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Nova-Flav from Champlain

Champlain Protex Ltd, who already produce a wide range of ingredients, have added the Nova-Flav 6000 Series. This products have been created to satisfy the demand for ingredients made only with natural ingredients.

Nova-Flav 6000 are a range of naturally autolysed primary yeast extracts. Apparently, these products have a piquant taste, offering the characteristic flavour without the bitter notes often associated with brewers yeast extracts. The flavour enhancing qualities of these extracts enable manufacturers to exclude MSG and other additives from their formulations.

Nova-Flav 6000 products can be used individually or in combination for many products as will be explained by contacting Champlain at Felinfach, Lampeter, Dyfed, tel: 0570 470277.

Lactobacillus and Kernel Oils Cleared by ACNFF

The Government has accepted the advice of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes to clear two types of novel food for marketing.

The first concerns the use in food of a naturally occurring live strain of lactobacillus - Lactobacillus GG - that is intended to be added the normal range of fermented dairy products as a starter culture.

The second clearance relates to cold pressed cherry and apricot kernel oils intended for speciality oils. These oils are obtained by mechanically mincing and cold pressing kernels extracted from cleaned cherry and apricot stones. The resulting oils are highly unsaturated and intended for use in salad dressings, baking and shallow frying applications.

Nuts from Ingrams

The ingredient specialists, Ingram Bros (Glasgow) Ltd, have available a range of nuts for use in the baking and catering industries. These nuts can also be processed for use in a wide variety of applications.

Included in their range are almonds, peanuts, brazils, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts. Ingrams can supply these in either ground, flake or nib form so they can be used as ingredients, toppings or for decoration.

The company, of Lawmoor Place, Glasgow G8, tel: 041 429 2222, will be pleased to discuss the characteristics of the nuts.

Potential for Reduced Fat Burgers

The Leatherhead Food RA have recently carried out research work to resolve the problems of the poor flavour, texture and dry mouthfeel of reduced fat burgers.

This research evaluated Tapiocaline, a new fat-replacer from Tipiak of France that is marketed in the UK by Fibrisol Service Ltd of 16 Colville Road, London W8, tel: 081-993 6291.

Low Calorie and long-life Fillings from Palace Produce

Palace Produce Ltd of Unit 6, Tait Road Industrial Estate, Tait Road, Croydon, Surrey, tel: 081-683 2883 have now added to their portfolio a range of chilled low calorie fillings.

These new fillings range from Prawn marie rose to Chicken tikka with yogurt and mint, Chicken with lemon mayo, Tandoori chicken with yogurt and tomato, and Egg mayo mayonnaise fromage salad. Packed in 1 and 2.5 kg tubs, they have a 7-day shelf-life.

The company has also introduced a range of frozen sandwich fillings with a 6-month shelf-life and, once defrosted, they are still fresh to serve for a further 7-days. Packed in 1kg pots, this range includes Chicken tikka and mayo, Hickory ham and mushroom mayo, Seafood cocktail, Tuna and sweetcorn with mayo, and Garlic sausage with red leicester cheese and mayo.

Methocel Gums from Croxtons

Croxton and Garry Ltd of Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey, tel: 0306 886688 have been appointed by the Dow Chemical Co as UK distributors of Methocel premium gums to the food industry.

As readers may know, unlike most conventional gums, Methocel will 'gel' when heated. This characteristic, in combination with its other properties, like thickening, film forming and binding, can be used to achieve improvements in product quality and appearance.

Shredded Sea Stick

Kibun UK Ltd has introduced Shredded Sea Sticks. These have been specially developed for use in sandwich filling or in seafood dishes. They are sold in 10kg boxes, each containing 20 by 500g packs or pallet quantities of 54 cases.

Readers wanting further information should contact Kibun, 4th floor, Great West House, Great West Road, Brentford, Middx, tel: 081-568 0545.

Lemon Crystalettes

Lemon Crystalettes are soluble in both hot and cold water and this high density ingredient adds a full flavour to dessert products. It can also be used in either hot or cold drinks.

Lemon Crystalettes are composed of a blend of 25 percent lemon juice concentrate, natural lemon oils and maltodextrin but such detail can be discussed with Crystals International of the USA who can be contacted via fax on: (813) 757-6338.

Quality Assurance for Forum

Forum Chemicals, part of Forum (Holdings) Ltd of Redhill tell us their quality management system has been accredited to BS 5750 Part 2/ISO 9002.

Work by National Starch and Chemical

Recent trial work has apparently shown that, by replacing the more expensive binding agents, such as caseinates, speciality starches can offer economic advantages in the manufacture of a range of meat products. These starches will reduce the juice loss from meat products, reduce the problem of matter transfer, are lower in calories and help to increase heat penetration.

Likewise, National Starch have been experimenting by selectively using modified starches in the production of low-fat spreads. Again they are used to replace caseinates but the fullest details come from the starch supplier of Prestbury Court, Greencourts Business Park, 333 Styal Road, Manchester M22, tel: 061-435 3200.

Hoki for Tillery Valley

Tillery Valley Fine Foods has found a reliable alternative to white fish - Hoki - for use in its products. Also known as New Zealand Cod, this material is very versatile.

New Ingredients from Edme

Two of the latest ingredient materials from Edme of Mistley, Manningtree, Essex, tel: 0206 393725 are the completely natural high flavour Flavymalts and Tradimalt 400. Made only from malt and water, these ingredients have intense tastes that are different and of low sweetness. They are a brown/red colour and can be simply labelled 'malt extract'.

Artificial Strawberry

A highly aromatic fresh tasting artificial strawberry is now available from Ottens Flavors of 1234 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA, tel: (215) 627-5030.

This new flavouring is suitable for use in a variety of products and is available in water soluble, oil soluble or spray dried form. We understand that usage levels are between 0.03 and 0.1 percent in the finished product.
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