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Injured Iraq Veterans Offered Proven Rehab Program Free by A World's Leading Resource, The Prince Synergy.

LOS ANGELES -- The Prince Synergy (, a world's leading resource in human potential and productivity for businesses and individuals, founded by Bin Yang, MD, will open its Customized Stress & Recovery Program to underserved and injured Iraq war veterans starting in July 2007 at big discounts, including two free services a month. From her family's and others' turnaround recoveries, Dr. Yang, an author and entrepreneur trained in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, knows the deep pain and the cost-effective method during rehab.

People injured during war, work or accidents are usually under tremendous stress. Dr. Benson at Harvard has proven that stress negatively affects people's thinking, emotions and health. This can seriously inhibit their recoveries. Besides, not every doctor tries hard enough; some attorneys focus more on financial outcomes. These two "authority figures" can put recoveries into a cage of deeper depression and lower motivation.

A big part of rehab is thorough stress management, some human "software" updating and some health maintenance: the customized recovery program. Our thinking system is like software inside of us; we can learn, relearn and update. This group can have many other stressors, internal and external, including their social support, beliefs and poor recoveries. They need to build up their own relaxation hierarchy; some may also need medication, like antidepressants, so that they can think clearly and participate efficiently. Several rehab programs, including Mayo Clinic's and Harvard's, have also noticed the importance of stress management. This group can learn from powerful stories, and have their related software updated. Preventing additional stress is particularly important, due to their low reserves.

When asked about the reasons behind the offering, Dr. Yang replied, "Every injured person deserves the best recovery and to have his/her life back. They can learn to maintain a clear mind, efficient software and good health, and learn not to follow 'authority figures' blindly, but trust themselves more, try harder and smarter, like my family. The better and faster they can recover, the more productive and happier they and society will be, and the more medical and legal costs businesses, insurance companies, and the government can save in the long run."

For more info or turnaround stories, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Yang, please contact Judith at 310-820-2829.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 10, 2007
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