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Putting 'Bang' in Big Bang. Nov 4, 2019 1280
Hawking Takes on the Multiverse. Young, Monica Aug 1, 2018 404
A New Inflationary Universe Scenario with Inhomogeneous Quantum Vacuum. Chen, Yilin; Wang, Jin Report Jan 1, 2018 10267
Classical and Quantum Exact Solutions for a FRW Multiscalar Field Cosmology with an Exponential Potential Driven Inflation. Socorro, J.; Nunez, Omar E.; Hernandez-Jimenez, Rafael Report Jan 1, 2018 4948
Statistical Physics of the Inflaton Decaying in an Inhomogeneous Random Environment. Haba, Z. Report Jan 1, 2018 6224
Study of Homogeneous and Isotropic Universe in f(R, [T.sup.[phi]]) Gravity. Sharif, M.; Siddiqa, Aisha Report Jan 1, 2018 4525
More on the Non-Gaussianity of Perturbations in a Nonminimal Inflationary Model. Shojaee, R.; Nozari, K.; Darabi, F. Report Jan 1, 2018 4460
Cosmology in the Universe with Distance Dependent Lorentz-Violating Background. Almeida, C.A.G.; Anacleto, M.A.; Brito, F.A.; Passos, E.; Santos, J.R.L. Report Jan 1, 2018 4906
Physicists Calculate Shape Of Oscillons. Feb 13, 2017 523
Quantum Cosmology of Quadratic f(R) Theories with a FRW Metric. Vazquez-Baez, V.; Ramirez, C. Report Jan 1, 2017 2776
Proceedings at the 1092nd General Meeting. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 255
The past according to Planck: cosmologists got a lot right: new analysis confirms basic ideas about universe's properties, but some unsolved puzzles linger. Grant, Andrew Mar 21, 2015 762
What's next for inflation cosmology. MacRobert, Alan Cover story Jul 1, 2014 3157
Ringside Seat At The Cutting Edge Of Science. Jun 12, 2014 1468
Primordial gravitational waves found: researchers see traces of cosmic expansion just after Big Bang. Crockett, Christopher Apr 5, 2014 771
Science: Scientists find evidence of cosmic inflation. Mar 19, 2014 514
A numerical simulation of Chern-Simons inflation. Garrison, David; Underwood, Christopher Abstract Jan 1, 2013 3604
Cosmic collisions: astronomers seek direct observational evidence for multiple universes. Carlisle, Camille M. Dec 1, 2012 3058
Inflation on trial: astrophysicists interrogate one of their most successful theories. Witze, Alexandra Jul 28, 2012 1461
The N.A.F.T.A. evidence on testing the Kumara Swamy Theorem of Inflationary Gap. Faseruk, Alex; Bauer, Lawrence; Glew, Ian Abstract Jul 1, 2012 5303
Move over, Einstein. Mar 22, 2012 380
Sizing up inflation. Nadis, Steve Cover Story Nov 1, 2005 3459
Universal truths: distant quasars reveal content, age of universe. Cowen, R. Jul 31, 2004 564

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