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Info Plant Conducts Survey on Online Reservation.

Tokyo, Japan, Sept 15, 2005 - (JCNN) - Online market researcher Info Plant has announced the results of a survey of 7,590 i-mode users on online reservation which was conducted from August 16 through 23.

Of the respondents, 49.8% have made a reservation from an i-mode handset or PC. Among them, 24.7% have used only i-mode, while 26.5% have used both i-mode and PCs. Of those i-mode users, when asked about to what extent they want to use i-mode to make a reservation, 28.6% said they "want to use" i-mode, while 39.7% answered they want to use it "if there is a chance."

By age, younger people, both men and women, want to use i-mode more often: 80% and 76.5% of the male and female respondents aged 19 or younger, and 71.6% of women in their 20s have such intent. Of those respondents who have used both i-mode and PCs, more than 90% hare interesting making online reservations.

When asked about what is considered the most important in making reservations online, 60.2% said "lower price", followed by "possible to make reservation at any time" (41.9%), "easy to search for information" (39.2%), "possible to change and cancel reservations" (32.2%), and "special benefits" (28.3%). More women than men are concerned about securely managed private information (25.5% and 16.2%, respectively).

Source: JCN

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:Sep 16, 2005
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