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Ingres Supports the Dutch Police in Effort to Prevent Football Related Violence Across Europe.

"Hooligan Tracking System" Developed on Ingres as Pan-European Knowledgebase on Football Hooliganism

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Ingres Corporation, the leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, announced today that Ingres and its partner, Elegant, a Dutch System Integrator, have developed a platform to help make attending football games across Europe a safer experience. The Hooligan Tracking System is a centralized knowledgebase that gathers instances of football hooliganism around Europe. The system was developed for CIV, a subsidiary of the Dutch Police, and helps map previous incidents as well as predict and prevent future outbursts of violence.

CIV is recognized as a center of excellence for football hooligan management. As records of previous violence and its perpetrators were disparate and residing within various organizations across the Netherlands and the world, the Dutch Police selected Ingres as the foundational database to record information regarding incidents of violence, hooligans' backgrounds, and trends in behavior. The Hooligan Tracking System has become CIV's key weapon in preventing football violence and enables proactive management and protection of people attending games.

"For the Euro 2000 Football tournament in the Netherlands we were looking for a way to register football hooligans to proactively defend against violence," said Anton Kunenborg, IT Analyst at CIV. "Particularly, we looked to record, register, and process images of hooligans for future reference."

To be able to meet all the functional, technical and financial criteria, Elegant developed the modeling tool Elegance, written in the Ingres OpenROAD development environment, which automates the data modeling and application generation process based upon user specifications. The Hooligan Tracking System has become a mission critical tool for not only the Dutch authorities, but also the wider European community to fight hooliganism and make football safer for all those that wish to attend games.

The successful migration to Ingres Database and Ingres OpenROAD is in line with the Dutch Government's mandate to consider open source software as a potentially equal alternative to closed source software in public tenders. The Dutch Police has seen a significant reduction of maintenance costs due to the stability of the new platform, making the project a best practice example of how government agencies can reduce IT costs.

"All agencies, especially those in the public sector, are always looking for ways to do more with less," said Steve Shine, executive vice president of worldwide operations, Ingres. "We are pleased that the Dutch Government has embraced open source solutions as a key element of its innovation strategy. Ingres is proud to be part of such an important undertaking that is keeping those who attend football matches safer and out of harm's way."

About Ingres Corporation

Ingres is the leading open source database management company. We are the world's second largest open source company and the pioneer of the New Economics of IT, providing open source solutions at dramatically reduced cost than proprietary software vendors. As a leader in the New Economics of IT, Ingres delivers low cost and accelerated innovation to more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

About CIV - Centraal Informatiepunt Voetbalvandalisme

The Dutch expert centre on Football Hooliganism (, residing inside the Dutch Police Organization, is responsible for the VVS (The Hooligan Tracking System). CIV operates as a special taskforce and is financed and supported by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Exchange of information both nationally and internationally is coordinated by the CIV.

About Elegant, Elegant ( is a System Integrator, operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Elegant is specialized in the design, development and maintenance of (open and closed source) databases, database and web applications, mobile (phone) applications and tailor made Information Systems.

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Date:Jun 17, 2010
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