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Informed consent: what does it mean for dental assistants? (President's Page).

PARQ is the acronym for patient informed consent.

P = procedure planned

A = alternatives or recommendations

R = risks: "what if I do or don't proceed"

Q = questions: are there any unanswered questions

Likewise in the profession one should also know of PARQ and their professional organization.

P = The Professional and the American Dental Assistants Association. We are the representing body of the dental assistant. We are an organization of approximately 15,000 members. We have been host to three International Dental Assistant Conferences. ADAA has an alliance with the Canadian Dental Assistants' Association. In 2002 we welcomed the U.S. Army's 2000 dental auxiliaries as ADAA members.

A = the Alternatives to this professional organization. There are no other recognized dental assistants organizations as large, as experienced and as able to speak for the profession. The Award as being a member. All of our members are achievers and special, and many achieve special notice by being nominated and receiving prestigious awards and recognition during our Annual Conference.

R = Recruit--making a link to share. Be a recruiter. Provide a Link. Make a connection. Each new member brings new ideas.

Q = Questions. Who do I contact? What? We are a tripartite organization with connections at local, state and national levels. We are governed by our Board of Trustees. Where? Our home office is in Chicago, but you can contact any of the trustees or officers by email for more information. We are online.

Some More Meaningful Letters

Every day we come prepared for work with the potential need to administer CPR to our patients and perhaps even a team member. Being trained and being prepared.

C = Circulation (airway and breathing). Media and newspaper notification when you have achieved something special. Even through your ADAA Journal and State contacts. Utilize your trustees for contacts. Utilize your officers to help connect. Give new life to those who are not yet members.

P = checking the pulse and circulation. How well do you measure up for being best informed? Let your association help you.

R = respiration that provides revitalization to enhance your career through educational offerings and attending Annual Conference where additional educational value is shared. Use these opportunities to be better educated and best informed. Recruit and join in. In Hawaii we acknowledged our first military connection. The military knows very well about recruitment. Let us match their new membership. Together we have lots to share and be among the nation's best.

In my presidential inaugural address I said that we are in the computerized age of technology ... computerization, digitalization and the ever present Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. My analogy is the "personable" technology package. One driven with compassion is none other than the PDA: Reach out and there is your Professional Dental Assistant. Best of Class, the Professional Dental Assistant maintains high tech, performing at the highest possible level.

We share the everyday life individually where we work on behalf of all of us as diplomats. Thank You. We appreciate the dynamics of your everyday home life, working life and application to life for this association involvement. Glad you are here but share your experiences with other potential members and experience the sense of community this association can offer.

We value your ideas, suggesstions. If you have concerns or questions give us a call. Your President is happy to attend your State meeting whenever possible. Keep in touch!
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Title Annotation:Information about ADAA
Author:Waide, Karen
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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