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Ingredient of the Week; Celebrate the start of the soup season.

Soup can of course be enjoyed all year round, but it's October and the start of autumn that really signals the start of the soup season for me. There is nothing better than sitting down with a steaming hot bowl of soup and a large piece of crunchy bread.

But did you know people have been making soup for years? It was apparently one of the first ways of cooking. In ancient times, soup was a great economical meal to serve to the family, mixing various ingredients together and boiling them. And to be honest it's not different today, as well as being fairly inexpensive to make, soup can be a delicious and fulfilling meal.

Soup is a dish that is enjoyed around the globe with different cultures and countries adopting their own distinctive recipes.

An addition of local ingredients or a variation in the way it is served turns soup into a local delicacy; such as Spanish gazpacho, Russian borscht or Italian minestrone. In warm climates, or in the summer, many people make cold soups, which tend to be lighter than winter soups, but as we live in Scotland I do like my soups steaming hot and served in the more traditional way.

Easily digested, soup is often prescribed for people who are feeling a bit poorly as the simple ingredients make it a comforting, hearty and uplifting "medicine".

But to me, soup is guaranteed to appeal to everyone at anytime looking for a hearty and nutritional meal and on those cold October days, nothing warms you up more than a large bowl of homemade soup.

For a traditional hearty soup, Scotty Brand Scotch Broth Mix gives you all the vegetables you need, plus a separate sachet of barley.

The recipe below is the full Monty, starting with a lamb shank, but if you don't have the time to cook with meat on the bone, simply mix in 850ml of stock. Scotch Broth traditionally uses lamb or mutton stock, but beef, chicken or vegetable stock would work just as well. It's a very filling soup, often served as a main course rather than as a starter.

by Jak O'Donnell Scottish chef and patron of the Sisters Restaurant, Glasgow Traditional Scotch broth Method Place the lamb shank into a pan with cold water. Bring it to a simmer and skim off the surface residue. Add the bay leaf and thyme, then leave to simmer for around an hour. Add the Scotch Broth mix, return it to the boil, and then simmer for a further 45 minutes.

Carefully remove the lamb shank from the pan, set it aside and remove the meat from the bone.

Take out the bay leaf and thyme, and discard. Add the meat to the soup mix and heat through. Sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley and serve with chunky bread rolls.

? leaf A few fresh thyme leaves 2tbsp freshly chopped parsley Salt and finely ground pepper Scotty Brand soup-er soups Scotty Brand offers a range of delicious pre-made fresh soups cooked to family recipes and using only the best ingredients.

New to the range this season is traditional Cream of Tomato soup, a deliciously rich and creamy tomato soup. If you prefer to make your own, Scotty Brand soup mixes are all produced and packed in Scotland - simply prepare some stock (meat or vegetable as you wish) add in the pack contents and leave to simmer - all of the hard work done for you and all of the goodness retained.

Scotty Brand fresh soups are available in selected Asda, COOP, Scotmid and Morrison stores, Scotty Brand soup mixes are available in selected Tesco and Asda stores throughout Scotland.
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