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Info on safety regs offered by NACDS.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- With the deadline for the certification requirements of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) set to go into effect next month, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores is holding one more online educational forum to help suppliers and retailers prepare for the new regulations.

Signed into law in August 2008, CPSIA requires manufacturers of many of the products sold in drug stores, supermarkets and discount outlets to make conformance certificates available to retailers and distributors starting in February.

The law also provides enforcement authority to state attorneys general and currently affects all products in commerce that are regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. For mass market retailers, the affected products include such items as pain relievers, batteries, cosmetics, toys and a host of over-the-counter medications.

To help educate retailers and manufacturers about the new requirement and the Certificate Exchange Network that NACDS has developed with technology provider RollStream Inc., the association began hosting a series of educational webinars during the fall.

The final one-hour online sessions will be held January 13. The same information is being offered during each webinar, and replays of the events are available on NACDS' web site.

Observers say CPSIA is the most comprehensive overhaul of consumer product safety laws since the Consumer Product Safety Commission was created in 1972.

The new law was triggered by well-publicized recalls of imported toys with lead paint and other hazards. In 2007, for instance, a record 448 products were recalled.

Those who have scrutinized the new law say that it affects nearly all manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of consumer products.

But at least one requirement of the law is going to have to wait.

Last month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to delay the requirement that children's products, including toys, be tested for lead content. The testing will now be required starting in February 2011.

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Date:Jan 11, 2010
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