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Information interface improves visibility of air shipments.

The Air Mobility Command (AMC) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) now have earlier visibility of cargo destined for troops overseas. In August, AMC and DLA introduced an electronic interface between DLA Distribution Standard System (DSS) and the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) that improves the information flow between DLA's consolidation and containerization points (CCPs) and Air Force aerial ports of embarkation (APOEs). With the help of the U.S. Transportation Command in its role as the Department of Defense's (DOD'S) Distribution Process Owner, DLA and AMC are seeking to speed up the delivery of equipment and supplies by using the new interface.

An increasing number of DOD air shipments are consolidated and loaded onto 463E pallets. When a 463L pallet is ready for onward movement, it is considered "capped" and given the status code "C." The electronic interface then allows CCPs to notify GATES users at the APOEs of the estimated time of arrival of capped cargo almost immediately.

The CCP sends two additional updates through DSS to GATES: the first when the truck destined for the aerial port is completely loaded, and a second when the truck actually departs the CCR Using the interface makes information available to everyone from the air clearance authority to the load planner and speeds the process for aerial port cargo handlers as well as airlift mission planners. Planners at the Tanker Airlift Control Center at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, can monitor cargo bound for various APOEs and adjust flight schedules to improve efficiency.
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Title Annotation:ALOG NEWS; Air Mobility Command and Defense Logistics Agency's electronic interface between DLA Distribution Standard System and Global Air Transportation Execution System
Publication:Army Logistician
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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