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Injection presses.

S Class rubber injection presses in four-column construction are featured in this six-page brochure. Because of their modular construction, the free combinations of standard options, as well as individual coordinated special options, are said to offer customized solutions for every application. The fully hydraulic clamping unit is said to provide optimized mold closing, no bending of the table, maximum support of the movable table platen, extremely low maintenance and no adjustments at different mold heights. The rubber injection press in four column construction is said to offer high rigidity because of extremely thin pressure platens, and the lowest bending of press frame optimized by finite element calculation, according to the literature. Free access is provided from four sides. Self-adjusting regulation of the thermal extension is possible because of the optimized frame construction, providing no mold movement. The company's rubber injection presses comply with European machine rules and EN and CE regulations.

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Date:Dec 22, 2004
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