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Information security still top tech issue.

The AICPA issued its annual ranking of the 10 technologies most likely to significantly affect practitioners, their clients and their employers in the coming year. First on the list ( for the third consecutive year is information security--the use of hardware, software, processes and procedures to protect the data in an organization's systems--followed by electronic document management to reduce paperwork; data integration to ensure the synchronization of information in each of a company's business systems; antispam technology to reduce or eliminate unwanted e-mail; disaster recovery; collaboration and messaging technologies that enable personnel to work together regardless of physical location; wireless communications technologies; authentication technologies, such as biometric identification, that protect an individual's privacy and identity from internal and external threats; storage technologies--large and small--to accommodate organizational and personal needs; and learning and training methods end users can employ to improve their practical use of hardware and software.
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Title Annotation:Highlights
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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