Muscles in Subjects with Unilateral Chronic Ankle Instability. Kazemi, Khadijeh; Saadi, Feryal; Javanshir, Khodabakhsh; Yazdi, Mohammad Jafar Shaterzadeh; Goharpey Mar 8, 2021 4085
Reconstruction of Chronic Injured Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis with Autogenous Tendon Graft: A Systematic Review. Xu, Han-Lin; Song, Yu-Jie; Hua, Ying-Hui Report Feb 1, 2021 5676
Efficacy of Using Ilizarov External Fixator in Treating Pilon Fractures. Ibrahim, Mohamed Alaa Mohamed; Al-alfy, Ali Tawfik; Nahla, Ahmed Mohamed; Metwally, Osam Mohamed Report Jan 30, 2021 3407
Role Of Transfibular Ankle Arthrodesis With Rigid Internal Fixation In Management Of Posttraumatic Ankle Arthritis. Elsharkawy, Walid Faisal; Marei, Mohsen Mohammad; Mohammad, Mohammad Abd Al Aziz; Mohammad Fattah, A Report Jan 15, 2021 2947
EXPERIENCE IN SURGICAL TREATMENT OF LIGAMENTOUS RUPTURES OF DISTAL INTER-TIBIAL SYNDESMOSIS.. Abualievich, Gafurov Farruh; Tilakovich, Tilakov Buri; Fayzievich, Eranov Nurali; Azam, Ahtamov; Nor Report Jan 15, 2021 1696
Princess Sirindhorn in hospital after a fall. Jan 11, 2021 165
Elevation of Inflammatory Cytokines and Proteins after Intra-Articular Ankle Fracture: A Cross-Sectional Study of 47 Ankle Fracture Patients. Pham, That Minh; Frich, Lars Henrik; Lambertsen, Kate Lykke; Overgaard, Søren; Schmal, Hagen Jan 9, 2021 5999
Effects and Anti-rotation Stabilization of the Non-bridging External Fixation for Pronation-Abduction Stage III Ankle Fracture: A Cadaveric Study. Chen, Yili; Huang, Xiaoyu; Cheng, Yongzhong; Xu, Jingjing; Chen, Yang; Zhang, Qi; Wen, Jianmin Report Jan 1, 2021 7061
The Location of the Fibular Tunnel for Anatomically Accurate Reconstruction of the Lateral Ankle Ligament: A Cadaveric Study. Park, Jeong-Hyun; Kwon, Hyung-Wook; Kim, Digud; Park, Kwang-Rak; Lee, Mijeong; Choi, Yu-Jin; Cho, Ja Report Jan 1, 2021 5685
Association of musculoskeletal discomfort with the use of high heeled shoes in females. Malick, Wardah Hussain; Khalid, HIfsa; Mehmood, Zoya; Hussain, Hamid Report Dec 31, 2020 3716
IBJI Doctor Talks Ankle Sprains and Instability. Bone, Illinois; Institute, Joint Dec 18, 2020 827
Educational Framework for Coaches on Injury Prevention in Adolescent Team Sports. Gouws, Chantell; Millard, Lourens; Naude, Anne; Meyer, Jan-Wessel; Shaw, Brandon Stuwart; Shaw, Ina Dec 1, 2020 4036
The Importance of the Deep Deltoid Ligament Repair in Treating Supination-External Rotation Stage IV Ankle Fracture: A Comparative Retrospective Cohort Study. Chen, Hongfeng; Yang, Dongsong; Li, Zhen; Niu, Junke; Wang, Pengru; Li, Qidi; He, Xishun Report Nov 29, 2020 3590
Abstracts from the Current Literature. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Oct 1, 2020 1667
Calves Are Key: Research shows that calf endurance can make a huge difference in injury prevention. Sandall, Emma Oct 1, 2020 711
Effectiveness of Low-Frequency Stimulation in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques for Post Ankle Sprain Balance and Proprioception in Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Alahmari, Khalid A.; Silvian, Paul; Ahmad, Irshad; Reddy, Ravi Shankar; Tedla, Jaya Shanker; Kakarap Report Sep 24, 2020 7796
Man suffers possible neck and ankle injuries after rope swing fall. Sep 3, 2020 167
A Retrospective Study on the Morphology of Posterior Malleolar Fractures Based on a CT Scan: Whether We Ignore the Importance of Fracture Height. Wang, Zhifeng; Yuan, Chengjie; Zhu, Genrui; Geng, Xiang; Zhang, Chao; Huang, Jiazhang; Ma, Xin; Wang Report Aug 31, 2020 4956
New deal boost for injury-hit winger Wilson. LEE RYDER Chief Newcastle writer Jul 7, 2020 167
Boost for Arsenal as Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira return to training after injury; Mikel Arteta was all smiles as the Gunners prepare to try and salvage their European push at Southampton on Thursday following two straight Premier League defeats. By, Gareth Bicknell Jun 25, 2020 679
Painful foot or ankle? Don't overlook these 5 injuries: A missed diagnosis of one of these conditions risks delay in referral for orthopedic evaluation and surgical management--possibly leading to complications. Roman, Aileen; Van Lancker, Hans P. Jun 1, 2020 3767
Local Infiltration Analgesia with Ropivacaine Improves Postoperative Pain Control in Ankle Fracture Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Li, Bao-Liang; Liu, Xizhe; Cui, Lihua; Zhang, Wenqian; Pang, Hui; Wang, Mingshan; Wang, Hai-Qiang Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 4068
The Assessment of the Reduction Algorithm in the Treatment for "Logsplitter" Injury. Shou, Kangquan; Adhikary, Richa; Zou, Liang; Yao, Hao; Yang, Huarui; Adhikary, Krishna; Yang, Yi; Ba Mar 31, 2020 5844
Isolated Posterior Medial Ankle Dislocation with Associated Os Trigonum Dislocation after Low-Energy Mechanism. Irving, Devan; Geers, Brent; Lawrence, Bruce Mar 1, 2020 3094
Lateral Malleolar Fracture with Concurrent Achilles Tendon Rupture: A Case Report and Literature Review. Pyle, Leslie H.; Al-Gharib, Raed W.; Kissel, Erik C. Mar 1, 2020 2190
Reduce Risk of Foot and Ankle Injuries with Exercise: Stretching and strengthening can prevent sprains, strains, tears, fractures, and much more. Feb 22, 2020 703
Ole's 'sure' Pog wants to play for Reds again. SAMUEL LUCKHURST Feb 17, 2020 519
Paul Pogba arrives back in UK on crutches after Man Utd star attends Paris fashion show; Paul Pogba has only played eight times for Man Utd this season after a series of ankle injuries -with his last appearance coming on Boxing Day. By, Alex Smith Jan 19, 2020 358
Five-Year Follow-Up of Distal Tibia Bone and Foot and Ankle Trauma Treated with a 3D-Printed Titanium Cage. Nwankwo, Eugene C.; Chen, Fangyu; Nettles, Dana L.; Adams, Samuel B. Dec 31, 2019 2939
Strike duo helped each other back to full fitness; Strike pair spurred each other on to full fitness. CRAIG JOHNS Football writer @craig_johns Dec 21, 2019 494
Pair pushed each other on to make a full recovery; duo hit by similar injuries. CRAIG JOHNS Football writer @craig_johns Dec 21, 2019 539
How Sunderland duo Lynden Gooch and Charlie Wyke helped each other back to full fitness; Sunderland duo Charlie Wyke and Lynden Gooch are returning to full fitness having helped each other through their injuries. Craig Johns Dec 21, 2019 508
Andy Carroll reveals career-changing treatment on his previously troublesome ankle; The Newcastle United striker was dogged by ankle injuries for years but now doesn't worry about it. Lee Ryder Dec 21, 2019 284
Are Landing Biomechanics Altered in Elite Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability. Lin, Jian-Zhi; Lin, Yu-An; Lee, Heng-Ju Dec 1, 2019 6892
Use of the Mulligan concept in the treatment of lateral ankle sprains in the active population: an exploratory prospective case series. Bianco, Lucas; Fermin, Smokey; Oates, Robert; May, James; Cheatham, Scott W.; Nasypany, Alan Report Dec 1, 2019 3394
2nd Aspetar Clubs meet tackles field emergencies for athletes. Nov 28, 2019 311
Bryson set for ankle scan amid fears of damage from tackle. Nov 26, 2019 343
DOUBTS OVER REDS PAIR. Nov 19, 2019 111
Options available should left-back fail to shake off ankle PROBLEM. NEIL MACDONALD ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOSPORT Nov 14, 2019 748
Boy, 11, hurt after being in road accident. Nov 5, 2019 164
Tyson Fury provides ankle injury update following Braun Strowman attack; Tyson Fury was ambushed by Braun Strowman as he trained ahead of their WWE Crown Jewel clash on October 31. By, Rich Jones Oct 25, 2019 482
Ice found to harm rather than heal injuries; HEALTH. Oct 21, 2019 138
Syndesmosis Repair System Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies unti. Sep 21, 2019 999
Syndesmosis Repair System Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies unti. Sep 20, 2019 1014
Sox hope to get Moncada back Thursday. Aug 20, 2019 456
Sox look to get Moncada back this week. Aug 20, 2019 458
GMI Research Estimated The Global Artificial Tendon and Ligament market to Grow at a CAGR of 14.5% during 2018-2025. Aug 20, 2019 1152
Injured duo ruled out for the season. May 1, 2019 271
Effect of a Semirigid Ankle Brace on the In Vivo Kinematics of Patients with Functional Ankle Instability during the Stance Phase of Walking. Zhang, Gonghao; Cao, Shengxuan; Wang, Chen; Ma, Xin; Wang, Xu; Huang, Jiazhang; Zhang, Chao Apr 30, 2019 5775
High ankle sprains: Easy to miss, so follow these tips. Nickless, John T.; Alland, Jeremy A. Apr 1, 2019 4831
Boy, 10, suffers leg and ankle injuries in smash. Dec 4, 2018 180
Stephen Curry To Miss 3 More Games. Nov 21, 2018 490
Ankle surgery will keep Valentine out for the year. Nov 20, 2018 190
Valentine will have ankle surgery, miss remainder of season. Nov 20, 2018 190
Functional Outcome of Pronation-External Rotation-Weber C Ankle Fractures with Supracollicular Medial Malleolar Fracture Treated with or without Syndesmotic Screws: A Retrospective Comparative Cohort Study. Wu, Yong; He, Qi-Fei; Lai, Liang-Peng; Li, Xia; Zhou, Jun-Lin Report Nov 5, 2018 4448
Lost to follow-up: Challenges to conducting orthopaedic research in South Africa. Badenhorst, D.H.S.; van der Westhuizen, C.A.; Britz, E.; Burger, M.C.; Ferreira, N Report Nov 1, 2018 3832
Ankle sprains common, annoying--but very difficult to prevent. Snyder, Bob Nov 1, 2018 582
Fitness tests for pair ahead of Euro clash; aguero and mendy are sidelined with ankle injuries. Sep 19, 2018 288
Aguero and Mendy in Euro clash fitness tests. Sep 19, 2018 247
The Ongoing Injury. Hamilton, Linda Brief article Aug 1, 2018 289
Concern over Gestede after ankle injuries during friendly. Jul 22, 2018 447
Editorial. Williams, Andrew Editorial Jul 1, 2018 337
Improvement of Functional Ankle Properties Following Supplementation with Specific Collagen Peptides in Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability. Dressler, Patrick; Gehring, Dominic; Zdzieblik, Denise; Oesser, Steffen; Gollhofer, Albert; Konig, D Report Jun 1, 2018 5367
JUST DID IT Fittest: Contestants finish strong at 5K. House, By N.A. May 7, 2018 1314
JUST DID IT. House, By N.A. May 7, 2018 1314
Cara has hopes of Games glory; Gymnastics. Feb 28, 2018 335
Ankle Sprains, Strains, and Fractures: All these injuries involve pain, but knowing when to self-treat and when to see a physician can reduce future complications. Feb 23, 2018 793
Mitchell helps Montini come from behind to beat Kenwood. Le Cren, By Matt Feb 21, 2018 636
Episurf Medical begins development of an ankle implant. Brief article Feb 15, 2018 272
Mundelein's Muench musters courageous effort. Silber, By Rusty Feb 1, 2018 493
Change care of radiograph-negative, lateral ankle injuries? Jarvis, Lenore Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 381
Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome and M. Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinopathy in Dancers Results of Open Surgery. Rietveld, A.B M. Boni; Haitjema, S. Report Jan 1, 2018 4486
Operative Treatment of Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome and Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinopathy in Dancers Open Versus Endoscopic Approach. Rietveld, A.B.M. Boni; Hagemans, F.M.T. Report Jan 1, 2018 5051
Results of Treatment of Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome and Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinopathy in Dancers A Systematic Review. Rietveld, A.B.M. Boni; Hagemans, F.M.T.; Haitjema, S.; Vissers, T.; Nelissen, R.G.H.H. Report Jan 1, 2018 10983
Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Repeated and Static Eleve in Adolescent Female Dance Students. Abraham, Amit; Dunsky, Ayelet; Hackney, Madeleine E.; Dickstein, Ruth Report Jan 1, 2018 7716
Bosworth Dislocation without Associated Fracture. Williams, Austin D.; Blue, Matthew; Douthit, Christian; Caroom, Cyrus Jan 1, 2018 1794
Warnock won't rush his star duo back to action. Oct 31, 2017 875
sky BET CHAMPIONSHIP; TEAM NEWS. Oct 28, 2017 485
Use of Ankle Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Active Duty Military Population: The Results of a Process Improvement Project. Goldstein, Harold J.; Hurley, Richard K., Jr.; Sheean, Andrew J.; Tompkins, Michael; Osborn, Patrick Report Oct 1, 2017 3755
James Injures Ankle During Cavaliers Practice. Sep 29, 2017 322
The Effect of G-Max and G-Med Muscles Fatigue on Functional Performance and Balance in Athletes with and without Chronic Ankle Instability. Yalfani, Ali; Gandomi, Frazaneh; Kohboomi, Masomeh Report Sep 1, 2017 3914
66 57 66 56 59 67 56 68 57 68 59 64 57 67 57 Seven people taken to hospital after M6 crash in early hours. Aug 22, 2017 276
Mystery as woman, 19, is found lying seriously injured in road. May 16, 2017 163
Assessment steps and treatment tips for ankle arthritis: the tibiotalar joint's unique biomechanics and associated structures carry management implications that vary from those in knee or hip arthritis. Bitterman, Adam; Alland, Jeremy; Lin, Johnny; Lee, Simon Case study May 1, 2017 2450
Effects of neuromuscular training on the rear-foot angle kinematics in elite women field hockey players with chronic ankle instability. Kim, Eunkuk; Choi, Hokyung; Cha, Jung-Hoon; Park, Jong-Chul; Kim, Taegyu Report Mar 1, 2017 8232
Determination of the most appropriate surgical treatment in syndesmotic injury of ankle joint: Application of Taguchi method. Gocer, H.; Cirakli, A.; Ugur, L.; Yildiz, A.; Karadeniz, S. Report Jan 1, 2017 6328
Ankle sprain: static computerized detection and dynamic constraint foot of soil with and without the use of Kinesio Taping: preliminary data/Distorsione di caviglia: rilevazione computerizzata statica e dinamica del vincolo suolo piede con e senza l'utilizzo del Kinesio Taping: dati preliminari. Colati, Rocco Report Jan 1, 2017 3538
Recalcitrant Lateral Premalleolar Bursitis of the Ankle Associated with Lateral Ankle Instability. Naito, Masashi; Matsumoto, Takumi; Chang, Song Ho; Ikegami, Masachika; Hirose, Jun; Tanaka, Sakae Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2337
Ipsilateral Rupture of Quadriceps Tendon with Distal Tibia Fracture: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Banerjee, Samik; Dooley, Timothy P.; Parkinson, James R. Case study Jan 1, 2017 2861
Lateral Subtalar Dislocation with Tarsometatarsal Dislocation: A Case Report of a Rare Injury. Banerjee, Samik; Abousayed, Mostafa M.; Vanderbrook, Douglas J.; Bagchi, Kaushik Case study Jan 1, 2017 2097
Management of Hepple Stage V Osteochondral Lesion of the Talus with a Platelet-Rich Plasma Scaffold. Gu, Wenqi; Li, Tanzhu; Shi, Zhongmin; Mei, Guohua; Xue, Jianfeng; Zou, Jian; Wang, Xiaokang; Zhang, Report Jan 1, 2017 4115
Ankle arthroscopy/Artroskopija skocnog zgloba. Kecojevic, Vaso; Lalic, Ivica; Harhaji, Vladimir; Rasovic, Predrag; Vranjes, Miodrag; Obradovic, Mir Report Dec 1, 2016 1586
Surgical Treatment of Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries with Syndesmosis Elastic Hook. Miao, Jian-Yun; Liu, Qing-Jun; Lin, Bin; Guo, Lin-Xin Nov 20, 2016 1784
Nuvo Pharmaceuticals to launch placebo controlled Phase 3 trial of Pennsaid 2% for treating acute ankle sprains upon German approval. Oct 18, 2016 302
Nuvo Pharmaceuticals to launch placebo controlled Phase 3 trial of Pennsaid 2% for treating acute ankle sprains upon German approval. Oct 18, 2016 298
Distraction osteogenesis of the fibula to correct ankle valgus in multiple hereditary exostoses. Chu, Alice; Ong, Crispin; Henderson, Eric R.; Van Bosse, Harold J.P.; Feldman, David S. Oct 1, 2016 2948
The prevalence of selected intrinsic risk factors for ankle sprain among elite football and basketball players. Halabchi, Farzin; Angoorani, Hooman; Mirshahi, Maryam; Shahi, Mohammad Hosein Pourgharib; Mansournia Sep 1, 2016 4725
Conservative management of posterior ankle impingement: a case report. Senecal, Isabelle; Richer, Nadia Report Jun 1, 2016 4803
Injuries, matches missed and the influence of minimum medical standards in the A-league professional football: a 5-year prospective study. Gouttebarge, Vincent; Schwab, Brendan A. Hughes; Vivian, Adam; Kerkhoffs, Gino M.M.J. Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 3106
Effects of prophylactic ankle supports on vertical ground reaction force during landing: meta-analysis. Niu, Wenxin; Feng, Tienan; Wang, Lejun; Jiang, Chenghua; Zhang, Ming Report Mar 1, 2016 5833
Lesao no tendao calcaneo de um atleta de voleibol: Relato de experiencia. Junior, Nelson Kautzner Marques; Barbosa, Osmar Jan 1, 2016 15386
Weber B Fracture of the Lateral Malleolus with Concomitant Anterior Talofibular Ligament Injury following an Ankle Supination Injury. Faqi, Mohammed Khalid; AlJawder, Abdulla; Alkhalifa, Fahad; Almajed, Ali H. Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 3065
Comparison of two main treatment modalities for acute ankle sprain. Clinical report Dec 31, 2015 1961
Effects of preventative ankle taping on planned change-of-direction and reactive agility performance and ankle muscle activity in basketballers. Jeffriess, Matthew D.; Schultz, Adrian B.; McGann, Tye S.; Callaghan, Samuel J.; Lockie, Robert G. Report Dec 1, 2015 10966
An acute lateral ankle sprain significantly decreases physical activity across the lifespan. Hubbard-Turner, Tricia; Wikstrom, Erik A.; Guderian, Sophie; Turner, Michael J. Report Sep 1, 2015 4596
Swollen ankles. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 206
Functional outcome following operative treatment of ankle fractures. D'Almeida, Vivian R.; Thomas, Abey; Devasia, Thomas; Mathew, Nikku; Kamath, Ashwin; Adiga, Raghuveer Report Aug 6, 2015 6291
Foot Ankle Surg.: The management of posterior ankle impingement syndrome in sport: a review. Ribbans, W.J.; Ribbans, H.A.; Cruickshank, J.A.; Wood, E.V. Report Jul 1, 2015 190
Med Probl Perform Art: Pointing the foot without sickling: an examination of ankle movement during jumping. Jarvis, D.N.; Kulig, K. Report Jul 1, 2015 265
Amble away from ankle pain: nonsurgical therapies and preventive exercises can ease pain, improve function and help you stay in step. Jul 1, 2015 840
Results of open reduction and internal fixation in closed bimalleolar Pott's fracture of ankle in adults. Motwani, Girish N.; Shah, Himanshu D.; Chavli, Vishwanath H.; Daveshwar, Rajiv N.; Parmar, Haresh; S Report Jul 1, 2015 4928
The impact of popliteal block on postoperative medication administration and time to discharge from the post-anesthesia care unit. Goldstein, Rachel Y.; Park, Ji Hae; Jain, Sudheer; Tejwani, Nirmal Report Jan 1, 2015 3118
To compare the effectiveness of cryotherapy with exercises versus taping with exercises in treating acute lateral ankle sprain. Suresh, I.; Ranganath, H.D.; Sridhar; Dumra, Rohit; Rajeev; Afrin Dec 4, 2014 2356
Prevalence of chronic ankle instability and associated symptoms in university dance majors an exploratory study. Simon, Janet; Hall, Emily; Docherty, Carrie Report Oct 1, 2014 5392
The acute effects of unilateral ankle plantar flexors static--stretching on postural sway and gastrocnemius muscle activity during single-leg balance tasks. Lima, Braulio N.; Lucareli, Paulo R.G.; Gomes, Willy A.; Silva, Josinaldo J.; Bley, Andre S.; Hartig Report Sep 1, 2014 4999
Has Kinesio tape effects on ankle proprioception? A randomized clinical trial. Miralles, Iris; Monterde, Sonia; del Rio, Olga; Valero, Sergio; Montull, Salvador; Salvat, Isabel Jun 22, 2014 5416
Reviewing effectiveness of ankle assessment techniques for use in robot-assisted therapy. Zhang, Mingming; Davies, T. Claire; Zhang, Yanxin; Xie, Shane Report Apr 1, 2014 11291
A study of surgical management of Malleolar fractures in adults. Srinivas, Nagendra G.; Venkataramana, Prabhakar; Mahesh, Siddarth Clinical report Mar 24, 2014 3533
Toe clearance when walking in people with unilateral transtibial amputation: effects of passive hydraulic ankle. Johnson, Louise; De Asha, Alan R.; Munjal, Ramesh; Kulkarni, Jai; Buckley, John G. Report Mar 1, 2014 5950
Total ankle replacement: evolution of the technology and future applications. Yu, John J.; Sheskier, Steven Report Jan 1, 2014 6629
Surgical reconstruction with the remnant ligament improves joint position sense as well as functional ankle instability: a 1-year follow-up study. Iwao, Kamizato; Masataka, Deie; Kohei, Fukuhara Report Jan 1, 2014 3209
The costs of operative complications for ankle fractures: a case control study. Avilucea, Frank R.; Greenberg, Sarah E.; Grantham, W. Jeffrey; Sathiyakumar, Vasanth; Thakore, Rache Case study Jan 1, 2014 4325
Naproxen twice daily versus as needed (PRN) dosing: efficacy and tolerability for treatment of acute ankle sprain, a randomized clinical trial. Hajimaghsoudi, Majid; Jalili, Mohammad; Mokhtari, Mehdi; Nejati, Amir; Mesbahi, Javad; Paydary, Koos Dec 1, 2013 3698
Ankle sprain treatment. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 166
Strengthen your ankles for improved mobility and balance. Sep 1, 2013 617
Strategies for kinesitherapeutic intervention to the recovery from Achiles tendon injury. Rabolu, Elena Report Jun 1, 2013 2673
The eccentric torque production capacity of the ankle, knee, and hip muscle groups in patients with unilateral chronic ankle instability. Negahban, Hossein; Moradi-Bousari, Aida; Naghibi, Saeed; Sarrafzadeh, Javad; Shaterzadeh-Yazdi, Moha Report Jun 1, 2013 5224
Evaluation and management of posterior ankle pain in dancers. Luk, Pamela; Thordarson, David; Charlton, Timothy Report Apr 1, 2013 3344
Combined ankle and talus fractures: a case report. Weatherall, Justin; Schwarzkopf, Ran; Sheskier, Steven Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 2859
The prevalence of clinical signs of ankle instability in club rugby players. Mellet, E.; Stewart, A. Report Apr 1, 2013 4379
Total Ankle Replacement Industry stepping up in developing countries. Mar 31, 2013 519
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