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Ingredients keep the 'fresh' in fresh-frozen.

Freezing has the ability to maintain the flavor and color of foods in a way that other preservation methods cannot match. Nevertheless, some foods -- in particular, fish and seafood, red meats and poultry -- often "lose something in the translation" during freezing and storage.

Processors can keep frozen protein foods at their peak with the help of several phosphate-based ingredients and ingredient systems from Rhone-Poulenc Food Ingredients, Cranbury, NJ. FreezGard|R~, SeaGard|R~ and Lem-O-Fos|R~ help retain fresh flavor, texture and succulence in frozen fish and seafood, and Lem-O-Fos|R~ and Flav-R-Keep|TM~ improve moisture retention and retard the development of off-flavors in frozen meat and poultry products.

Protein denaturation often occurs during frozen storage of untreated seafood, leading to reduced protein solubility and dehydration. When frozen seafood is thawed, it experiences significant drip loss. Dissolved protein and other nutrients are lost along with that moisture, resulting in a dry, tough product with a flat taste and poor texture.

FreezGard Formula FP-19 and SeaGard are food-grade sodium phosphates developed for the treatment of seafood prior to freezing. They penetrate the product's flesh and lock in natural moisture, minimizing cellular deterioration and fluid loss.

FreezGard Formula FP-88E is a blend of sodium hexametaphosphate, salt and sodium erythorbate designed to inhibit rancidity and maintain fresh texture, aroma and appearance in fatty or minced seafood that is to be frozen. It prevents mushiness or toughening, reduces discoloration and facilitates the manufacture of minced fish blocks from fatty-type fish by improving bindability.

Ideal for use with frozen catfish, cooked or raw fillets and minced fish items, Lem-O-Fos Formula 101 combines food-grade sodium phosphate with lemon juice solids, a natural antioxidant. In seafood products such as shrimp, scallops, surimi and fish fillets, sticks and portions, which are highly susceptible to oxidative rancidity, FreezGard Formula FP-15 maintains fresh product quality with the help of lemon juice solids and rosemary extract, another natural antioxidant.

When used in red meat products, Lem-O-Fos Formula 101 not only helps control oxidative rancidity and off-flavor development but also improves binding and sliceability of chunked and formed rolls and roasts. In those products whose formulations do not require increased binding, Lem-O-Fos Formula 202 can be used to achieve greater flavor stability and juiciness. When a more dramatic reduction in oxidation's effects is desired, the blend of phosphates, lemon juice solids and rosemary extract in Flav-R-Keep Formula FP-51 is up to the task.

Both Flav-R-Keep and the two Lem-O-Fos formulas can also be used to improve the taste, texture and performance of frozen processed poultry products. In addition, Rhone-Poulenc offers Kena|R~ Formula FP-28, the original sodium phosphate blend developed specifically for poultry processing. Compatible with salt, spices and other food ingredients, Kena is approved for use in cooked, smoked and cured poultry, as well as raw frozen items such as tied rolled roasts, pan roasts, basted whole turkeys and turkey breasts. It also improves the quality of chicken rolls, turkey rolls, cooked and boned chicken meat, pre-cooked breaded parts and other precooked convenience items.

Rhone-Poulenc's Food Ingredients business is part of Rhone-Poulenc Inc., the North American affiliate of Rhone-Poulenc S.A., based in France. Rhone-Poulenc S.A. is the world's seventh largest manufacturer of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

For more information, write to Rhone-Poulenc Inc., P.O. Box 5002, Bristol, CT 06011-5002, or call 800-FID-TECH 800-343-8324.
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Title Annotation:Rhone-Poulenc Inc's Food Ingredients Div.'s phosphate-based ingredients and ingredient systems
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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