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Again! New Flu With Pandemic Potential Found In China. Jun 30, 2020 220
KT edit: World better equipped to fight this pandemic. Jun 29, 2020 664
Jose Rizal in the last great pandemic of 19th century. Jun 27, 2020 996
Boxing legend Roberto Duran in hospital after contracting coronavirus; Panama's national hero was suffering with flu-like symptoms but his son has said the ring legend is stable in hospital. By, Martin Domin Jun 26, 2020 297
Virus update. Jun 25, 2020 240
More and earlier flu jabs probable in Devon in bid to protect NHS from winter pressures; Health bosses are pushing for an early winter flu vaccination programme amid fears that hospitals could be overwhelmed if Devon is hit by a second wave of coronavirus at the same time as an outbreak of influenza. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark explains the fears of the county council's health and adult care scrutiny committee. Daniel Clark Jun 25, 2020 1032
Donald Trump calls coronavirus 'kung flu' again as White House rejects racism complaints; The return of the phrase comes after the President says he asked officials to conduct fewer coronavirus tests to reduce the number of confirmed cases in the US. By, Sam Elliott Jun 24, 2020 349
Spanish flu and Covid-19. Nayab Iqbal Jun 23, 2020 322
'Covid baby bust' could lead to half a million fewer births next year. Christopher Ingraham The Washington Post Jun 21, 2020 610
US: Donald Trump terms coronavirus 'Kung Flu', Twitter bashes him for racism, Asian Americans especially unhappy. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Jun 21, 2020 476
Don't investigate WHO in middle of pandemic. Jun 21, 2020 1246
OP-ED: No long-term solution in sight. Jun 20, 2020 2186
Rizal survived the 1889-1890 flu epidemic in Europe. Mabasa, Roy Jun 19, 2020 863
Blue flu hits Atlanta police. Associated Press Jun 19, 2020 888
Claims Scotland 'hopelessly underprepared' TESTING. DEREK HEALEY Jun 18, 2020 369
Seasonal walk-in flu clinics. submitted by shelby co. health dept. Jun 17, 2020 182
Book recalls nurse in war and flu pandemic. NEIL DRYSDALE Jun 17, 2020 445
BioIQ unveils the first home test that combines COVID-19, Flu A / Flu B from a single saliva sample to address a new wave of flu-intermingled-COVID-19 cases. Jun 16, 2020 212
BioIQ unveils the first home test that combines COVID-19, Flu A / Flu B from a single saliva sample to address a new wave of flu-intermingled-COVID-19 cases. Jun 16, 2020 208
A second wave inevitable, warn public health chiefs; Not a question of if, but how big, return of Covid-19 will be in the winter, meeting is told. JAMIE BRASSINGTON Senior reporter Jun 16, 2020 461
Flu jabs, pneumonia vaccination drive in Baguio pushed. Jun 10, 2020 231
BiondVax's universal influenza vaccine candidate achieves primary endpoints. Jun 10, 2020 161
Outcome of upper respiratory tract infections in healthy children: Antibiotic stewardship in treatment of acute upper respiratory tract infections. Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Mazhar Hussain Raja, Shehla Chaudhry, Tehreem Zahra, Salman Naeem and Masuma Anwar Jun 10, 2020 3272
Flu transmission on aircraft: What studies show. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor Jun 9, 2020 1320
Price extracted by the 'mild flu'. Jun 9, 2020 426
America's pandemic response compared to deadly 1918 flu. Joe Heim The Washington Post Jun 8, 2020 700
Intravacc partners with Versatope to develop universal influenza vaccine based on OMV technology. Jun 8, 2020 218
Intravacc partners with Versatope to develop universal influenza vaccine based on OMV technology. Jun 8, 2020 222
Centre still taking coronavirus pandemic lightly, says info minister. Jun 7, 2020 872
When influenza pandemic claimed 25,000 lives in Uganda. Jun 7, 2020 876
Life. death and fear. Jun 5, 2020 626
UMSC offers 200 free influenza vaccination to frontliners. Jun 2, 2020 433
Pandemic preparedness. Dr Jawad Mushtaq Jun 2, 2020 1284
The Fire Last Time. Pate, Stephen P. Jun 1, 2020 585
A Model Approach. Chordas, Lori Jun 1, 2020 619
Preventing Epidemics with Homeopathy. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2020 1019
Comparing COVID-19, flu death tolls 'extremely dangerous'. Frellick, Marcia Jun 1, 2020 1168
Maori make 'better decisions' for Maori. Longmore, Mary Jun 1, 2020 403
COVID-19, the flu and the future. Silva, Brenda Jun 1, 2020 546
Pandemics of the past: A narrative review. Khan, Uzma; Mehta, Roopa; Arif, Mohammad Ali; Lakhani, Om J. Report May 31, 2020 3346
We're more risk-averse today than post-WW II Americans. May 28, 2020 737
GlaxoSmithKline intends to produce 1B doses of pandemic vaccine adjuvant in 2021. May 28, 2020 309
Devon's dark history of disease and the lessons we can learn from it; Dr Todd Gray is an expert at the University of Exeter on the history of Devon. Here, he talks with Howard Lloyd about how previous deadly pandemics have affected the city and county - and what we have learnt from them. Howard Lloyd May 28, 2020 1897
Covid-19: Let's heal as one. May 27, 2020 742
Boris Johnson accused of 'trashing' lockdown advice by backing Dominic Cummings; Professor Stephen Reicher, who is on the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), slammed Boris Johnson for 'trashing' the body's advice on building trust around coronavirus rules. By, Tess de la Mare & Matthew Dresch May 24, 2020 405
Lives or Livelihoods: Evidence from the Spanish Flu. May 23, 2020 1420
More evidence emerges on why COVID-19 is so much worse than the flu. Lenny Bernstein, WP May 22, 2020 620
[c]ALa grippe espagnole : le mal du siecle! May 21, 2020 407
The path to herd immunity. May 19, 2020 1342
Free flu jabs 'not enough'. FERGHAL BLANEY May 19, 2020 202
DOH allots P18-M for trials of flu drug Avigan as COVID-19 treatment. May 18, 2020 326
She's 108. She has lived through the Spanish Flu and just beat Covid-19. New York TImes May 17, 2020 683
Study shows droplets' flu potential. Joel Achenbach The Washington Post May 14, 2020 531
Every Brit may receive free flu jab to help avoid winter crisis if coronavirus returns; Less than half of England is currently eligible for a free flu jab, meaning the very real prospect of a second wave of Covid-19 in winter crippling the NHS. By, Ryan Merrifield May 14, 2020 506
Care homes crisis: Government was warned 2 years ago about risks from a pandemic; The government said the work 'helped shape our response', but the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said it was 'not aware' if any recommendations were picked up. By, Dan Bloom May 14, 2020 609
Until you catch it you don't realise that it's much worse than flu. May 13, 2020 428
A pandemic won't let us out cheaply. May 12, 2020 963
How killer Spanish flu wreaked havoc in Wales' coalfield communities; Dr Lester Mason, historian and lecturer at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, considers the impact of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-20 and whether we can learn anything from its devastating effect... May 12, 2020 1140
Can America handle a second wave? May 10, 2020 1023
Miracle baby born one day after mum told she tested positive for coronavirus; EXCLUSIVE Yumi Palmer fell ill with flu-like symptoms and lost her sense of smell 24-hours before a long, traumatic, labour to welcome her baby boy. By, Matthew Barbour May 9, 2020 572
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
UK 'unprepared for virus outbreak'. May 8, 2020 478
Rapid Nutrition launches new oral anti viral therapy to combat influenza. May 7, 2020 155
Coronavirus: Rugby's return in Australia hits anti-vaxxer roadblock. Matthew Smith, Sports Editor May 7, 2020 663
The 1918 pandemic's impact on music? Surprisingly little. William Robin, NYT May 7, 2020 1368
Rapid Nutrition launches new oral anti viral therapy to combat influenza. May 7, 2020 153
Virus-afflicted 2020 looks like 1918 despite science's march. CALVIN WOODWARD Associated Press May 6, 2020 1732
A disaster plan? Labour leader response report which did not questions Scottish pandemic mention testing in 27 pages. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR May 3, 2020 513
At a complicated crossroads. May 3, 2020 2302
EARLY WARNING; pandemic trial 4 years ago Secret report from 2016 alerted Scots Government to gaps in plan for tackling 'the single most disruptive event facing Scotland'. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor May 2, 2020 661
Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus. Saul, Andrew W. May 1, 2020 2878
Surviving a Flu Epidemic: The Naturopathic Approach by Dr. Heather Herington. Excerpt May 1, 2020 276
Social and Economic Impacts of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. Maas, Steve May 1, 2020 671
An EPICUREAN GUIDE to Living More Pleasantly in Times of Coronavirus. Crespo, Hiram May 1, 2020 2161
Effects of Air Pollution and Other Environmental Exposures on Estimates of Severe Influenza Illness, Washington, USA. Somayaji, Ranjani; Neradilek, Moni B.; Szpiro, Adam A.; Lofy, Kathryn H.; Jackson, Michael L.; Goss, May 1, 2020 6775
Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings--International Travel-Related Measures. Ryu, Sukhyun; Gao, Huizhi; Wong, Jessica Y.; Shiu, Eunice Y.C.; Xiao, Jingyi; Fong, Min Whui; Cowlin May 1, 2020 4449
Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings--Personal Protective and Environmental Measures. Xiao, Jingyi; Shiu, Eunice Y.C.; Gao, Huizhi; Wong, Jessica Y.; Fong, Min W.; Ryu, Sukhyun; Cowling, May 1, 2020 7362
Who's Next? Waldman, H. Barry; Rader, Rick; Keller, Seth M.; Perlman, Steven P. May 1, 2020 3649
CDC: Vaccine for recent flu season cut visits to doctors by nearly half. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2020 381
Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings--Social Distancing Measures. Fong, Min W.; Gao, Huizhi; Wong, Jessica Y.; Xiao, Jingyi; Shiu, Eunice Y.C.; Ryu, Sukhyun; Cowling, May 1, 2020 6351
Human Adenovirus 7d Strains Associated with Influenza-Like Illness, New York, USA, 2017-2019. Lamson, Daryl M.; Kajon, Adriana; Popowich, Michael; Fuschino, Meghan; George, Kirsten St. May 1, 2020 1493
Theatre and the Last Pandemic: In 1918 an outbreak of influenza killed millions and shuttered U.S. theatres--and then one day it was gone. Canning, Charlotte M. May 1, 2020 2067
Secretory IgA in Mucosa of Pharynx and Larynx Plays an Important Role against Influenza A Virus Infection in Kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome Model. Zhao, Shaozhe; Yuan, Lei; Li, Yi; Liu, Longchan; Luo, Zixin; Lv, Qingtao; Rong, Rong; Yang, Yong Apr 30, 2020 6473
Yes, previous presidents did work on pandemics. Apr 30, 2020 439
Bumpy end to a ride not yet over. M A NIAZI Apr 30, 2020 1363
Second peak is 'highly unlikely'. CALUM ROSS Apr 29, 2020 588
Second peak unlikely says Pennington; HEALTH. CALUM ROSS Apr 29, 2020 395
True fighter: 101-year-old woman survives Spanish flu, cancer, and now coronavirus. Web Report Apr 29, 2020 348
Lockdowns easing but 'little flu' deaths mount. NICK PERRY & DAVID BILLER Apr 29, 2020 1195
It's like the Credit Crunch, Spanish Flu and 9/11 all rolled into one ... it'll take the city years to recover; STARK WARNING AS PROFESSOR PREDICTS 'CATACLYSMIC SHOCK' TO OUR ECONOMY THAT WILL OUTLAST VIRUS ITSELF. TOM HOUGHTON Business Editor @tomashoughton Apr 29, 2020 919
Australasia eases lockdown as 'little flu' deaths in Brazil mount. NICK PERRY and DAVID BILLER Apr 29, 2020 1255
The need to develop an integrated approach on COVID-19. Thomas Schellen Apr 28, 2020 2013
Official highlights steps taken by ministry of health. Apr 28, 2020 523
Walk-in clinics gain foothold in health care system. Apr 27, 2020 1554
Cup-tie McKay flu in from nowhere and finished up back there; BLASTS FROM PAST. Alan McMillan's HEROES AND VILLAINS Apr 26, 2020 739
Khabib Nurmagomedov's father taken to hospital with 'pneumonia and flu symptoms'; Khabib Nurmagomedov's father is in hospital in Russia but it is not yet known whether he has coronavirus. By, Sam Meade Apr 26, 2020 328
Why 'Contagion,' out in 2011, accurately foretold coronavirus pandemic. Apr 26, 2020 2267
A Tale of Two Cities in a Pestilential World. Apr 25, 2020 1391
Hope and caution. NAWAL TARIQ - Lahore Apr 24, 2020 279
CMIC Group Supports Clinical Trials and Manufacturing of Influenza Antiviral Drug "Avigan Tablet" and Contributes to Accelerating Provision for COVID-19 Patients. Apr 24, 2020 317
How MissWorld defied a pandemic; The Midland beauty queen struck down by Asian flu on eve of 1957 contest. Mike Lockley Features Staff Apr 23, 2020 1386
Get ready to be hit by seasonal flu, dengue now, say doctors. Apr 22, 2020 390
COVID-19: Eight Ways To Avoid Lockdown In Nigeria (1). Apr 22, 2020 2188
'Information age helps world understand need for social distancing'. Apr 22, 2020 602
How sports fared during the time of Spanish flu. Apr 22, 2020 666
Similarities in social distancing measures during Spanish flu. Apr 22, 2020 789
Number Of People With Influenza And ARVI In Kyiv 51,500 People, No Deaths Since Beginning Of Quarantine - Klitschko. Apr 21, 2020 205
Information age helped world understand need for social distancing. Apr 21, 2020 550
PLAGUED BY BAD DATA: A countrywide shutdown is said to be necessary because of the deadliness of the coronavirus. But experts are simply guessing at death rates, and past pandemics were likely much worse. Jasper, William F. Apr 20, 2020 435
Dear government, what should we expect in the post-Covid-19 Uganda? Apr 19, 2020 657
World faces combination of World War I and Spanish Flu but there is hope. Apr 18, 2020 1389
The Present And Past Flu. Apr 17, 2020 3474
Fujifilm expands production of influenza antiviral drug Avigan for COVID-19. Apr 16, 2020 211
Fujifilm expands production of influenza antiviral drug Avigan for COVID-19. Apr 16, 2020 207
How Kwara Lost Over 85,000 People During The 1918 Spanish Flu- Ilorin Emirate Chief, Magaji Nda. Apr 15, 2020 345
Social distancing could continue for years as study shows second wave of coronavirus could overwhelm hospitals; Experts discovered if measures were relaxed, an intense winter outbreak may occur, overlapping with flu season and exceeding NHS capacity. By, Brett Gibbons Apr 15, 2020 500
My Father's Sister Died in the 1918 Flu Pandemic. He Didn't Find her Grave until 2011. Apr 15, 2020 1344
HOW MISS WORLD DEFIED PANDEMIC; Walsall beauty queen struck down with Asian flu on eve of contest. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Apr 12, 2020 1439
Infant dies at flu corner of KMCH. Obituary Apr 11, 2020 165
Pre-corona world, gone with the wind. Apr 10, 2020 1177
Reading baseball The Spanish flu's impact on American sports. Apr 10, 2020 731
Seasonal Human Influenza A(H3N2) and Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Reassortant Infection--Idaho, 2019. Pedersen, Randi; Barton, Vonnita; Tripp, Jennifer; Blanton, Lenee; Barnes, John; Hahn, Christine Apr 10, 2020 857
McCormick Place namesake survived 1918 flu pandemic. Katlyn Smith Apr 9, 2020 672
COVID19: Cyprus among 20 countries to get Avigan anti-flu drug. fm Apr 8, 2020 252
Spanish Flu: The Pandemic Of 1918. Claudia Z, Writer Apr 8, 2020 622
Duran Duran's Taylor: I had turbo-charged flu. Apr 7, 2020 213
Japan to offer free anti-flu Avigan drug to 20 virus-hit nations. MENA Apr 7, 2020 204
Then versus now. Apr 7, 2020 808
The things I wish I'd asked my grandparents. Apr 6, 2020 429
Spanish flu survivor, 104, becomes world's oldest person to overcome coronavirus; Ada Zanusso caught the killer bug at her care home in Biella, northern Italy, where 20 other infected residents had died. Her doctor said she'd "lost none of her lucidity and intelligence". By, Ryan Merrifield Apr 6, 2020 334
taking very afterwards. Back Kylie contagious Aussie flu Japanese flu and, worst of all, Let us not ignore French flu,. MIKE LOCKLEY THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE... BY OUR HICK FROM THE STICKS! BRITAIN'S REGIONAL COLUMNIST OF Apr 5, 2020 996
Warning ignored: Secret report exposed gaps in flu pandemic plans and demanded urgent action; PPE worries raised after training drill five years ago. Peter Swindon Apr 5, 2020 696
Pandemic in 1918. Apr 4, 2020 175
Coronavirus: minister defends early comments downplaying Covid-19 as just a flu. Gina Agapiou Apr 3, 2020 310
Window of hope opens: Flu corner set up at hospitals. Apr 2, 2020 1301
Woman born during Spanish Flu pandemic celebrates her 102nd birthday on lockdown. Apr 2, 2020 488
Local accounts show reach, effects of 1918 flu epidemic 1918: Community response. Luke McQuillan staff reporter Susan McGrath Ramsey News-Journal Editor Apr 1, 2020 905
Cebu infant dies of flu-like illness. Apr 1, 2020 279
How Spanish Flu pandemin Wales and claimed moremic wiped out thousands e lives than the Great War; It might have been 100 years ago, but the Spanish Flu pandemic that killed millions is a salient reminder of the fragility of humanity. David Owens discovered how the deadly influenza strain was reported in Wales h s. Apr 1, 2020 1734
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Mortality in U.S. Cities during the Great Influenza Pandemic, 1918-1919. Barro, Robert J. Apr 1, 2020 3570
From the Publisher. Collin, Jonathan Apr 1, 2020 2352
Knowledge of Infectious Disease Specialists Regarding Aspergillosis Complicating Influenza, United States. Toda, Mitsuru; Beekmann, Susan E.; Polgreen, Philip M.; Chiller, Tom M.; Jackson, Brendan R.; Beer, Apr 1, 2020 1317
Application of Optimal Control to Influenza Pneumonia Coinfection with Antiviral Resistance. Kanyiri, Caroline W.; Luboobi, Livingstone; Kimathi, Mark Mar 31, 2020 5903
The Effects of Obesity on Outcome in Preclinical Animal Models of Infection and Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Xu, Wanying; Pepper, Dominique; Sun, Junfeng; Welsh, Judith; Cui, Xizhong; Eichacker, Peter Q. Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 10968
Antidepressant-Like Effects and Cognitive Enhancement of Coadministration of Chaihu Shugan San and Fluoxetine: Dependent on the BDNF-ERK-CREB Signaling Pathway in the Hippocampus and Frontal Cortex. Yan, Lijing; Xu, Xia; He, Zhenyu; Wang, Sheng; Zhao, Linlin; Qiu, Juan; Wang, Dongsheng; Gong, Zhich Mar 31, 2020 7109
Beat the flu. Farhana Chowdhury Mar 31, 2020 517
Coronavirus is nothing like the flu. fm Mar 31, 2020 352
Masks for the Flu. Mar 31, 2020 169
World needs new strategy. Mar 31, 2020 440
'It's not as debilitating as other flus I've had'. ANNE-MARIE SENIOR and KRISTIAN JOHNSON @examiner Mar 30, 2020 413
Spanish flu: How the deadly pandemic affected the Arab world. Lojien Ben Gassem Mar 29, 2020 732
'No one will ever be free as long as there are pestilences'. Mar 28, 2020 1425
Your Views. Mar 28, 2020 1281
Survival Sisters: They survived the Spanish Flu, the Depression and the Holocaust. Ginia Bellafante, New York Times Mar 28, 2020 1096
Hundreds of Brits stuck on cruise ship after guests suffer 'flu-like symptoms'; Passengers stuck on a cruise ship are 'scared' as fears grow it could become a 'floating petri dish' for coronavirus cases after a number of guests and crew members have fallen ill. By, Grace Macaskill Mar 27, 2020 348
Syrian war, coronavirus and the aftermath. Sinem Cengiz Mar 27, 2020 851
Remembering The 'Spanish Flu' In Asia. Mar 27, 2020 564
Covid-19: It's getting hot. Will summer kill the virus? Web Report Mar 27, 2020 932
Covid-19: Can I get infected for the second time? No immunity? Web Report Mar 27, 2020 932
Covid-19: New virus 95% same as SARS. Does that give hope? Web Report Mar 27, 2020 934
Qatar at the forefront against the coronavirus pandemic. Mar 26, 2020 1135
When Spanish flu hit Dera in 1918. Tariq Saeed Birmani Mar 26, 2020 453
FLU FIGHTING SOUPS. Recipe Mar 26, 2020 432
Worse pandemics could still follow. Mar 26, 2020 284
UAE says medical masks are only necessary for people with chronic illness, flu symptoms. Arab News Mar 25, 2020 159
Zenica- Coronavirus patient to undergo surgery, seasonal flu H1N1 still ongoing. Mar 25, 2020 256
How flu patients can cope in era of coronavirus. Mar 25, 2020 298
When pandemics strike. Mar 24, 2020 1149
COVID19: Cyprus opens five flu clinics. fm Mar 24, 2020 373
Coronavirus: five general flu clinics now open. Source: Cyprus News Agency Mar 24, 2020 301
A recovering Chef Wan advises against travelling after falling sick with flu, shingles, also mourns death of ex-wife. Mar 24, 2020 430
Optimising influenza vaccination during a SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in South Africa could help maintain the integrity of our healthcare system. Preiser, Wolfgang; Mendelson, Marc; Taljaard, Jantjie Letter to the editor Mar 24, 2020 531
It's all been blown out of proportion with this flu virus; LETTERS. Mar 23, 2020 421
It's all been blown out of proportion with this flu virus; LETTERS. Mar 23, 2020 421
It's all been blown out of proportion with this flu virus; LETTERS. Mar 23, 2020 421
Why coronavirus is worse than normal flu -and what makes it more dangerous; Professor High Montgomery has explained that people saying it's "just like the flu" are wrong, and says why their selfish attitude is a huge problem. By, Zoe Forsey Mar 23, 2020 538
Don't disgrace those with common flu, Oparanya tells residents. Mar 23, 2020 343
14 with flu symptoms test negative for COVID-19 in Cagayan de Oro hospital. Mar 23, 2020 502
Mum of six-month-old baby with coronavirus on the tell-tale signs to look for; Laura Pearson, from Cardiff, says the bug left her 'happy and alert' six-month-old son Gruff inconsolable and crying with pain as he fights the flu-like virus. By, Anna MacSwan & Nathan Bevan Mar 22, 2020 540
Coronavirus 'feels like the most devastating flu I've ever had' says filmmaker; Leon Chase, a filmmaker based in New York, has described how his temperature soared and then dropped dramatically while he was suffering from Covid-19 after testing positive for the coronavirus. By, Milo Boyd Mar 22, 2020 416
Beware worse pandemics. Mar 21, 2020 293
History lesson for China crisis Trump. BRIAN READE Mar 21, 2020 164
AP-NORC poll: Coronavirus concern now surpasses that of flu. The Associated Press Mar 20, 2020 385
Spanish flu left prisoner of war camp devastated; It was the outbreak that ravaged the world... and a timely reminder of the havoc that pandemics can wreak. RICHARD PURSEHOUSE reveals how the 'Spanish Flu' killed more than 400 soldiers and 200 prisoners in a small corner of Staffordshire... that pandemics RICHARD PURSEHOUSE Mar 19, 2020 1186
Coronavirus could kill up to 8,000 across city; Worst case scenario is 10 times worse than that of any winter flu. Jane Haynes Political Correspondent Mar 19, 2020 837
With or without flu.. Bono pens virus song. Mar 19, 2020 236
Coronavirus: Big countries need to repair their information systems. Mar 19, 2020 702
Coronavirus: Man, 39, says disease 'feels so different' to flu and what to look out for; Justin said walking to the bathroom now feels like "running a marathon" after first falling ill in early March, suffering from a headache and a deep ache in his lungs. By, Abigail O'Leary Mar 18, 2020 615
Hundreds throng Karachi hospitals with flu-like symptoms. Sumaira Jajja Mar 18, 2020 1446
Recalling the 1918 pandemic. Rafia Zakaria Mar 18, 2020 1017
As human civilizations progressed, pandemics recessed them. Nahl Ishtiaq Mar 17, 2020 1002
How prepared are our hospitals to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic? Mar 17, 2020 1143
Open Orphan: Flu vaccine data showcased in peer reviewed article. Mar 17, 2020 360
Covid-19: Dubai suspends buffets, to screen diners with flu symptoms. Dhanusha Gokulan Mar 17, 2020 310
How to differentiate between flu and coronavirus. Mar 16, 2020 371
How Kenya fared when the Spanish flu came calling. Mar 16, 2020 1981
Explainer: Do I have influenza or coronavirus? Mar 16, 2020 496
Doctor's terrifying coronavirus plea to young people who say they're not worried; The doctor is worried about the attitude many young people are taking, which is that coronavirus COVID-19 is just like the flu so it doesn't matter if they get it. By, Zoe Forsey Mar 16, 2020 373
The Right Balance. Moritz, Gwen Mar 16, 2020 832
What the deadly 1918 flu epidemic can teach us about our coronavirus reaction. Patt Morrison Mar 15, 2020 2852
How the Spanish flu changed the course of Indian history. Shyam A. Krishna, Opinion Editor Mar 15, 2020 518
Pandemics are not new to human history. Mar 14, 2020 1031
You give me fever. Mar 14, 2020 447
Keep flu in perspective. Mar 14, 2020 188
Flu and Flee Season. Mar 14, 2020 857
Leading experts advise so that you can make decisions. WILL HAYWARD Social affairs correspondent Mar 13, 2020 1616
Coronavirus killer bug 'will become an annual virus' like seasonal flu; The UK's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, said he thinks coronavirus is likely to become an "annual virus". By, Abigail O'Leary Mar 13, 2020 383
What does coronavirus do to the body and how many people will it kill? This new strain of highly contagious coronavirus ravages the body -causing symptoms that are similar to the flu -and experts now believe it can live inside the lungs for at least five weeks; This new strain of highly contagious coronavirus ravages the body -causing symptoms that are similar to the flu -and experts now believe it can live inside the lungs for at least five weeks. By, Chris Kitching Mar 13, 2020 1111
What's a mild case of COVID-19 feel like? It's similar to having a cold or flu, experts say. Marni Pyke Mar 13, 2020 599
999 employee with 'flu' told to come in to work; EXCLUSIVE. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Mar 12, 2020 355
Coronavirus testing UK: What happens and when you should get one; With dozens of new cases every day, the UK's coronavirus outbreak will begin to peak within a fortnight, but some of the symptoms are similar to those of the flu or a common cold. By, Chris Kitching Mar 12, 2020 961
Coronavirus: How to tell the difference between deadly bug and cold and flu symptoms; Coronavirus symptoms include a cough and fever with health authorities warning that mild cases of the deadly Covid-19 could be mistaken for the common cold or seasonal flu. By, Talia Shadwell Mar 12, 2020 1003
Open Orphan joint-venture's flu trial showcased in peer reviewed journal. Mar 11, 2020 393
Open Orphan catching global attention with 'stunning' FLU-v results & world-first coronavirus study. Mar 11, 2020 189
Flu and COVID-19: Similar symptoms, different fears. Marilynn Marchione AP Chief Medical Writer Mar 11, 2020 542
COA rejects GSIS' P25 million anti-flu drug deal. Mar 11, 2020 720
UK May Soon Ask All People With Cold Or Flu Symptoms To Stay At Home. Mar 10, 2020 557
Coronavirus: Anyone with cold or flu symptoms will be told to stay home. DAVID HUGHES and JANE KIRBY Mar 10, 2020 1088
Cold or flu symptoms? Get ready to be told to stay home. DAVID HUGHES, ADAM HALE and MARK SMITH Mar 10, 2020 238
COLD ALONE; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: PENSION MELTDOWN; People with flu signs 'to isolate'; Bosses braced for mass sickness; 2 new deaths as outbreak worsens. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor and PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Mar 10, 2020 732
COLD ALONE; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: TWO N.I. SCHOOLS SHUT; Deep clean after pupil tests positive; People with flu signs 'to isolate'; 2 new deaths as outbreak worsens. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor, PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor and ORLAITH CLINTON Mar 10, 2020 706
UAE stocks cannot escape the Asian flu. Sarah Diaa, Staff Reporter Mar 9, 2020 192
How does the coronavirus outbreak end? Justin Fox Mar 8, 2020 1131
SPANISH FLU LEFT PRISONER OF WAR CAMP DEVASTATED; It was the epidemic that ravaged the world. For the first time Sunday Mercury historian RICHARD PURSEHOUSE reveals how Spanish Flu killed more than 400 soldiers and 200 prisoners of war in a small corner of Staffordshire... RICHARD PURSEHOUSE Mar 8, 2020 1473
NBA: Warriors star Stephen Curry sidelined by influenza A bug. Mar 8, 2020 222
Revealed: WHO releases new data on how coronavirus differs from influenza. Sharmila Dhal, UAE Deputy Editor Mar 7, 2020 760
Afghan traveller with fever, flu shifted to PIMS from airport. Mar 7, 2020 367
Have I got flus for you? Mar 6, 2020 926
Coronavirus in perspective: seasonal flu kills 25,000-50,000 a month globally every year. Reuters News Service Mar 6, 2020 380
The flu that killed 100m in just 2yrs.. As the world struggles to contain coronavirus.. PAT FLANAGAN Mar 5, 2020 837
Flu Can Make Diabetes, Heart Disease Worse -Expert. Mar 5, 2020 411
How bad could outbreak get in the U.S.? Achenbach, By Joel; Bernstein, Lenny; Satija, Neena; Post, William Wan The Washington Mar 4, 2020 1470
Barbie celebrates her 61st birthday and Spanish flu was discovered; MY SHOUT THE FACT MASTER KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED AND WHEN Wild Humphrey. Wild Humphrey Mar 3, 2020 348
Coronavirus: Does a common cold warrant stigma, sick leave in UAE? Sharmila Dhal, Deputy UAE Editor Mar 3, 2020 1191
Here's what to do with coronavirus concern, flu. Marie Wilson Mar 3, 2020 531
Coronavirus More Deadly Than Flu But Containable a WHO. Mar 3, 2020 166
Protecting yourself against the coronavirus. Kamaskhi Gupta, DHA Mar 2, 2020 722
WEBCHAT; Further casesR of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK. Mar 2, 2020 356
Mum warns over silent killer sepsis that took life of healthy 25-year-old daughter; Molly Webb passed away in January 2019 -she had been suffering flu-like symptoms and nobody considered anything else. Her mum Kym Lawrence now wants to raise awareness of the condition. By, Peter Warrington & Chiara Fiorillo Mar 1, 2020 627
7 ways to improve your immune system that are better than coronavirus face masks; Coronavirus panic has led to face masks on the streets, but it you're worried about colds, flu and other bugs, try these effective methods for boosting immunity. By, Melanie Hancill Mar 1, 2020 766
This is the impact of the Coronavirus on business. Mar 1, 2020 1292
The coronavirus and the Great Influenza epidemic: Lessons from the "Spanish Flu" for the coronavirus' potential effects on mortality and economic activity. Barro, Robert J.; Ursua, Jose F.; Weng, Joanna Mar 1, 2020 7225
Relapse of polymyalgia rheumatica following adjuvanted influenza vaccine: A case-based review. Bassendine, Margaret F.; Bridge, Simon H. Mar 1, 2020 3559
Invisible Facial Flushing in Two Cases of Dengue Infection and Influenza Detected by PC Program and Smartphone App: Decorrelation Stretching and K-Means Clustering. Arpornsuwan, Manote; Arpornsuwan, Matinun Mar 1, 2020 3546
Factors Associated with Antenatal Influenza Vaccination in a Medically Underserved Population. Adams, Jenna C.; Biswas, Hope H.; Doraivelu, Sheree L. BouleKamini; Saums, Michele K.; Haddad, Lisa; Mar 1, 2020 4341
ACIP's adult vaccination update has some twists. Swift, Diana Mar 1, 2020 1037
Delayed flu shot didn't cut fever rate in ped immunizations. Oakes, Kari Mar 1, 2020 815
ACIP's adult vaccination update has some twists. Swift, Diana Mar 1, 2020 1043
Flu fighters' dilemma. Feb 29, 2020 460
This is bad flu, it's not Ebola. COMMENT BY NIGEL THOMPSON TRAVEL EDITOR Feb 28, 2020 284
Man collapses while violently coughing in Canary Wharf as London on coronavirus alert; The incident took place a day before a Chevron employee in the same area of east London reported flu-like symptoms, resulting in all staff being sent home over fears of coronavirus. By, Tiffany Lo & Ryan Merrifield Feb 27, 2020 549
Caring charity worker thought she had flu but ended up paralysed. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Feb 27, 2020 642
School closes as pupils suffer flu-like symptoms. Charlotte Paxton Staff Reporter Feb 27, 2020 678
Royals hit by virus scare; >>>>Four pupils suffer 'flu-like symptoms' >>>>38 schools in Britain affected as illness spreads. RICHARD PALMER AND DAVID PILDITCH Feb 27, 2020 1255
Teacher tested for coronavirus after Italy trip; member of staff went to hospital with flu-like symptoms. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter @ReporterKie Feb 27, 2020 1146
school shuts over; pupils and staff suffering 'flu-like symptoms' after italian ski trip. CHARLOTTE PAXTON News Reporter Feb 27, 2020 572
Regular immunization can protect citizens from life-threatening conditions: Medical specialist. Feb 26, 2020 399
Silent killer warning from Molly's mum; 'Had flu like symptoms, but if only we'd known about Sepsis'. PETE WARRINGTON Feb 26, 2020 628
Illness is a jab at daft flu decision. Feb 26, 2020 425
Common flu or coronavirus suspect? Dubai doctor answers. Sharmila Dhal, Deputy UAE Editor Feb 26, 2020 1414
Seqirus announces FDA approval for first and only adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine, FLUAD QUADRIVALENT. Feb 25, 2020 202
Seqirus announces FDA approval for first and only adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine, FLUAD QUADRIVALENT. Feb 25, 2020 198
Tourists in Venice 'on edge' over flu virus. Feb 25, 2020 181
Tourists in Venice 'on edge' over flu virus. Feb 25, 2020 181
'Spanish flu' 1918 vs Covid-19. Jay Hilotin, Senior Web Editor Feb 23, 2020 1822
CDC: Flu vaccine working OK. Mike Stobbe AP Medical Writer Feb 21, 2020 275
Interim Estimates of 2019-20 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness--United States, February 2020. Dawood, Fatimah S.; Chung, Jessie R.; Kim, Sara S.; Zimmerman, Richard K.; Nowalk, Mary Patricia; Ja Feb 21, 2020 4652
Coronavirus Raises Insurance Questions But Catastrophe-Tested Insurers Are Prepared. Elizabeth Blosfield Feb 20, 2020 1780
The 1918 influenza pandemic. Feb 19, 2020 815
Shelby County offers walk-in flu clinics. submitted by shelby co. health dept. Feb 19, 2020 182
Get the facts about old and flu season symptoms. METRO INC. Feb 19, 2020 519
Taiwanese doctor explains differences between flu and Wuhan coronavirus. Feb 18, 2020 502
Think you have the flu? Stay home for 2 weeks; Plan to stop coronavirus spread. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Feb 17, 2020 358
Influenza Still Major Threat. Feb 17, 2020 675
Millions of Brits with flu symptoms face self-isolation if coronavirus spreads; Health officials are hopeful that the 14-day self isolation forcing Brits to stay off work could help contain coronavirus if a large number of people show flu-like symptoms. By, Tiffany Lo Feb 16, 2020 484
Coronavirus: Millions with flu symptoms could be quarantined at home for a fortnight; Self-isolation to be enforced if number of UK coronavirus cases rises to more than 100. A total of 2,992 people in the UK have been tested, with nine confirmed as positive. By, Jeremy Armstrong Feb 16, 2020 364
Amid coronavirus fears, second wave of flu hits U.S. kids. Associated Press Feb 15, 2020 326
Amid coronavirus fears, a second wave of flu hits U.S. kids. MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer Feb 15, 2020 576
'We got hit by the flu' Illness forces Perry County Head Start to close for 3 days. Renee Trappe Feb 14, 2020 226
The Deadly Serious Business Of Fighting The Flu. Feb 14, 2020 296
Mayor Sara restricts group airport send offs; no travel for flu-afflicted residents. Feb 12, 2020 754
Flu season health tips. Submitted by HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital Feb 12, 2020 417
Coronavirus advice issued as person from Queen Margaret University develops 'flu-like symptoms' after returning from Thailand. Feb 11, 2020 579
Sarawak reporter quarantined for suspected coronavirus after bout of flu and cough. Feb 10, 2020 311
Cold and flu are both viruses, neither treated with antibiotics. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Feb 10, 2020 537
Spike of RSV and influenza A at Makarios children's hospital. Jonathan Shkurko Feb 10, 2020 170
China, the world's factory, has caught the flu. Now what? Vicky Kapur (From the Executive Editor's Desk) Feb 8, 2020 655
Filipinos in China with flu-like symptoms will not be evacuated-officials. Feb 8, 2020 431
Doctor says flu vaccine might protect vs 2019-nCoV ARD. Feb 5, 2020 486
Seasonal flu confirmed as cause in five recent deaths: Taiwan's CDC. Feb 5, 2020 336
Flu vs Coronavirus: Which is more dangerous? Facts that will blow your mind. Jay Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Feb 5, 2020 613
Flu vs Coronavirus: Which one is more dangerous? Facts that will blow your mind. Jay Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Feb 5, 2020 633
Thousands in county are still at risk from the flu; Over 182,000 people haven't had their flu vaccination. DAVID GODSALL Feb 5, 2020 403

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