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Injection molding machine. (Equipment).

The Technosmart horizontal injection molding machine has been improved for achieving fast cycles, reliability and top quality production, according to the company. The machine is designed to run AR-T-ES technology due to its specific clamping trait configuration. Machine space occupancy is said to be extremely small without the need for reducing technical specifications. The injection unit is the Superfifo (first in, first out) type that is said to allow very fast compound changing, fixed feeding point, a high plasticization rate, high injection pressure, excellent temperature control, complete pull-back of the screw and easy screw changing, according to the company. The screw is said to be equipped with a strong and efficient rolling feeder to avoid rubber strip breakage. A silicone stuffer is said to be easily fitted. The clamping unit is of the direct cylinder type, while fast approaching is achieved by two cylinders. The machine can be equipped with central, movable and fixed platens with hydraulic ejectors fully synchronized. Heating platens include standard four temperature controllers with immediate alarm on heating element faults. (Rutil srl, Via San Lucio, 67-20150 Lonate Ceppino (VA), Italy)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 22, 2003
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