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Info, please.

February's article on transitioning from a certified airplane to a light sport aircraft (LSA) ("Safe LSA Transitions") included several tantalizing photos. One caught my eye in particular and was referenced only in a photo caption: the Corsario. Do you have additional data or contact information on it?

Kelley Mala

Miami, Fla.

The Corsario is manufactured in Brazil by Microleve ( and exclusively imported into the U.S. by Sportair Aviation (www.sportairaviation. com) of St. Petersburg, Fla. Base price for the complete aircraft, including a 100-hp Rotax 912S engine and a three-blade prop, but not including flight instrumentation or avionics, is $47,500, according to Sportair's Web site. It'll come needing the wings and engine installed to the fuselage.

Another amphibious LSA, the ICON Aircraft A5, is under development and recently completed its first flight. A significant feature is foldable wings, allowing the aircraft to be transported by trailer.

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Title Annotation:UNICOM; Microleve Corsario
Author:Mala, Kelley
Publication:Aviation Safety
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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