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McCormick Glentham

At the beginning of March two McCormick are joining forces to create McCormick Glentham. At present McCormick Stange and Glentham International both supply flavours and seasonings but their interests are being merged to form the new company, with production sites at Northampton and Ellesmere Port. This new company remains part of McCormick & Co Inc.

One of the objectives of the new grouping is to obtain a greater share of the European market and they have already opened a sales office in Haarlem in the Netherlands. McCormick Glentham is establishing three distinct business groups - Snack systems, Fast food systems and Ingredients. Each will be dedicated to a closely defined market sector.

Pritchitt's Half Fat Milk Powder

Pritchitt Foods have brought out Half Fat Millac. This spray dried milk powder is intended for the catering trade.

Well over half of the milk sold to consumers now has reduced fat and that proportion is still estimated to be growing. As milk powder is a major catering ingredient, this product should prove popular. It contains the same percentage of fat as semi skimmed milk, 1.5 percent, is a long life product and has a considerable advantage in cost terms.

Readers wanting complete information should contact Pritchitts at Commelle House, Elmfield Road, Bromley, tel: 081464 3399.

More Coffee Flavours

Ottens Flavors have broadened their line of coffee flavours. High impact, rich tasting blends are now on offer in both liquid and dry form, and in natural/artificial and artificial versions. Decaffeinated flavours, as well as specialized blends, like coffee/liqueur and cappuccino types, are also available from the company at 1234 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA, tel: (215) 627-5030.

Fire Damage at Edme's

The fire which damaged part of the Edme factory at Mistley towards the end of January only affected their syrups' production area. Within the month they hope to be resuming limited production but it will be a few months before they are back on full stream.

As the company have pointed out, all the other areas of manufacture - malt flours, mixes, maltings and malted flakes - were completely untouched.

As readers will remember Edme are in the process of a three-year replacement programme for their syrup manufacturing facilities. Luckily the first stage, a new external wort production plant, escaped the blaze and efforts are being made to bring forward its completion date, then link this to the undamaged evaporation plant so they can be operating at full capacity very rapidly.

New from FIS

Food Ingredient Specialities SA have extended their range of honey formulations and are now able to supply speciality honeys from a variety of geographical and floral origins. FIS of Case Postale 55, CH-1618 Chatel-St-Denis, Switzerland, fax: 021/921 50 22 are now offering Acacia, Wildflower, Australian and Mexican honeys alongside clear blended varieties and tailor-made blends. Intended for use in further manufacturing, this range is available in packaging that ranges from 14kg units up to bulk tankers.

This same company is also able to offer a comprehensive range of fermented soy sauce products manufactured in both the Far East and Europe. The range comprises products in both liquid and powder form. Recent additions to the range offer new profiles within the area of soy sauce. For instance, their liquid Type 310 is a lighter coloured product with a rounded lighter profile; it lacks the harsh savoury note often associated with soy products. A more powerful savoury effect can be achieved by using their liquid type 360, which provides a clear strong savoury profile along with a dark colour.

Griffith Laboratories Resauces

Resauces is the name of a new range of dry mixes that provide a sauce base for all types of retorted canned products and also ambient shelf-stable ready-meals.

These bases have been designed with all the quality of kitchen-prepared sauces and are able to withstand the heat treatment associated with high temperature processing. The dry mixes contain only natural ingredients that are HVP and MSG-free.

Because the ready-meal market has seen a huge increase in the number of ethnic meals, the initial range comprises Italian, Satay, Tikka masala, Mornay and sweet and sour. However, the company of Cotes Park Estate, Somercotes, Derbyshire, tel: 0773 832171, tell not only are other flavours being developed but they can also tailor-make them.

Extending Sponge Cake Shelf-Life

The average life of sponge cakes can be extended by as much as 50 percent, according to work carried out by the speciality starch producer National Starch and Chemical of Prestbury Court, Greencourts Business Park, 333 Styal Road, Manchester M22, tel: 061-435 3200.

Their technologists have found that sponges made with speciality starch retain more moisture than the standard variety formulated with maize starch. They tell us a shelf-life of 120 days has been achieved, together with improved eating quality. Apparently, the trials also produced improved shape, density and increased the moisture content of biscuits and fruit cakes.

After a couple of weeks the standard sponge cakes were beginning to dry out in their air-tight packs and become hard and crumbly, whereas the new recipe cakes only exhibited comparable staleness after 120 days. Likewise, with fruit cakes the increased dough viscosity prevented the fruit pieces sinking to the bottom of the liquid dough, thus improving the dispersion of the fruit in the cake. And, because the cake was more dense, more moisture was retained.
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