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InforMax Announces Licensing Agreement with the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky; Twelve Academic Institutions to Benefit.

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InforMax, Inc. (Nasdaq:INMX), a leading global provider of life science informatics solutions, announced today that they have entered into a site license with the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky which will enable both universities and ten affiliated educational institutions to utilize InforMax's Vector NTI (R) Suite and Xpression NTI software as a uniform platform for the management and analysis of molecular data.

InforMax's agreement with the two universities will assist the federally-funded Kentucky Biomedical Research Information Network (KBRIN) to achieve its goal of enhancing the research, overall effectiveness and capabilities of the state's biomedical researchers and educators. The license agreement was reached in March 2002, the software has now been widely implemented, and training has begun.

"The Kentucky Biomedical Research Information Network has acquired an invaluable research and teaching tool in InforMax's desktop sequence analysis software," said Dr. Nigel Cooper, Project Director, Kentucky Biomedical Research Information Network, University of Louisville. "We now have the capability to effectively and efficiently collaborate on research across the twelve educational institutions that are the core of the Commonwealth's biomedical community."

The University of Louisville received a three-year grant from the National Institute of Health to upgrade the bioinformatics infrastructure for the state and the University was designated to be the head grant recipient. The new licensing agreement for InforMax's Vector NTI Suite software includes all twelve schools that are participating in the collaborative research project.

"The decision to incorporate InforMax's Vector NTI Suite and Xpression NTI software will benefit researchers as they make important advances in science and will benefit students as they prepare for science-related careers," said Dr. Chuck Staben, Bioinformatics Advisor, Kentucky Biomedical Research Information Network, University of Kentucky. "KBRIN's Bioinformatics Core is now ready and equipped, poised to facilitate the collaboration and data sharing that will be so essential to our success."

"We are delighted that the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Biomedical Research Information Network have joined the hundreds of academic institutions to choose InforMax, Inc. as a key partner in their life science research," said J. Rollins, InforMax's Vice President of Sales. "InforMax is excited about working with the universities and the KBRIN to leverage InforMax's best in class informatics solutions to expand and augment teaching and research efforts across the state."

Vector NTI(R) Suite, the industry's most comprehensive desktop software solution available for enhancing laboratory productivity, includes application programs for data management, experimental simulation, strategic recombinant design, mapping and illustration, protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis, multiple sequence alignment, and fragment assembly.

Xpression NTI is a comprehensive desktop expression analysis software tool designed to efficiently store, process, and analyze gene expression data from single or multiple expression experiments, enabling scientists working with microarray data to effectively manage and study the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously.

About InforMax

InforMax is a leading global developer of informatics software solutions that enable High-Throughput Research(TM) (HTR). Founded in 1990, InforMax products are used by more than 32,000 individual scientists at over 2,100 research organizations worldwide (as of March 31, 2002) to understand and extract value from the massive amounts of data being generated by the Genomic Revolution.

Among InforMax's customers are 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies. InforMax informatics software solutions enable a full range of gene-to-genome analysis, interpretation and data mining.

Our market-leading products include Vector NTI(R) Suite, the most widely used software suite for enhancing laboratory productivity, and GenoMax(TM), a modular family of analysis programs for integrated analysis of genomic and proteomic data.

Additional information about InforMax can be found at our Web site at


KBRIN is the Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network supported by the National Center for Research Resources. The purpose of KBRIN is to enhance the capacity, capability and resourcefulness of biomedicalresearchers and educators in the Commonwealth of Kentucky so that they are better enabled to fulfill their missions.

The philosophy of KBRIN is that researchers need the tools that will enable them to do good science and compete for federal research dollars, and educators need the tools and resources to provide their students with the best possible preparation for science- related careers.

KBRIN is a collaborative effort supported by 12 institutions. The activities of the KBRIN-affiliated institutions are directed towards enhancements in basic science and biomedical research, particularly in the area of genomics.

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Factors that could cause or contribute to differences include, but are not limited to, risks associated with the Company's technologies, its development of new products and its enhancement of existing products, the ability of such products to keep pace with rapid technological change and the scope of the market for such products.

These factors and others are more fully described in the Company's annual report on Form 10-K, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company specifically disclaims any intention or duty to update any forward-looking statements, and these statements represent the Company's current outlook only as of the date given.

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