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Ingredients and raw materials.

Westlake's Chicken Boning Technique

Westlake Foods Ltd of Churchill Park, Colwick, Nottingham, tel: 0602 402202 have developed a technique that virtually eliminates the problem of bones in chicken used in the manufacturing process.

The usual manufacturing specification for bone counts is 1 bone in 5kg, with a minimum size of 5mm but Westlake expect to able to guarantee a bone count down to 1 in 500kg with no minimum size.

We understand that Westlake have been developing this new boning system over the past 6 months with their poultry co-packer Hendriks Geflugal GmbH of Germany. Their system involves clean-stripping chicken on suspended conveyors. With this development each meat stripper is responsible for a single process and continually checks his or her own production.

Sweet and Light from Dohler

At the recent iba exhibition in Berlin, Dohler introduced a new product range under the Sweet and Light name. This range has been specially developed for the production of sugar-free, low calorie cakes and pastries. It comprises ten products, including 5 flavoured fonds - orange, lemon, chocolate, strawberry and sauermelk, an instant jelly yellow for glazing, a cold process creme pastissiere, sponge and short crust pastry mixes, as well as a mix for baked cheesecakes.

In these new powdered products Dohler use artificial sugar substitutes and sweeteners instead of sugar but readers can check the full details with the UK company, Dohler (UK) Ltd of 4 Vincent Avenue, Crownhill Business Centre, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, tel: 0908 261877.

Ingredients from Haslington

Newly formed Haslington Food Ingredients Ltd of Lancaster Fields, Crewe Gates Farm, Crewe, Cheshire, tel: 0270 250990 is marketing an extensive range of dairy-based ingredients. These include skimmed milk powder, spray dried whey powder, whole milk powder, fat filled powder, whey protein concentrates, demineralised whey powder, spray dried milk powder alternatives, specially formulated blends, cream powder, yogurt powder and cheese powder.

We understand all these products are being sourced from the best creameries in Europe and their range will be extended in due course.

Chiquita's Banana Products

Chiquita Processed Foods BV has now developed banana essence, a clear solution, extracted from carefully ripened Chiquita bananas. This essence is highly concentrated yet contains no additives or preservatives.

The company of PO Box 400, 3300 AK Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, fax: 31-78-19-16-44 are also marketing their banana puree in a bag-in-box packaging format. This packaging comes in a variety of sizes and is considerably easier to handle than the cans and drums they formerly used.

Master Baker Malt Products

The introduction of the Edme Master Baker range of malt products creates new opportunities for craft bakers. Bringing together 13 individual products, including two that are new to the market, the range uses the flexibility of malt to make possible a greater variety of bakery products with different colour, flavour and crumb characteristics.

Malt flours for both white and brown breads, malt bread mixes, malt extracts and syrups, kibbled grains and flakes are all in this range. The new products are MF 300, a non active malt flour combining low colour with a rich traditional flavour in applications for white bread and rolls, and HD 300, a kibbled wheat malt for those specialty breads and morning goods where a variety of textures need to be achieved without creating stickiness.

For more information, readers should contact Edme Ltd at Mistley, Manningtree, Essex, tel: 0206 393725.

Gerkens Wins 9001

Gerkens Cacao, part of the Cargill conglomerate, have written to tell us they have gained a Lloyd's 9001 certificate just a year after receiving the ISO 9002 certification.

They claim to be the first cocoa pressing company to receive such certification.

Less Orange Juice Adulteration

A survey carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, in conjunction with twelve local authorities in England and Wales has found that the composition of long-life orange juices sampled in July this year showed a marked improvement from the situation that was shown up by a similar study carried only five months earlier.

The July survey covered 98 juices, representing 74 brands. Two analytical tests were used to determine whether sugar had been added to the juices and a further test checked for the presence of malic acid. In 91 of the samples there was no evidence of sugar or malic acid addition.

Natural Turkey Flavour

Natural turkey flavour is the latest development from Ottens Flavors of 1234 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 10123, USA, tel: (215) 627-5030.

They tell us this flavour contributes a fresh juicy turkey breast-like flavour and aroma to a variety of foods. It is prepared from all natural ingredients and does not contain any hydrolysed plant protein, ribonucleotides or added monosodium glutamate.

ADM's new Citric Acid Plant

ADM has brought on stream two new citric acid plants at Erith in Kent and at Arras in France. So, the company can now offer standard 46/50 percent aqueous solutions of anhydrous citric acid or solutions of higher concentration, if required.

Traditionally, citric acid solution supplies have been tied to the manufacture of the crystalline product. By creating solution plants independent of their production facilities for citric acid, ADM can now guarantee continuity and consistency of supply of both forms.

Readers requiring more details should contact ADM Ingredients Ltd, Citric Division at Churchway Manor, Erith, Kent, tel: 0322 443000.

Improved Tempeh Production

We learn with interest that Israeli scientists have developed a better method of producing tempeh. Traditional methods involve a great amount of time, labour and energy, yet result in the formation of both liquid and solid waste that can be a source of pollution.

The new process, developed by workers in the Department of Biochemistry, and Human Nutrition at the Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture, is less time, labour and energy consuming and creates no pollution problems. We are told the resulting products are nutritionally superior. This process cuts down on cooking time and there is no need to soak and dehull the soya beans, which avoids the need to dispose of nutrient-rich water and solid wastes.

Nougat as an Ingredient

The French company Chabert and Guillot of Montelimar have transformed their famous nougat into two food ingredients.

Dessert bases, fillings, sauces, toppings and beverages can all now be manufactured using nougat cream, and their crunchy nougat chip can be used as a topping or for inclusion in ice cream products.

In the UK their agents are Formula One of 222 Kensal Road, London WIO, tel: 081-969 6807.

More Ingredients from Molda

Molkerie Dahlenburg AG have recently publicised two new developments, which are being marketed through Molda UK.

Tort-O-Ram S, an addition to this range of products, is designed specifically to improve the mouthfeel and texture of high pH products, like mayonnaise, salad cream and dressings. It can also be used to give light aerated texture to quiches and savoury mixtures like potato croquettes and pancakes. Tort-O-Ram S is produced without caseinates or phosphates and is an off-white free-flowing powder that can be dissolved or dispersed in both dry and liquid mixtures without difficulty. It has good emulsification properties, is acid-stable up to a pH of around 4 and is also freeze-thaw stable, we are assured.

Molda have further developed this idea to produce whipped dressing base. This product, based on Tort-O-Ram S, includes cream and yogurt in the recipe to provide a savoury base to which can he added, say, tomato puree, vegetable mixtures or horseradish to make light and aerated sauces and dressings. We understand the texture remains creamy at ambient temperature, whilst refrigerating the mix produces a firmer texture. However, full information can be obtained from Molda UK Ltd of 165 The Parade, High Street, Watford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0923 816188.

Lean Beef Patty Seasoning

Wixon/Fontarome of 1390 E. Bolivar Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA, fax: (414) 481-5570 have developed a lean beef patty seasoning that is made from modified starch, beef flavour and salt. It is a fine, light tan powder that has a mildly salty grilled beef flavour.

Packed in polyethylene lined fibre drums, board cartons or even polyethylene lined kraft bags, this material is almost completely bacteria-free, with a moisture content of 8 percent and a total salt content of 23 |+ or -~ 2 percent.

Spice Paradise Concentrate

Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd have extended their paradise range by introducing Spice Paradise concentrate.

This concentrate produces baked goods with a light, spicy flavour and aroma. They tell us it is particularly moist to eat but that its outstanding feature is its shelf-life. Under normal conditions Spice Paradise will keep for up to 6 weeks when wrapped.

This concentrate can be used for tray bakes, slices and tartlets and the baked product finished in a number of ways - piping jelly, dust with Macphie Sweet Snow or Sweet Frost, top with nuts, sugar nibs, etc.

The concentrate's manufacturer is located at Glenbervie, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, tel: 056 94 641.
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