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Information Risk and Security: Preventing and Investigating Workplace Computer Crime.


Information risk and security; preventing and investigating workplace computer crime.

Wilding, Edward.

Ashgate Publishing Co.


341 pages




In the world of information technology security, much time and effort is spent making sure outside threats cannot gain access to organizational networks and information. While a necessary task, it neglects to account for threats from within organizations, such as employees, contractors, and other insiders who may be corrupt, criminal, or merely incompetent. It is upon these insider risks that Wilding (co-founder of Data Genetics International, a company specializing in computer crime investigation, incident response, and forensic evidence) concentrates. He offers chapters discussing perception of risk; computer fraud; espionage, intellectual property theft, and leaks; password misuse; trash risk; wireless risk; sabotage, extortion, and blackmail; social engineering; risks with personal computers; pornography; anonymous letters; press leaks; incident response; ground rules on computer evidence; covert operations; analysis of audit trails and event logs; investigative resources; the use computer evidence in court; and employee exit procedures.

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