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Injection control.

Through the continuing use of the multitasking processor technology combined with the intuitive touch screen operation panel, new horizons in optimization of the injection molding process are said to be opened with the PC-5000touch. The dynamic multifunctional alarm and diagnostic field is said to offer overview in every situation. The system is structured in a modular way which can be adapted to individual customer requirements. The control's large capacity and capability for arithmetic processing are said to be best utilized by an operating system that is capable of multitasking. The arithmetic power is said to be carefully metered and the control algorithms are processed in a time constant way. This is said to result in an extremely accurate repeatability of process parameters. This is also said to mean short cycle times, repeatability, and precise dosing volume and positioning. The results are said to include precise parts and high productivity, according to the company.

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Title Annotation:Hardware/Software
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Sep 22, 2006
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