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Initial transplantation recommended for certain chemosensitive liver tumors.

Transplantation may be more effective than tumor resection as initial surgery for some patients with chemotherapy-sensitive hepatoblastomas, according to a report presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases by researchers at Birmingham Children's Hospital in the UK.

Of 34 patients treated for hepatoblastoma (median follow-up 4.2 years), 30 responded to chemotherapy. Among these patients, the disease-free survival rate was 100%, regardless of whether tumor resection or transplantation was performed.

Because 80% of patients with hepatoblastomas, including large tumors, have a good response to chemotherapy, the researchers recommended preoperative chemotherapy for tumors that are large or difficult to resect followed by evaluation and immediate transplantation as first surgery. This approach, they said, reduces chemotherapy exposure, thereby lowering the risk that the tumor will become resistant to the anticancer drugs.
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Comment:Initial transplantation recommended for certain chemosensitive liver tumors.
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Date:Nov 28, 2001
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