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New Campden Brochures

The Campden Food and Drink Research Association has just published three brochures. Their self-explanatory titles are: Campden services for caterers, Campden training the food and drink industries, and Process and packaging technology - safety, quality and efficiency, from raw material to the final product.

These colourful brochures sketch out what the RA has to offer and copies can be obtained from the organisation at Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire.

Automatic FIBC Filling

Entecon Ltd's Flexiflow system for the weigh-filling of flexible intermediate bulk containers up to 2 tonnes capacity is covered in a new leaflet. Features of the system include pneumatic adjustment to different sizes of IBC, automatic sequential operation from initial neck-clamping to release of the filled container, and these are set out in the leaflet which is obtainable from the company of London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey.

Literature on new Excel 170i

The new Excel 170i UHS ink-jet printer from Videojet Systems International is the subject of the latest literature available from the company.

This full colour leaflet explains the characteristics and capabilities of this ultra high speed unit. Much of the technical specification is set out but why not get a copy from the company of Videojet House, 153 Dixons Hill Road, Welham Green, North Mymms, Hatfield, Hertfordshire to learn the full details.

IChemE Safety Publication

The Institution of Chemical Engineers has just brought out a new publication, Process plant design and operation - guidance to safe practice.

The authors' message is quite clearly that safety should be considered at the design stage of every project to make plant development both cheaper and safer.

This book, costing |pounds~19.75, can be purchased from IChemE of Davis Building, 165-171 Railway Terrace, Rugby. Its contents run: Hazards and precautionary measures; Process, equipment and piping; Start-up and shut-down of plant; Coping with upset conditions; Techniques for loss prevention; Table comparing BS, ISO and USA standards; and Checklists of safety considerations on conceptual design, detailed process design and layout, mechanical design, operation and maintenance, human and instrument error; and Documentation.

Two More Leatherhead Reports

Their Industry and Market Reviews No. 12 carries the title The UK Confectionery Report. This provides a European overview, describes market trends and shares, contains original consumer research, includes company profiles, looks at new product activity and gives some forecasts.

There are now more than 150,000 retail outlets in the UK for confectionery items and chocolate confectionery accounted for 90 percent of the confectionery advertising spend in 1991. Forecasts suggest that the UK market will increase in volume terms to 877,000 tonnes in 1996. If you want more figures then the report can be purchased at a cost of |pounds~425.00.

Snacking in the UK is another of their reports. This one costs |pounds~1275.00 for two volumes. The first volume results from original research -- 4 group discussions and 300 interviews -- and is used to shed light on consumer behaviour within this sector. The report looks at the usage of some 30 snack products. Volume two divides the market into three categories - snacks not requiring preparation, those requiring preparation and take-away snacks. Information is given on each sector, and includes market trends, major brands and new product activity. Leading companies within this sector are profiled.

Both these publications can be purchased through Food Trade Press Ltd.

Ready-Meals in Catering

Marketing Strategies for Industry have brought out a new report with the title Ready Meals in Catering. This shows that the ready-meal catering market was worth some |pounds~185m., reflecting a 12 percent from a year earlier. Multi-portion meals accounted for rather more than half of the frozen prepared frozen prepared meal sales in 1991.

The chilled ready-meals market was valued at |pounds~20.5m. last year but you can also read up about the growth of the ambient microwaveable ready-meals market.

During 1992, MSI predict that frozen meal sales will increases only marginally but you can read more about this market by purchasing a copy of this report from the publishers at Heathmans House, 19 Heathmans Road, Parson Green, London SW6.

A Lesson in Packaging

The first of a series of study packs is now being compiled. Under the title Innovation - a Lesson in Packaging, these packs are designed to provide information on innovative packaging design and technology. They are intended for use by schools, colleges and universities.

Lever is the first company to pledge its support for these new packs, which provide detailed information about the development of a well-known washing powder and its packaging.

European Meat Market

The changing habits of European meat eaters are placing increased pressure on producers to come up with new processing and presentation techniques. Although meat remains the single most important element in the European diet, consumption patterns are shifting towards increasingly processed value-added products.

There is also a continuing fall in the consumption of red meats because of fears concerning the proportion of fat in the diet and over animal welfare.

Frost and Sullivan of 4 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1 have authored three reports -- E1619, E1620 and E1621 -- dealing with carcass meat, prepared meats and associated products, and comminuted meat products, respectively.

The reports even predict that there will sales of meat in 'kit form', with all the ingredients to make a complete dish. According to them, the prepared meat sector had a volume consumption of 4.1 million tonnes in 1991 and this will rise to 4.3 million within five years. However, this must be balanced against the fact that as a proportion of total consumer spending on food and drink, the share for prepared meat products is set to decline in the same timespan from 3.9 to 3.1 percent.

Each of these reports is offered for sale by the publishers at $1200.00.

Microwave Packaging

This is the title of a new book from Pira. It discusses ways in which this method of 'cooking' has led to wide-ranging changes in both food and packaging production. It explores the markets for ovens, products and packaging in Germany, the UK, the USA, Japan and Australia.

This text discusses the various microwave packaging materials available and considers the technical considerations in selecting a microwave package.

At a cost of |pounds~40.00, readers can purchase copies of this book from Pira at Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey.
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