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New Speciality Starches at FIE

National Starch and Chemical are currently launching new functional ingredients that will be on show at FIE at the end of November. They are the N-Lite fat mimetics and High Performance starches.

The N-Lite fat mimetics are unique in that they are application-specific. Four products have been introduced for the European market - two for liquid systems, one for dairy foods and one for baked goods. In the liquid systems N-Lite S and N-Lite SP contribute the fat-like mouthfeel and meltaway characteristics of full fat products. Up to 100 percent of the fat can be replaced in products like puddings, soups and spoonable salad dressings. N-Lite B is a waxy maize-based maltodextrin for use in laminated bakery goods and N-Lite D is for use in dairy products, being stable to the high temperatures and shear encountered in dairy processing.

The new High Performance starches offer processing advantages over traditional modified starches. They produce an enhanced creamy product texture whilst contributing a high degree of process tolerance in a wide variety of applications systems. They can be used for thickening mayonnaise, say National Starch of Ashburton Road East, Trafford Park, Manchester M17, tel: 061-872 6161. For delicately flavoured products, such as vanilla desserts, they have now added National Frigex and National Frigex HV, both tapioca starches.

Morton Fish Dusting

Most people would accept that a good coating should complement the core product without overpowering its taste or texture.

With this in mind, Morton Foods have developed a light dust coating especially for fish. It has been designed to subtly enhance the flavour in the simplest of ways. When applied, the coating has the appearance of a very thin batter, so that a fillet or portion looks much like it would if it were seasoned in flour at home. The very low pick-up results in an appearance that is particularly appetizing on chilled products.

This light dust is available in lemon, garlic, pepper and tandoori varieties, and a range of natural flavours from Mortons of Wedgewood Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, tel: 0869 244704.

Cosucra's new Products

At FIE Cosucra SA of Haut-Vinave 61, B-4350 Momalle, Belgium, fax: (32) 41 50 23 65 will be introducing three new products.

Snowline, an icing and filling powder, is an ingredient designed to solve some of the problems encountered with traditional fondant pastes. Its powder formulation means it is easy to handle, and it can be mixed with alcohol, milk or cream to give a fondant cream.

Nastar is a native pea starch with increased thickening and gelling characteristics that can be used in many products.

Swelite comprises the inner fibres extracted from the pea 'kernel'. It has a high level of soluble and insoluble fibres, is neutral and has a 10 times water retention capacity.

Sweet Sorghum Syrup

Sorgo sweet sorghum syrup is a jointly owned product developed by Innovative Sweeteners Inc and available exclusively from Crompton and Knowles Corp, Ingredient Technology Division, 1595 MacArthur Boulevard, Hahwah, New Jersey 07430, USA, fax: (201) 818-2231.

Originally, the production of sorghum syrup was very much a 'cottage' industry, which resulted in a syrup with variable colour containing up to 4 percent of starch; this could give a pudding-like gel rather than a free-flowing syrup.

Modern technology has ensured that syrup of regular consistency and colour is now being produced. It has a soluble solids content of 77 to 80 percent and total sugar content between 68 and 72 percent, with approximately equal quantities of dextrose and fructose. pH is between 5.0 to 5.5 and its ash content between 2.5 and 4.5 percent.

Uses for this product range from baked goods to chewy confections, coatings and glazes.

BioStab from Switzerland

For all those manufacturers looking for fat substitutes, a substance of interest could be that from Bio Protein Concepts of Case Postale 605, 1009 Pully, Switzerland, fax: 021-28 73 38.

BioStab is the name of foodstuff-specific formulations that are based upon products derived from 100 percent plant material. These allow the elimination of large amounts of fat - mayonnaise with 70 percent less fat or an ice cream with 40 percent fewer calories. BPC assure us that products made with BioStab formulations all bear comparison with traditional products with regard to texture and flavour. These formulations can act as thickening, gelifying or bulking agents, and they are unaffected by temperature changes and have surface active properties.

RHM's Myriad

At the FIE show RHM Ingredients is launching Myriad. This is one of the first coatings on the market that can add both flavour and texture to sweet products.

Myriad has been developed by Dale Country Foods in conjunction with RHM Ingredients. It offers processors eight different flavours - chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry, fruits of the forest, apricot, orange, mocca and peppermint. This range is available in light and hard textures, with colourings to match the products' flavour profiles, which are natural or nature-identical.

In addition to the texture mentioned above, chocolate also comes in a mini crisp variety but full details should be discussed with RHM at Owl Lane, Ossett, West Yorkshire, tel: 0924 280444.

Red Arrow Smokes Through Champlain

Champlain Protex Ltd have been appointed as exclusive UK distributors by Red Arrow Products for their full range of natural liquid and dry wood smoke flavourings.

They tell us that Red Arrow smoke products provide a greater uniformity of flavour and colour without the inconvenience of handling sawdust, cleaning-up a smokehouse and the problem of any undesirable emissions into the atmosphere. These 100 percent natural materials are available in various liquid and dry powder forms from Champlain at Felinfach, Lampeter, Dyfed, tel: 0570 470277.

British Columbian Products

Last month a delegation from the Canadian Province of British Columbia arrived in London to promote their produce.

Farmed bison meat was one of the items for discussion. In Canada such meat is regarded as a favourable alternative to traditional red meats and it is lower in fat and cholesterol. Because of the immense slaughter of bison in times past, the wood bison is now a protected species but the plains bison is now farmed. Research conducted across Europe suggests this meat could be of interest to suppliers in the UK.

Another product from that part of the world is raspberries. Raspberry growing is on the increase in British Columbia due to improved growing techniques and a favourable climates that allows the growth of two crops a year. The BC Raspberry Growers Association has developed value-added products and they now have available frozen raspberry drink bases and packs of a mixture of raspberries and cranberries as a drink, alongside their current development, a seedless puree.

This same Province is the largest producer of blueberries in the world and a bumper crop last year produced more than twice the annual average. As far as the UK is concerned this is a little known berry but it can be used in products as different as milk shakes and breakfast cereals or ice cream and snack bars.

Already companies like Fraser Valley Foods export considerable tonnages of canned and frozen products to the UK and the other suppliers aim to follow in their steps. Readers interested in any of these products should contact the British Columbia Trade Development Corporation at the Office of the Agent General in the UK at British Columbia House, 1 Regent Street, London SW1, tel: 071-930 6857.

New from FIS

The company known as Food Ingredient Specialities spends its time developing new food materials and in the course of this year they have launched several new ideas.

Bouillon bases have been available for some time as an alternative to home-made stock but FIS have brought two new ranges - Premium bouillon bases and Vegetarian bases. The former are a more specific flavour range than the materials generally available. The meat or vegetable profile is clearly discernable and careful use of herbs and spices creates a high quality flavour. The major savoury profiles, like beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood and vegetable, are all available but the vegetarian bases use ingredients derived from biotechnology, which ensures there is no compromise between flavour quality and their vegetarian status.

Earlier this year FIS launched Les Fonds de Sauces. The term fond, when applied to the preparation of sauces, is not well understood outside France. Whilst bouillon is widely accepted, the fond or base is equally important in France. FIS is now offering a range of dehydrated high quality bases that were originally developed for French manufacturers. Their range includes many traditional French sauces, including Fonds blanc, Veloute, Fonds brun, Fonds brun lie, Fumet de poisson, Veloute de poisson, Jus de veau, Jus de veau lie, Fonds de volaille and Veloute de volaille.

Complete details of these products can be obtained from Food Ingredients Specialities SA of Case Postale 55, CH-1618 Chatel-St-Denis, Switzerland, fax: 021/921 50 22.

Fantasy Flavours for Drinks

Pointing Ltd have been promoting their high quality 'fantasy' flavours for the adult range of soft drinks that are now becoming available. All these natural flavours are based on the concepts of floral notes from the English country garden and hedgerow, as well as upon the oriental bases used by herbalists for centuries.

Besides being suitable for drinks, these flavours will also suit centres and sorbets.

The flavours are Amazon, Summer morning, Orchard, Eastern sky, Bittersweet, Mad moon, Dewberry, Solstice and Hot ice. And these are based on mango and papaya juice with exotic extracts, apricot and apple with extracts from the hedgerow, orchard fruits, kiwi and ginseng with other oriental fruits, grapefruit with rose petal, cowslip and meadowsweet, tropical juices and oriental herbs, berries and burdock, apple and hawthorn, apricot and guava juice with extracts of hyssop and galengal, and apples, strawberries and country potions.

They all sound exciting but you will have to contact the company at Prudhoe, Northumberland, tel: 0661 832621 for fuller details.

Goldrei Bakery Service for Manufacturers

Goldrei Bakery Services have decided to market their products and services to manufacturers and processors. As readers will know, Goldrei is a division of British Fermentation Products Ltd which, in turn, is part of the Gist-Brocades Group. Recently, they completed a |pounds~3m. refurbishment of their facilities at Aintree, which included the creation of a new technical centre and test bakery.

The new facilities allow Goldrei to enter partnerships with manufacturer in the development of bespoke products. To-date the company has been heavily involved in creating special brands for the craftsman baker and it is easy to see the synergy between this idea and the logical step of developing specialist products for manufacturers. Companies wanting more information should make contact with them at Brookfield Drive, Aintree, Liverpool, tel: 051-524 1277.

Part 2 for Dinoval

Dinoval Ltd have been awarded BS 5750 Part 2 certification for their Altrincham operation. This company, part of the Pointing Group, is a supplier of specialist ingredients which include acidulants, colours, fat-coated products, glazes, preservatives, sweeteners and vitamins.

Reducing Salmonella in Chicken

Research by Rhone-Poulenc Speciality Chemicals has led to the discovery of AvGard TSP. This is a new processing aid that is designed to reduce the incidence of salmonella contamination in chicken. The USDA have just given the go-ahead for this processing aid.

AvGard is applied to chicken at the end of the slaughtering process. Apparently, it leads to a substantial reduction in the incidence of salmonella and other bacteria, like E coli.

Analyses carried out seem to indicate that AvGard has no effect on the taste, texture or colour of treated poultry.

Rhone-Poulenc are currently working to adapt this process to other materials, like meat and fish. Readers wanting more information should contact the company at Oak House, Reeds Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0923 211700.

Lupin Flour

We learn that La Cana, a French co-operative, of BP 102, 44150 Ancennis Cedex, France, fax: 16/40 98 91 64, is now marketing lupin flour, which is obtained from mild white metropolitan lupin seeds. These are cooked, ground and micronized to give a very fine flour.

The flour is rich in protein and fibre and is a good source of essential and unsaturated fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins, we are told.

The main applications for this product would seem to be in butchery, cooked cereal products, desserts and sauces or slimming aids.

New Trials by National Starch

The traditional use of binding agents, such as caseinates, in the production of low fat spreads has been challenged by National Chemical and Starch of Ashburton Road East, Trafford Park, Manchester M17, tel: 061-872 6161.

Trials carried out by the company have shown that selective use of modified starches can improve both the quality of spreads and simplify production. Their tests compared the characteristics of low fat spreads manufactured using varying combinations of modified starches, caseinates and gelatine as binding agents.

Partial replacement of caseinates by speciality starches gives an aqueous phase of higher viscosity than the caseinate-only product, especially after pasteurisation. The viscosity of the starch-containing spread is also less temperature-dependent. Partial replacement of caseinates by speciality starches allows a reduction in the amount of thickeners required and spreads made with starch/caseinate blends have better cutability, with a smoother appearance and greater stability, they claim.
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