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Out with the Old, In with New. Busiek, Julia Jan 1, 2022 1559
How Efren R. Abueg has inspired a generation of Filipino fictionists. Nov 30, 2020 950
Romancing the pen. Nov 12, 2020 570
TWAIN TALK: an interview with Larry Howe. Howe, Larry Interview Jun 1, 2020 2492
Begin with the End in Mind. Monke, Audrey May 1, 2019 1899
Interpreting the Creative Spark: Intertextuality and Remediation in the Critical Work of Bloom and Hutcheon in Relation to the Fiction of E. T. A. Hoffmann. Scullion, Val; Treby, Marion Mar 22, 2019 14463
Paul Edwin Zimmer's alliterative style: A metrical legacy of J.R.R. Tolkien and Poul Anderson. Wise, Dcnnis Wilson Sep 22, 2018 8053
ABSTRACTS. Sep 22, 2018 878
Baltimore announces International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and Awards. Brief article Aug 17, 2018 267
A QUEER DISCOVERY: Who knew a piece of Lesbian history was hiding in storage? Guerrero, Desiree Brief article Aug 1, 2018 300
New Yorker Wokeness: Richard Brody should consult the work of C.L.R. James. Schwarz, Benjamin Jul 1, 2018 3198
Erbakan, Kisakurek, and the Mainstreaming of Extremism in Turkey. Cornell, Svante E. Jun 1, 2018 11140
The Death of Interest: D.H. Lawrence, Geoff Dyer and Literary Tourism. Wallace, Jeff Essay Mar 22, 2018 9140
D.H. Lawrence, Fascism and the Logic of Contamination. Poller, Jake Essay Mar 22, 2018 8290
TAROT AND T.S. ELIOT IN STEPHEN KING'S DARK TOWER NOVELS. Auger, Emily E. Critical essay Mar 22, 2018 11537
THE LANGUAGE OF Trees: On a Walk with Rutherford Platt. Wojtech, Michael Jan 1, 2018 2240
Waugh and the Profession. Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 5194
Nouwen, Merton left trails for spiritual seekers. Lefevere, Patricia Conference news Dec 1, 2017 938
Hopkins's influence on Percy's The Moviegoer. Fink, Larry E. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7128
On to Cuba: Ernest Hemingway had a famous love affair with Havana. Salloum, Habeeb Travel narrative Nov 1, 2016 2505
Connecting the dots. Bunting, Clark Brief article Sep 22, 2015 303
The prodigal son: after years of struggling with solitude, Henri Nouwen finally found a place to call home. McGraw, Caroline Essay Aug 1, 2015 995
Rachel-Campos Duffy to headline National Right to Life Convention! Little, Joleigh May 1, 2015 1001
Inspiration or competition? Catharine Sedgwick's influence on Nathaniel Hawthorne. Damon-Bach, Lucinda Essay Mar 22, 2015 11453
Norman Mailer and the Oxford English Dictionary. Mosser, Jason Brief article Sep 22, 2014 113
Cults of Lovecraft: the impact of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction on contemporary occult practices. Engle, John Essay Sep 22, 2014 6523
Arts and the hussars in their time. Dambre, Marc Company overview Sep 22, 2014 8655
Paul Auster and Charges Reznikoff: the hunger-artists of Jewish America. Zieba, Izabela Essay Sep 22, 2014 9701
Literary adaptations of James in Roth's, Ozick's, and Franzen's work. Rowe, John Carlos Essay Jun 1, 2014 5648
Arthur Waugh's influence, Part III: One Man's Road. Wilson, John Howard Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 2240
Les etudes de Dora d'Istria sur l'esprit national des peuples balkaniques et leur reception. Mihaila, Ileana Essay Jan 1, 2014 5573
Arthur Waugh's Influence, Part II: Tradition and Change. Wilson, John Howard Jan 1, 2014 3392
Joseph Conrad and Mann's Doctor Faustus. Meyers, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2014 664
Willa Cather, Edith Lewis, and collaboration: the southwestern novels of the 1920s and beyond. Homestead, Melissa J. Essay Sep 22, 2013 15539
Julia De Burgos' writing for Pueblos Hispanos: journalism as Puerto Rican cultural and political transnational practice. Perez-Rosario, Vanessa Report Sep 22, 2013 8692
Christian, not conservative: why Marilynne Robinson's literary--and liberal--Calvinism appeals. Long, Robert Sep 1, 2013 2183
The anti-Alinsy: John Jay Chapman teaches conservatives the spirit of practical agitation. Crawford, Alan Pell Jul 1, 2013 4091
Good influence. Connolly, Matt Jul 1, 2013 317
Introductory remarks from the guest editor. Yancy, George Editorial Jun 22, 2013 1375
Pope Francis and G. K. Chesterton. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 234
Borne back ceaselessly into the past: why we're suckers for remakes of The Great Gatsby. Barbash, Louis May 1, 2013 1139
Negative capabilities: Branden W. Joseph on Claes Oldenburg and Jackson Pollock. Joseph, Branden W. Apr 1, 2013 5204
Wrestling Midas: myth-busting the Grant writer's process with Lisa Garcia-Ruiz, A.K.A The Grant Hunter: Grant writers are often misperceived as intuitive Geiger counters, magicians of monetary-source code, Jedi masters of lucre lexis, hocus-pocus pen pushers with superior powers of persuasion. Jordan, Judi Apr 1, 2013 864
The spiritual Shams effect on mind and language Molavi (Rumi). Qadamyari, Karam-ali Report Apr 1, 2013 4693
Ernest Hemingway and Enrique Serpa: a propitious friendship. Feldman, Andrew Essay Mar 22, 2013 6574
Philosopher of love: David Schindler has a remedy for the religious right. Beer, Jeremy Jan 1, 2013 3727
Knocking Chekhov for a loop: his themes and characters get upended by female artists with fresh insights into plays we thought we knew. Gassman, Ben Jan 1, 2013 1478
Alexandra Stewart. Stewart, Alexandra Jan 1, 2013 833
Recycling Uhland: Brahms and the Wanderlieder. Horne, William Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 21534
Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Eliot: a tangled relationship. Flora, Joseph M. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 6994
Hemingway, Wilhelm, and a style for lesbian representation. Haytock, Jennifer Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8354
Reflections. Sipiora, Phillip Column Sep 22, 2012 664
Why Mailer and Jones matter. Begiebing, Robert J.; Elliott, Ray; Lennon, J. Michael; Mason, Warren Sep 22, 2012 11425
Why Mailer mattered, why Mailer matters. Whalen-Bridge, John Essay Sep 22, 2012 1559
The Mailer legacy and aleatory Burroughs. Kaufmann, Donald L. Essay Sep 22, 2012 3191
Diving in or Guarding the Tower: Mina Shaughnessy's Resistance and Capitulation to High-Stakes Writing Tests at City College. Molloy, Sean Report Sep 22, 2012 406
The Fiery Furnace Of Doubt. Katz, Michael R. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 4368
The conservative Kerouac: Beat novelist, Catholic, Republican--do you know Jack? Lurie, Robert Dean Sep 1, 2012 2041
Samuel Johnson and Patrick O'Brian. Meyers, Jeffrey Sep 1, 2012 1047
Cunneen, Cross currents shaped US Catholicism for 50 years. Filteau, Jerry Aug 17, 2012 879
McLuhan, Renascence, and the Catholic revival. Sparr, Arnold J. Essay Sep 22, 2011 4924
Situating Hemingway: Mailer, style, ethics. Spinks, Lee Sep 22, 2011 2751
Dangers of hero worship: cult of personality feeds human love for stories, but we need to keep focus on God. Schlumpf, Heidi May 27, 2011 858
His Jewish Problem. May 17, 2011 2804
For Ernest, with love and squalor: the influence of Ernest Hemingway on J.D. Salinger. McDuffie, Bradley R. Essay Mar 22, 2011 4236
Rebirth of a black studies scholar: ten years after Karin Stanford gained notoriety for her relationship with Rev. Jesse Jackson, she has rebuilt her life and the black studies department she leads. Watson, Jamal Eric Feb 17, 2011 854
2011 David Nathan Meyerson prize for fiction. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 112
Of sonnets and other monuments: picturing sonnets of the nineteenth century. Van Remoortel, Marianne; Demoor, Marysa Dec 22, 2010 4033
Inception and Jorge Luis Borges. Critical essay Nov 1, 2010 533
Tolstoy's, guiding light: the philosophical writings of the author of War and Peace inspired followers from Moscow to Croydon and led to the creation of a Christian anarchist reform movement. Charlotte Alston examines the activities and influence of Tolstoy's disciples. Alston, Charlotte Oct 1, 2010 3639
Owen Barfield's marginalia in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. Grimaldi, Angela Essay Sep 22, 2010 13275
Beating Mr. Turgenev: "The Execution of Tropmann" and Hemingway's Aesthetic of Witness. Cirino, Mark Sep 22, 2010 8153
Kierkegaard, Malraux and Lowry's Under the Volcano. Meyers, Jeffrey Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 856
Mainstreaming Hate. Smith, Lee Jul 21, 2010 1906
Edmund Gosse and the stubborn villanelle blunder. French, Amanda L. Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 10280
Frost's "sensible conversation" with Hazlitt. Monteiro, George Critical essay May 1, 2010 1229
Ernest Thompson Seton, the pathetic fallacy, and Paul L. Errington's Of Predation and Life. Sivils, Matthew Wynn Mar 1, 2010 902
Ernest Thompson Seton, the pathetic fallacy, and Paul L. Errington's Of Preelection and Life. Sivils, Matthew Wynn Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 902
Turgenev's The Torrents of Spring and Eliot's The Waste Land. Meyers, Jeffrey Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 921
A secular alternative: Primo Levi's place in American Holocaust discourse. Rothberg, Michael; Druker, Jonathan Sep 22, 2009 10106
Leslie Lee seizes the day. Schloff, Aaron Mack Brief article May 1, 2009 342
Undermining our culture. McManus, John F. Mar 2, 2009 806
Revisiting the good life: the principles that guided legendary homesteaders Helen and Scott Nearing still resonate today. Doiron, Roger Oct 1, 2008 1631
From western to novel: on the transposition (or encounter?) between genres. Montalbetti, Christine Essay Sep 22, 2008 2872
More Baileyisms. Schulman, Arthur I. Aug 1, 2008 450
Writing home in a global age: given our growing awareness of global environmental crises, we might well wonder why so many of our finest nature writers continue to tell the stories of their own neighborhoods. Christensen, Laird Jul 1, 2008 2931
Frankenstein: The prequel: Governess service. Bates, Stephen Brief article Jun 22, 2008 307
Yoknapatawpha diplomacy. Jun 22, 2008 467
Nauman, Wittgenstein, Beckett: the 1960s studio films. Hixson, Kathryn Jun 22, 2008 1946
From encounters with Samuel Beckett. Juliet, Charles; Nesme, Axel; Cooke, Tracy Excerpt Jun 22, 2008 2391
Into the Labyrinth. Bishop, Tom Jun 22, 2008 6593
The Chalcedon problem: Rousas John Rushdoony and the origins of Christian reconstructionism. Worthen, Molly Jun 1, 2008 17337
The Anarchic Commune as World's Fair in Emile Zola's Travail (1). Febles, Eduardo A. Mar 22, 2008 8046
The enduring achievement of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Ericson, Edward E., Jr. Mar 22, 2008 5554
Native Geography: Richard Wright's Work for the Federal Writers' Project in Chicago. Hathaway, Rosemary Essay Mar 22, 2008 4628
Show Must Go On for William Shakespeare. Feb 17, 2008 621
Why Jane? Why now? Brief article Jan 1, 2008 104
Tempos de Borges, sombras do bruxo: a intertextualidade como metafora do eterno em Memorial de Buenos Aires, de Antonio Fernando Borges. Namorato, Luciana Report Jan 1, 2008 2946
Virginia Woolf in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Ayuso, Monica G. Essay Jan 1, 2008 8368
This is John Campbell speaking: can a pork-busting Randian lead the GOP? Weigel, David Dec 1, 2007 1362
The Marquez factor. Eyring, Teresa Conference news Sep 1, 2007 873
Raymond Carver's inheritance from Ernest Hemingway's literary technique. Bethea, Arthur F. Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 6669
Hemingway and the OED. Oliver, Charles M. Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 2915
A note from the editor. Zahlan, Anne Editorial Jan 1, 2007 472
Journey to the interior: the influence of Xenophon's Anabasis on Thomas Wolfe's O Lost. Kerr, Lisa Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 2328
And the Soul Shall Dance: Thomas Wolfe's influence on Wakako Yamauchi. Holliday, Shawn Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 4031
Notes. Bailey, Todd J. Jan 1, 2007 12171
Combatting anti-Americanism during the Cold War: Faulkner, the State Department, and Latin America (1). Cohn, Deborah Jun 22, 2006 7339
The ghostly presence of Evangeline: Faulkner's exorcism and revision of the feminine ideal. Joiner, Jennie J. Jun 22, 2006 6857
The president's philosopher: the holes in Natan Sharansky's democratic manifesto. Young, Cathy May 1, 2005 1274
Dutch pioneers of crime writing. Davis, J. Madison May 1, 2005 1145
From fan-mail to readers' letters: locating John Farrelly. Cuddy-Keane, Melba Essay Jan 1, 2005 11334
Modernist transformations: Virginia Woolf, Cinderella, and the legacy of Lady Ritchie. Martin, Ann Essay Jan 1, 2005 8223
Swift and Kafka. Meyers, Jeffrey Critical Essay Jun 22, 2004 2695
A journey towards the edge of life: traveling with three favorite male authors/Bir kadin yazar hayran oldugu erkek yazarlarla yasamin ucuna yolculuk duslerse: Tezer Ozlu'den kafka, svevo ve pavese'ye. Jun 1, 2004 5354
A sphere around the person: Antonio Rosmini on property. Mingardi, Alberto Essay Mar 22, 2004 14122
Preparing for war and writing what the young Hemingway read in The Kansas City Star, 1917-1918. Paul, Steve Critical Essay Mar 22, 2004 6547
Pushkinian elements in Isaak Levitan's painting "By the Mill-Pond". Debreczeny, Paul Jan 1, 2004 2974
Solzhenitsyn: the last prophet. Hunter, Ian Biography Mar 1, 2003 2203
This side of the barricades. Bell, Fraser Dec 22, 2002 3854
Love is the Catalyst. Brief Article Aug 19, 2001 500
Ellison and the Wright Stuff. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 579
Essai: Reflections on Fiction, Representation, and Organization Studies: An Essay with Special Reference to the Work of Jorge Luis Borges [*]. Cock, Christian De May 1, 2000 9543
On Hemingway and his influence: conversations with writers. Paul, Steve Interview Mar 22, 1999 7495
Place and Time: The Southern Writer's Inheritance *. Welty, Eudora Sep 22, 1997 3049
Transhistorical intentions and the persistence of allegory. Hirsch, E.D., Jr. Jun 22, 1994 8119
Not just a pretty face. Atwood, Margaret Transcript Jan 1, 1994 3804

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