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Infrared diagnostics of galaxy evolution; proceedings.


Infrared diagnostics of galaxy evolution; proceedings.

Spitzer Science Center Conference (2005: Pasadena, CA) Ed. by Ranga-Ranga Chary et al.

Astronomical Soc./Pacific


525 pages



Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series; v.381


With a focus on how mid-infrared spectroscopy can explain the contribution of star formation and active galactic nuclei to the bolometric luminosity of individual extragalactic sources, these proceedings of the November 2005 conference provide an overview of the roles of both infrared imaging and spectroscopy in studying astrophysical environments. General topics of the 14 review talks, 45 contributed talks and 112 posters include the physics of dust and molecular gas, galaxies in the local universe, galaxies in the field and in clusters at moderate redshifts, far-infrared diagnostics, starburst galaxies, continuum and broadband diagnostics, galaxies at high redshift, active galactic nuclei, the starburst/AGN connection and ULIRG dynamics, feedback and the environment and future prospects in research. The editors provide an author index and each article includes comprehensive references.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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