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Does higher education make a difference? The influence of educational attainment on women's and men's nonstandard employment outcomes. Mitri, Katelyn Report Feb 1, 2021 7942
THE Benefits OF BORROWING: Evidence on Student Loan Debt and Community College Attainment. Marx, Benjamin M.; Turner, Lesley J. Jan 1, 2019 3671
More education: Lower unemployment, higher earnings. Chen, Allen Apr 1, 2017 340
Introduction to the special section: Richard Clark and his "mere vehicles" quote revisited. Simonson, Michael Aug 1, 2016 329
APHA supports high school graduation. Late, Michele Brief article Nov 1, 2015 137
Creating industry relationships that work. McLaverty, Albert; Smith, Stephanie; Nutter, Lisa; Foster, John May 1, 2015 1623
Physical activity, self-esteem, and mental health in students from ethnic minorities attending colleges in China. Li, Yahong; Xu, Zhipeng; Liu, Shunzhong Report May 1, 2014 3402
Investigating the summer learning effect in low SES schools. Jesson, Rebecca; McNaughton, Stuart; Kolose, Tone Report Feb 1, 2014 6673
Education and fertility: a comparative micro-econometric analysis in Europe. Aldieri, Luigi; Vinci, Concetto Paolo Report Apr 1, 2013 5472
Factors influencing primary students' learning achievement in Bangladesh. Nath, Samir Ranjan Report Nov 1, 2012 5720
Positive Classroom Environments = Positive Academic Results. Wilson-Fleming, LaTerra; Wilson-Younger, Dylinda Report Oct 22, 2012 258
WWC Review of the Report "Increasing Young Children's Contact with Print during Shared Reading: Longitudinal Effects on Literacy Achievement". Report Oct 1, 2012 375
Student-Teacher Linkage Verification: Model Process and Recommendations. Watson, Jeffery; Graham, Matthew; Thorn, Christopher A. Report Mar 1, 2012 296
Social and Emotional Learning as a Catalyst for Academic Excellence. White Paper. Marchesi, Antonio G.; Cook, Kimberly Report Jan 1, 2012 198
Whether and How to Use State Tests to Measure Student Achievement in a Multi-State Randomized Experiment: An Empirical Assessment Based on Four Recent Evaluations. NCEE 2012-4015. Somers, Marie-Andree; Zhu, Pei; Wong, Edmond Abstract Oct 1, 2011 388
Economic growth effects on education with the emphasis on the career center. Sprajc, Polona; Sifrer, Jerneja; Novak, Vesna Apr 1, 2011 8616
Validation d'un modele motivationnel des aspirations professionnelles. Litalien, David; Guay, Frederic Report Dec 1, 2010 8262
The relationship between educational attainment and lung cancer mortality in Kentucky: implications for nurses. Gross, David A. Report Sep 22, 2010 4936
Education Trumps Gender in Predicting Support for Abortion; College-educated adults -- and especially college-educated women -- most supportive. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 28, 2010 667
Addressing Barriers to Learning. Volume 15, Number 3. Summer 2010. Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 225
Against the Odds: Influences on the Post-School Success of "Low Performers". Thomson, Sue; Hillman, Kylie Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 190
Wastin' away in margaritaville? New evidence on the academic effects of teenage binge drinking. Sabia, Joseph J. Report Jan 1, 2010 13340
The Effects of Open Enrollment on School Choice and Student Outcomes. Working Paper 26. Ozek, Umut Report May 1, 2009 255
Achievement Gap report. Brief article Apr 24, 2009 173
The Path to Career Success: High School Achievement, Certainty of Career Choice, and College Readiness Make a Difference. Issues In College Success. Report Jan 1, 2009 348
Is Bill Cosby's personal responsibility message unfair to poor Blacks? No. Cosby is right in making us think about these things. McWhorter, John Dec 1, 2008 839
Preparing for business: the right education and experience can play a key role in a startup's success. Holmes, Tamara E. Dec 1, 2008 459
U.S. mothers make mixed progress toward meeting goals for breast-feeding. Hollander, D. Report Dec 1, 2008 937
Regard parental sur les devoirs et les lecons et fonction des caracteristiques familiales et du rendement de l'eleve. Deslandes, Rollande; Rousseau, Nadia; Rousseau, Michel; Descoteaux, Genevieve; Hardy, Veronique Dec 1, 2008 8324
Educational homogamy of married and unmarried couples in English and French Canada. Hamplova, Dana; Le Bourdais, Celine Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 10547
Job outlook by education, 2006-16. Liming, Drew; Wolf, Michael Cover story Sep 22, 2008 12324
Schools of dreams more education is not an economic elixir: no compelling evidence exists for the thesis that giving people more formal academic education will result in a restructuring of jobs and increased productivity and growth in the economy at large. Cappelli, Peter Jun 22, 2008 3116
The crisis in adult education; Education is a key factor in fueling economic growth, but the educational attainment of our workers is slipping badly. New strategies are needed to help undereducated adults. Bosworth, Brian Jun 22, 2008 4608
Connecting jobs to education. Hudson, Lisa Jun 22, 2008 1848
Research points the way to building blocks of student success. Yashiwara, Jan May 15, 2008 787
The changing role of education in the marriage market: assortative marriage in Canada and the United States since the 1970s. Hou, Feng; Myles, John Report Mar 22, 2008 14266
"See how they learn": the impact of faculty and student learning styles on student performance in introductory economics (1). Boatman, Kara; Courtney, Richard; Lee, William Formula Mar 22, 2008 5719
The Relations between Decision Making in Social Relationships and Decision Making Styles. Sari, Enver Author abstract Mar 3, 2008 405
Recent Participation in Formal Learning among Working-Age Adults with Different Levels of Education. Issue Brief. NCES 2008-041. Kienzl, Gregory Report Jan 1, 2008 246
Information sharing on examinations. Hickman, Kent; Friesner, Dan Dec 1, 2007 847
Obama's Appeal to Well-Educated Not Conducive to Winning Nomination; Dukakis only candidate who appealed more to well-educated who has won since 1988. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 16, 2007 1969
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Educational and employment outcomes of adults formerly placed in foster care: results from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study'. Pecora, Peter J. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 193
The educational outcomes of young people 4-5 years after leaving care: an Australian perspective. Cashmore, Judy; Paxman, Marina; Townsend, Michelle Mar 22, 2007 7393
A counterintuitive human capital strategy: looking for talented leaders? Hire underachievers. Guarino, Alan C. Mar 1, 2007 988
Factors affecting female employment in male-dominated occupations: evidence from the 1990 and 2000 Census data. Ashraf, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2007 8464
Paths to Prosperity: Knowledge is Key for Fourth District States. Bauer, Paul W.; Schweitzer, Mark E. Author abstract Aug 15, 2006 137
The top five ways to be green: how to join the hot school building trend while saving millions and raising test scores at the same time. Pascopella, Angela Cover story Aug 1, 2006 2881
Do social and behavioral characteristics targeted by preventive interventions predict standardized test scores and grades? Fleming, Charles B.; Haggerty, Kevin P.; Catalano, Richard F.; Harachi, Tracy W.; Mazza, James J.; G Nov 1, 2005 6148
The Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Student Achievement and Growth: 2005 Edition. Cronin, John; Kingsbury, G. Gage; McCall, Martha S.; Bowe, Branin Abstract Apr 1, 2005 304
A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of America's Choice on Student Performance in Rochester, New York, 1998-2003. May, Henry; Supovitz, Jonathan A.; Perda, David Abstract Jul 1, 2004 300
Effects of Students' Middle-School and High-School Experiences on Completion of the Bachelor's Degree. Research Monograph, Number 1. Trusty, Jerry Report Jan 1, 2004 207
Challenging the Achievement Gap in a Suburban High School: A Multimethod Analysis of an Adolescent Literacy Initiative. Diamond, John B.; Corrin, William J.; Levinson, Judith Report Jan 1, 2004 222
Final Report on the Study of the Impact of the Statewide Systemic Initiatives. Volume II: Final Report on the Use of State NAEP Data to Assess the Impact of the Statewide Systemic Initiatives. WCER Working Paper No. 2003-12. Webb, Norman L.; Kane, Janet; Yang, Jung-Ho; Kaufman, Darwin; Cohen, Allen; Kang, Taehoon; Park, Cha Author abstract Sep 1, 2003 376
Academic performance, popularity, and depression predict adolescent substance use. Diego, Miguel A.; Field, Tiffany M.; Sanders, Christopher E. Mar 22, 2003 2471

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